Need Entomologist in Ann Arbor, MI area

mrsgymMarch 22, 2013

I need an Entomologist to identify what we believe are parasites. I have caught them on sticky tape, and sticky lint rollers. So far our county extension office, environmental health, public health, and my doctor have not been able to identify them. We can't treat unless we know what we have. U. of MI does not have a entomology program. I appreciate your help.

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Where are you catching them? Inside the house?

Parasites by definition live inside animals or people. Maybe you have fleas or some other type of insect? Couple years ago my wife swore she was getting bit, but I wasn't, and we could never find the cause. She did some online research and decided it was some kind of little flea-like critter. We did a lot of laundry and carpet cleaning and the problem disappeared.

You might try some pest control companies for help.

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What about Wayne State U or MSU? I think both of those schools have entomology depts.

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Try taking some of the critters to your local plant nursery, they know most of bugs in your area & may have a solution for you! They probably have a book with pics of them in it & how to get rid of them. Also try the nature forums on this Garden website & if you put a close-up pic on there they may be able to tell you what they are & what to get rid of them. Go to top of this forum & click on "forums" & then "Nature" & I think there is a bug forum.

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