Help With A Skunk!!!! Please.....

chase_gwMarch 24, 2003

Didn't know about this forum I usually hang out on the Cooking Forum. Someone there said that perhaps you folk could help.

Here's what I posted.....any advice ?!?!?!?!


I have smelled skunk before but this is not the same and it's making me ill!

Let me back up........a skunk let go, on or near, the west side of our house. Upstairs is the kitchen. Downstairs is Meredith's room, her study area and a storage room. Outside the kitchen door is a deck, perhaps 2 feet up off the ground. When we did some renovation work we closed in the two windows downstairs on the inside only. On the outside of the house the windows are under the deck and have window can't see them at all they are totally concealed by the decking.

ANyhow this little son of a b*$ must have let go on the wall under the deck. The smell is the worst thing I have ever experienced and has permeated the interior walls. Either that or he's in the house!!!

This happened at about 7:30 this AM. Poor Meredith had to come home from school because all her clothes smelled of skunk. She showered, put on some clothes that I had put in the dryer with some Bounce , and went back to school. Her biology teacher told her it hadn't worked she still smelled of skunk....Meredith came back home again...refusing to go back to school. I had to go buy her some new clothes to get her back to school , I am not joking!!! Everything she owns reeks !

As I said this happened about 7:30 this AM and the smell inside and out is still overwhelming. I thought it had gotten better outside but it seems to be stronger again.

Clive is on his way home this is unbelievable. Does anyone have any experience with something like this???

Thnaks, Sharon

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Skunk update.............
My husband tore up several of the deck boards and found one very ill skunk in the window well. I called the Humane Society, they arrived within 20 minutes and removed the little sh!t.

Our Humane Society only deals with sick or injured wildlife. If the animal is healthy or dead you have to use a commercial animal control company. So from that persepective we were lucky!

Anyhow seem the creature has been releasing his stuff all day hence the smell coming in waves. I am still shocked at how much of the smell has come through the walls downstairs.

I asked the animal control folk if they recommended anything for the smell, Believe it or not they said Febreeze was the best thing!!! They said they get sprayed several times a week by skunks plus the inside of their van gets pretty abused. Both of them said Febreeze does the trick better than anything else....hey they should know.

So I'm off to Costco.....I'm sure they have it by the gallons.

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The best skunk remedy is:
Baking Soda (1 LB)
Hydrogen Peroxide (1 large or 2 small bottles)
Dish soap (1 Tbls)
Mix together to form a thin paste and wash the offending surface. Rinse.
This releases large amounts of O2 which removes the stink.
This was orignally discovered by a reasercher at Argonne National Labs, who thought he was going to get rich, except when mixed together and bottled it is violently explosive.
My dog got sprayed 3 times while chasing 1 skunk. After washing with this mixture we could not smell a trace of skunk even while she was still wet. We will not go camping without the ingredients.

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OMG Sharon-I feel for you!! We have skunks in my new neighborhood and always smell them! Once I drove through the smell (figured one was hit on the side of the road, even though I didn't see it) and the smell was still in my car the next day!! As soon as I smelled it-I drove to the car wash and gave it the full treatment, plus drove with the windows down to air it out!! It did work but it took a while!!

I hope the Febreeze works!! Could you try and powerwash any of the outside walls or where the skunk was hiding?

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Reminds me of one time my beautiful American Eskimo got sprayed while I was away on a trip.DH called me in a panic.i asked what he had done so far. Couldn't stop laughing when he said that in lieu of Tomato juice "which he had heard got rid of smell" he had mixed a bottle of catsupwith water and bathed her in it.My poor baby had turned into a "hotdog".Eventuallyhe had to get a special solution from our vet.If it ever happens again,I'll certainly try the baking soda peroxide solution.My heart goes out to you Chase.It's got to be one of the most revolting smells known to man.Hope you have quick results getting rid of it real fast...PS Don't try catsup!

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I hope you spoke to the principal--sounds like the chemistry teacher humiliated your daughter--which was unnecessary (sp?). Did the febreeze work?


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