Critter in Attic

ccj962March 11, 2013

For the past few weeks thereâÂÂs been something living in my attic. The smell was what caught me first. It was a sweet skunky smell. I called a wildlife biologist who came out and gave the attic and house a look. He found feces in the attic that heâÂÂd never seen before. He ruled out bat initially, but his supervisor said it was after looking at pictures (they werenâÂÂt pellets). He cleaned, disinfected and deodorized the attic and removed contaminated insulation to the tune of about $325. He said the house was completely sealed, with the exception of some can lights on the patios, which I promptly fitted with covers.

A few days later the smell in my office was overwhelming to the point that it made my eyes water. I called the guy back. He investigated where IâÂÂd heard the sounds above my attic the previous morning, but found nothing but feces. He cleaned and deodorized the area, and removed contaminated insulation. He also put down glue traps.

So for the past week I thought things were getting betterâ¦that the bat (or whatever) had died, and the smell in the house (laundry room & garage now) was just residual.

This morning, while sitting in my office, I heard scratching above the ceiling. It sounded like gnawing or scratching, not scampering around. I called the wildlife biologist, who will be coming out either this afternoon or tomorrow to give it another go.

I live in central Texas, about 20 miles outside San Antonio. I have no mature trees near the house, and canâÂÂt imagine what the heck is up there other than a bat or a mouse/rat.

IâÂÂm at my witâÂÂs end at this point, so much so that IâÂÂm on the verge of paying someone to remove every inch of blown-in insulation, kill whateverâÂÂs up there, and put down batted insulation (which is easier to search for critters).

Anywayâ¦IâÂÂll post the conclusion when this is all over and done with so others might benefit.

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Possums stink like a skunk so maybe 1 found a way in. Usually whiteish to grey color in our area but think they are probably in your area also. If possum you would need really big glue trap as they are strong!

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It seems any critter that finds a dark space to nest is usually nocturnal. I think I read this remedy on garden web years ago. Get yourself a strobe light set it up and turn it on. Works here for bats in the belfry to skunks and raccoons under dark crawl spaces. A lot less expensive than an exterminator. what do you have to lose. A radio shack item.

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Squirrels also sound like you state, and; they love to mate in attics until it's warm. I had their entrance to my attic blocked, and; darn it they are back. Listen for a scratching sound plus what sounds like more then one. I was able to kill about two years ago with chocolate rat bars, but; I cannot find them now. If you turn the attic light on the noise should stop if it/they are squirrels.

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Could it be an armadillo? They are capable of scaling fences and trees.

Perhaps you could sprinkle baby/talcum powder and see if they leave footprints.

Don't mess with armadillos because they can carry leprosy. Raccoons carry roundworms and rabies.

Wash your hands!

A link that might be useful:

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