Mouse In My House... um, Apartment

mtorbinMarch 29, 2006

Hey all,

My wife and I live in Center City, Philadelphia and for the most part, we've been winning the war on mice (using sonic traps and snap traps). We haven't actually seen a mouse in almost a year but last night one of them buggers got into our wall (our ceililng is also the roof of the apartment building). So I've got a few questions:

1) How the heck do I get it out?

2) Will the old "moth balls on the roof" trick work?

3) Can the mouse actually get itself out or is it stuck (10' wall)?

4) How long will the mouse live (assuming it has no connection to food or water)?

Please help as I would very much like to actually sleep tonight. I've handled mice before (both alive and dead) so I far from fearful. It's more of a major pain in the butt then anything else.


- MT

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buy a snake and turn him loose in teh ceiling. he will get the mouse for you!

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Yeah see, I COULD do that but I used to raise a ball python. I'd feel horrible for the snake trapped in the wall. Besides, the snake could do more damage then the mouse.

- MT

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i was joking.

seriously though, the mouse got in some how or another and likely will be able to get out on it's own. the problem is he may not WANT to get out adn stay out. find where it got in and stuff some steel wool in the hole. he will die from starvation in a few days. as long as you have a few more weeks of cool weather, you shoul dnever even smell him.

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