bird trapped in chimney

alisandeMarch 20, 2006

We have an unused cinder block chimney at the back of the house. It was once connected to a coal stove, and I've had the opening blocked off with heavy plastic secured by a rubber band. That was a "temporary" fix that became somewhat permanent when I moved a hutch in front of the opening.

A bird must have fallen down the chimney, for it was flapping its wings against the plastic this morning. I put a tall kitchen garbage bag around the opening and pulled the original plastic away. The latter, along with its rubber band, is now inside the garbage bag. My hope was that the bird would fly into the bag, and I could then take it outside to be released.

For some reason, that hasn't happened. Instead, I stlll hear the bird flapping its wings in the chimney, at the opening. I'm not sure what to do next. Any ideas?



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Call a wildlife specialist if you know of one in your area. Or call a veterinarian.

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