Overlodaded Drawer Bottom Broken---Minor Disaster

cbarkstonMarch 28, 2007

I've been overloading a double wide filing chest by storing hobby equipment instead of using it as a file cabinet. The bottom of the drawer is very, very thin particle board that wasn't intended to hold anything at all and now the bottom of the drawer has broken out. I'm not a carpenter but need to figure out how to put a sturdier bottom on this drawer---the mess I took out of this drawer has made the room a disaster area. How can I make this conversion relatively inexpensively? I have no carpentry skills and don't own more than a hammer and a few nails. What should I use for the bottom of the drawer and who can I get to help me do it other than an expensive finish carpenter? Thanks in advance!!

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You might want to ask over in the Woodworking Forum. Tell them what kind of materials the filing cabinet is made from, how the drawer sides are made (flat wood, metal, etc.) and other relevant information.

It should be fairly easy to put in a new bottom made of thin plywood - but you need to provide more information to the right group of people.

Here is a link that might be useful: Woodworking Forum

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Thank you---I've posted over there and have gotten some helpful advice...I appreciate your response here.

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