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deemarie5500February 28, 2005

Good MONDAY Morning!!

Let's hear from all of you -- success and struggles!


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Happy Monday.

HEY!!!!! You guys need to check in, dammmmmmmit!

I'm back from my funeral trip in CA. It wasn't the normal weepy kind. It was reading letters, looking through old photos, and sharing some sun on the beach and lunches in outside cafes--a three day deal.

I was really, REALLY good on the weekend (lots of salads, etc) and thought my weight would be down, but when I weighed myself today, I hadn't lost anything, so what did I do? I ate polenta for lunch and a big piece of chocolate cake! Now that I'm done with that, I got back on track by taking a bike ride! I guess I made a point, I just don't know what it is! lol!

Okay, so now, I have until Saturday to get myself straightened up, flying right, and weighing in at WW!

What is everyone doing out there?


What plan are you on and what are your goals for THIS WEEK?


I am going to eat well and exercise every day this week and see what results I have!

I'll be checking in daily to stay on track.

Please stop lurking and START POSTING! :)

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Lurk, who me?

Well I have been doing the walk/Sansone tapes since 1/23/05 haven't lost a pound, walking between 3to 5 miles a day, haven't lost a pound, have more muscle tone, haven't lost a pound, no candy bars or snacks for lunch, haven't lost a pound, but feeling "pretty good". When I do weigh myself and found I haven't lost a pound, I do tend to binge a little bit, but try to eat fruits and veggies. oh ya, and I haven't lost a pound. hope to loose about 20 someday.

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:) Luddy~ You're very funny! Join us more often, will ya?

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I try to stop in at least once a day to check on you guys.
I think I have bought every tape ebay has sold for WATP's, I find that my knees don't hurt from the way she does the exercises, the slow warm up. Oh yea, I did buy one the FIRM for abs, that was crazy, watching those 18 year olds and trying to do it at 53, no way, all I felt was pain. It is nice to find others trying to keep fit.
Have a nice day.
Back to work, its statement day for a bookkeeper.

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Rabbit, Rabbit!

Have a great day everyone. I will be back later.

Welcome Luddy!!


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Rabbit, Rabbit!!

Working from with about 8 inches of snow/ice outside my window. Got a huge presentation to work on; thought I was finished last week and made the mistake of showing it to my Director...she had lots of 'suggestions'. LOL!!!

Make it a great day.

Luddy, you are funny! I feel the same way about the stalls. Meanwhile, my DH cuts out a few pretzels a day and loses 9 pounds in 2 weeks. Go figure....

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Tell me about it DeeMarie, my hubby can eat whatever he wants and never gains an ounce. Frustrating.

Luddy, don't feel bad, I have been stuck at 148.8 for six weeks now. I am ready to pull some hair out.

QOD, I am currently following a combo of weight watcher/south beach. My goal for this week is to make the scales budge.

Better run.


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Jen! Well, congrats for getting to the 148 range! I'd be THRILLED if I was there!

I have been gaining and losing the same pound or 2 for 3 weeks.

I guess I have to take myself more seriously and ask myself why I can't stay with the program for a whole week in a row!

The weather here is gorgeous and I am INSIDE doing laundry from my trip! Arg!

Oh, well, summer's on the way!

Check in, partners!

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QOD: BJ, I've decided to stay within points using more of the good healthy guidelines and a few less carbs. My chair yoga class was cancelled because of the snow today, but I've been given permission to go back to yogilates tomorrow evening. Will try to get in light walking around the office before I'm off to Florida on Saturday. Not sure what to expect down there, but we are going with my sister and her DH. My sister is trim and eats properly, so she's a good example!

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Hi goils!

Luddy! I didn't realize I had a twin!!! LOL! Your post cracked me up! And unfortunately, I can certainly sympathize--I have been soo good, water, excerise, etc.... and I can't lose a bloddy pound! I lost 25 pounds, then promptly put back on 10. I was down 5, and then up 4. Sigh..... dieting will make a mathmatician out of ya! LOL!

BJ--tell me about it! Up and down and up and down. This could be fun if I wasn't referring to my weight (evil grin!)

Jen--I'd be so happy to be 148! How are the girls??

Things are OK here--same ol same ol. Not bad, I reckon. Mom seems to be ok--which leads me to 2 questions I have:

1) The local bagpipe spring concert is coming up next week, and mom, dad, Rog and I have went before, and I'd like to take her this year, but I don't know if even broaching it would be such a good idea. (A piper played Taps at dad's funeral.) Suggestions?

2) Back to mom--I indavertently gave her a **bad** negative of a pic that Rog took of me when I looked like *h3ll* (horrible pic; why he took it is beyond me--), and when mom had reprints made, she had that one done also. She thinks it's cute to show it, even though I have made it PERFECTLY clear that I find it humilating. (The last copy she had, I got ahold of it and tore it up in front of her.)I hate to be harsh, but I need to get that d@mned pic and negative back--any suggestion on this? (It truely is horrible, hair in rollers, face was bright red, flannel shirt, me asleep on the couch--)

Where are our MIAs????



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1) I'd say, "Mom, ya know that spring bagpipe concert we've attended before? Well, Rog and I are going and wondered if you wanted to go too. I know bagpipes were played at dad's service, so no pressure, but I want you to know that you're invited to go with us if you feel like it. You don't have to answer now."

2) Man-o-man, I've had some crap-ola pics taken of me too, so I know how you feel --REALLY! At one fly-in, I had my short-short haircut and I was at my one of my heaviest weights---some guy took a 45 degree angle pic of me and my hiney looked like wash tub! He sent it around in email with a bunch of other pilot's pics. I was mortified, but figured that next time everyone saw me, I would look great compared to that---no matter WHAT I looked like!---nothing could top that wreck of a photo. I'd say, laugh along, say it was Halloween, say it was your evil twin, say ANYTHING! You can even say, "I can't believe she's showing that picture again---I've ASKED her not to---even said *please* ---but she just keeeeeeps on showing it." But, really, if your mom hasn't caught on by now that you don't like the pic, she never will. Grin and bear it. And ask her one more time for the negative. If she doesn't give it to you, start taking pictures of her EVERY time she's eating, mouth full, cheeks bulging, fork-in-the-mouth, etc, and show them to EVERYONE like crazy!

Love you!

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I am here..still losing the same 2 pounds so I can relate BJ. I cannot break the 20 pound mark. I am sick again and it sucks.

Good news...I am off to San Diego next week to be there when my son proposes to his girlfriend of three years. YIPPEEE. They have talked about marriage in terms of when and not if so I know she will say yes. She has no idea that he is going to propose next week. She also doesn't know that I am coming out to San Diego. She might get suspious since we are all going out there in April for his graduation from the SD Police Academy. I am thrilled and I love his girlfriend. She will be a wonderful addition to our family.

My other son is getting ready to turn 21 next week also and my DD has her LEARNERS PERMIT!!! What a year so far.

I am getting concerned about NH Suzanne and Raeanne...has anyone heard from them. I am going to send both of them emails to tell them to get their butts in here.


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Hi guys!

Happy Wednesday!

Today I am on track. Thank heavens. I am trying to be good all day.

Where's Tikanas? Marci? NHSuzanne? Joanne? Amy? Patti? MagicKitty? KYsusie? and all the rest!


Gretchen: My daughter just finished traffic school. Scary. She has a permit and I am driving with her this Saturday. I just grab a coffee and sit back speak calmly:

"Turn Signal." "Stay on the road now." (each time a car is coming toward us, she starts edging off the road.) "Stay on this side of the yellow line." (each time a car with its headlights on comes toward us, she loses focus.) "Watch for the pedestrian." "Brake." "Easy on the gas now."

I'm not letting her on the road alone for a LONG time, but I hope she'll be driving herself to school next year!

I gotta get this place straightened up. It's a disorganized mess!

Cheers! --- AND CHECK IN!

It's getting downright quiet around here.

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Okay Gretchen - you don't have to take drastic measures - I am here and I could use a good kick in the butt. I think I will send you a supply of hair dye - with all that is happening this year - especially the DD learner's permit LOL. I swear those days took years off my life.

Luddy - WELCOME - hope you keep posting - just what we need - another wiseguy in this group LOL.

Maddie - I think your mother would probably love to join you and Rog for to see the Bagpipers. I would do like BJ says and just put it out there for her to decide. Let me tell you about photos - I am the least photogenic person alive. One of our few family photos of all my brothers and sisters is of me wearing some fuddy duddy outfit that made me look frumpy and lumpy and a bad perm that was half grown out. My sister made copies for everyone and had them framed. I feel like sneaking into each of their homes and stealing them.

QOD - I am currently on the "eat and drink anything I d@mn well please too and then b!tch and moan about it diet". I've been on it before and it really works - you just keep getting bigger and bigger and grumpier and grumpier.

AND I also have one of THOSE husbands that can eat whatever, whenever and however much he feels like and then some, without gaining an ounce.

Now, you see why I haven't been around much! LOL

Really, I have just been buried under at work and home. Tomorrow we are going to go visit my mother for the day, so I won't be around again. But I will start posting daily, as I could really use the support and the butt kicking.

BJ - get those boots ready!

Marci - a very suspicious looking package arrived today and I can hardly wait to see what's inside - but I will. THANKS.

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BJ - thanks for missing me. I have missed you too. Only once I grabbed the steering wheel while DD was going around a turn too close to an oncoming telephone pole.

NH Suzanne - is it deadline time again? where are you???

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Raeanne - Does your package making a funny noise when you (gently) shake it? Is it the same size as a breadbox? Is tomorrow your birthday? If you answered yes to all the above, you got the wrong package! LOL Just kidding :~)
I didn't have time to individually wrap what is inside, so no peeking until tomorrow!

QOD - I am trying to eat better when I get home from work. I eat a good healthy breakfast and lunch and then when I get home, I pig out. Since DS has been gone, I have been feeling sorry for myself and not cooking and just eating junk because I CAN! I am slowly coming out of that funk and tonight I made Wedding Soup. DD will be home in a few days and she is looking forward to some real food. She informed me that she ate Pop-Tarts for dinner the other night. So I will cook for her and maybe that will give me the boost I need to stop eating junk. I also need to get back to walking. I just bought a new pair of walking/running shoes and I am itching to get back out on the pavement.

Luddy - Welcome! I too love the WATP tapes by Leslie. I bought the newest tape with the slanted thing-a-ma-jingy you walk on and off. Can't think of the name right now. I have only used it a few times, but it does kick things up a notch or two. And I have always found that I have to combine weight training with my walking in order to lose weight. (A little birdie told me that you hadn't lost any weight yet! LOL)

Maddie - Ask your Mom to go. I have heard so many people say that after a loved one is gone, they feel left out of events because people no longer ask them to attend for fear of stirring up memories. But if those memories are good, that is a way of keeping that person in our lives. I hope she responds positively.

Speaking of pictures, anybody feel like having a picture contest? Send me a picture of yourself (either in an email or through snail mail) as a baby and I will post them in my album without any labels. Then we can try to guess who is who. I will think of a small prize for the one who guesses the most right. Anybody up for some fun??

I am off to stir the soup.


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Marci - When I saw fragile, I decided not to shake it LOL. I will wait until I get home tomorrow night to open it, but I love it already LOL. What a great idea about the baby photos - that will be so much fun.

I feel stupid, but I will ask: What is WATP? I consider myself pretty cool, but I feel out of the loop on that one LOL.

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Walk Away The Pounds by Leslie Sansone

Raeanne - I mailed your package on Monday and told the postal clerk that I would like to get it to you by Thursday. He typed in your info and with a wry smile asked me if I wanted to guarantee that it got there by Thursday or just shoot for Thursday. I asked what the difference in price was and he said "A LOT!". $21 difference to be exact. Needless to say I said shoot for Thursday, so I am pleasantly surprised that you received it already. Glad I chose the bargain price! LOL

Have fun tomorrow.


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Marci~ I love the baby photo contest idea, but can we make it a young "kid" photo contest instead? The oldsters here might remember my house burned to the ground when I was about 7 years old, so all baby photos and family albums were lost in the fire. I have 2 photos of me at age 3-ish, given to me by relatives and then none until after I was 8 years old. I am not going for sympathy here, really, I just want to play the photo game too!!! But NO PRESSURE. I will enjoy guessing no matter what everyone decides! :)
Nighty night!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...............

Have lots of fun with friends & family. We'll see you soon!


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Happy Birthday Raeanne!!!! Have a great day.

I am in for the baby contest. BUT, mine will be no contest since both girls look like me when I was a babe!

I am going to send some pics out of Erica from her gymnastics preview last Sunday. If you don't get it and want to see it, let me know. She is the one in the dark blue capris. Talk about feeling like a bad mom, the instructor told us that they would not have to have leotards for this thing so me and one of my friends didn't buy our girls one. Got to the preview and our girls were the only ones Not in leotards. I felt awful. But, at three, Erica didn't think much to it.

Patti & Amy, WHERE oh WHERE are you two?????

Better run. Have a great day.


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Well I am 161.5 and holding, and i do use the weights, but I am afraid my DH will think I have gone off the deep end if I purchase another exercise Gizmo, (I did purchase a stability ball)but oh well he already thinks that so what do I have to loose, He likes to watch me on that one, kind of Kinky, or hinky I'm not sure which.

Marci: where did you get the steppy thang?

There were not a lot of baby pics in my family since I had 7 brothers and 2 sisters before me, they got tired of taking pictures, but my little sister had it the worst, all her have me in them, saves time and money.

Back to work, have a good day, I have the job from @#LL. right now.


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"HEY!!!!! You guys need to check in, dammmmmmmit!"
BJ, you never were one to mince words, lol.

I've been in a bad mood for quite a while - like months it seems. Right not I've had the flu for a few days, with a bad cough, and I feel terrible. I'm trying the guaifenesin treatment for fibromyalgia, and it makes me quite sick and hurts my stomach a lot. I've quit temporarily unti I get over the flu.

One of my neighbors/"friends" has dumped me because I disagreed with her about something at the community pet meeting. She said that a cat should be allowed to stay alone for longer than 12 hours if the owner is gone, without having to call for a backup person to check on the animal. I said I was having second thoughts about changing the rule, and she just lost it on me. Won't even talk to me now and said she will delete all my emails without reading them. This is not a friendly place to live. I feel like everyone is out to get everyone else. I have less and less freedom to take Heather out without being glared at, even though she stays in our yard and has never bothered anyone. It just seems insane to me.

Re what eating strategy I'm using - I've accepted that I have to stay with low carb. It's a metabolic thing for me. I'm not having the success I'd like though because even though I stay away from bread, pasta, deserts, etc., and keep my calories lower than what my basal metabolic rate is supposed to be, I'm not losing like I was. It's discouraging.

Hopefully when I feel a little better, my mood will come up. I still try to do the right things, but I'm not enjoying it much right now. It's hard to enjoy things when you feel terrible.

On the good side, my sons and grandchildren are all well, and that's something to feel grateful for. Heather is doing okay, though she has gained some weight, too.

Happy birthday, Raeanne,
and DeeMarie, I missed yours, so happy belated birthday to you too.

Thanks again for missing me. You are a great group and I'm glad you're here.


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Happy Birthday RAEANNE!!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful beautiful day!


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bada bada da da...


You sweet thing--I hope you know just how much we love you--over all these years, you've been a constant source of joy to us--I know that my life has been better because you've been in it--(((((((((((hugs)))))))))) (and I see we're on the same 'diet' together--strange how it isn't working!! LOL!!)

Amy--gosh, I hope you get to feeling better--I miss you around here---are you painting?

Marci--the pics sounds like fun! I think our scanner is hooked up, so I'll try to email it to ya! Thanks for doing this!~ :):)

Hope all is well!



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BJ - Why don't we say anywhere from infant to 5 years. Hopefully I will get a variety of ages. I think this is going to be a hoot.

Maddie - Can't wait to start getting pictures. I will let everyone know when I get all the pictures and have them in the album.

Luddy - I ordered my Walkblaster(I remembered the name of my slanted thingy) from Leslie's Official site. I would suggest going to Ebay though and looking for one there. After I bought mine, I went on Ebay and they had several kinds (one from Gin Miller and Leslie's)and they were lots cheaper. The shipping and handling on mine was $20!! I should have looked before I bought mine, but I think I have Ebay-phobia. I am afraid that if I get started shopping on Ebay, I won't be able to stop!

Jen - I got Erica's picture and I can't believe "our little niece" is so grown up. She looks like she was having a great time. Thanks for sharing.

Gretchen - I hope you have a great time in San Diego.

DeeMarie - I hope you have a great time in Florida. I am jealous! But I will get my chance to go in May.

Raeanne - Hope you are having a nice day!

Amy - Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well.

NHSuzanne - PLEASE check in!!

Patti - PLEASE check in!!

Besh - Are you around?

Joanne - What are you up to?

KYSusie - How is your week going?

MagicKitty - How far are you from St. Petersburg?

Tikanas - Where are you???????????????

Time for a roll call. Front and center.


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Happy Birthday, Raeanne. You already know how very special you are to me. We connect. Always. You're going to have many more birthdays and that makes me happy, 'cause I'll get have you for a friend all those years....

Sounds corny, but there aren't words out there to describe what you are to me. The eskimos have about a dozen words for snow----why can't I have that many for the feeling you give all of us here at Diet Chat? ... because words don't describe that all-encompassing happiness we experience when you post your adventures, travels, and observances.

You are bubbly and your eyes twinkle. I'm thrilled that you share yourself the way that you do. Burn a stick of incense on your birthday, buy some crystals, and open your mind to the radiance your being creates on earth.

Much love always, 'Sister Star Gazing Girlfriend', here's to YOU! I hope you have the birthday of your dreams! ~BJ

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BJ - you always make me cry on my birthday (((((LUV YA))))).

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and making me feel the love.

I had a very nice day. I went to visit my mom, sister and brother - they live 3 hours away, we stayed for about 4 hours and were home in time for a nice dinner at a local restaurant. It was a beautiful day for a long drive and there was little traffic - so it was all good.

I did have time to open Marci's package before I left and I'm glad I did. The very first thing that caught my eye was a bottle of wine from Lapic Winery - a winery near Marci - she included some literature. She knows me too well. She also included some cocktail napkins to go along with it that says "Wine! A serving of fruit." I couldn't agree more LOL -, a lovely set of wine charms, a metal bookmark that has a strip of purple down it and says shoot for the moon, with a little moon charm attached - this is great, as I always buy bookmarks for people and never one for myself. Chocolate covered pretzels - made locally and goes well with the diet I'm currently on. Now I saved the best for last - drum roll puhleeez - I am now the proud owner of a Marci original handknitted purple scarf - it is perfect, funky and fun, for lack of being able to describe it (it is one of those popular fuzzy ones)- I will post a photo later. Now if that wasn't enough, she also included a book to go with the scarf that is titled "Warning, When I Am An Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple". It is a very cute poem and I took it with me to read yesterday and wore my purple scarf. Everything was wrapped in purple and every item she gave me had purple on it.

Marci - what can I say, I am overwhelmed by how well thought out your gift was and how meaningful everything is too me - I can't thank you enough.

I have to run, but had to share my wonderful gifts with everyone here and thank all of you - you mean the world too me and I am thankful everyday for finding this group and being accepted by all of you - you are family.

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Raeanne - Glad you liked everything. I am having so much fun knitting funky scarves. I saw one of my preschoolers at JoAnn Fabrics when I was looking for your yarn. Purple is her favorite color and she helped me pick out your purple yarn. As they say, "The rest is history!" LOL Once I had the purple yarn, I just kept thinking of all these purple things I could include. Believe me, if I had had more time, I could have included more. But remember, I do have you all year! LOL

DD arrived home safely! I was worried cause they weren't leaving until 10/pm last night and driving 3 hours. But she is home and I can rest easy (for now).

I am glad it is Friday. I have lots planned for this weekend so I know it is going to fly by, but I am going to enjoy every minute of it.

Will post the "rules" of the photo contest on Monday and email anyone we haven't heard from in awhile. Maybe we can pull some of our MIAs back into the fold.


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Good Morning All,

Raeanne, Happy Belated Birthday! I am so sorry I missed it. I haven't been checking in an missed it. Birthday or not I hope you know how much I love you and cherish your friendship! I hope this year is filled with lots of love and happiness for you. Marci's gifts sound wonderful and that is because she IS wonderful.

I got my wake up calls from Gretchen and Marci about being MIA. Thank you two. I have alot going on and I will share.

It is with great saddness that I share we lost the vernerable elder goat, Fred two weeks ago. He had been doing so well and I actually thought he was going to make the winter and have a great spring, summer and fall. But on February 19th I walked into the barn and found Fred in his stall. It was not pretty but there did not appear to be any signs of struggle or distress. He went on his own terms and that makes me happy. I was lucky enough to have my DH home who was able to take care of him. We had to be in Albany, NY that morning to deliver a cart that I sold so we had to move him to the garage, deliver the cart and deal with digging a hole in the frozen tundra when we got home about 1pm. It took us til 6pm to finally bury poor old Fred. We sent him off well and he is resting under the white pines beside our barn with his mother and my beloved Paddy.
DH took this very, very hard. We are both very raw still. I am sure it's hard for some to imagine this distress over a goat. Well, all I can tell you is that to know a goat is to love a goat! They are one of God's most charming creations!

Also, I have been working alot of weekends which is all consuming. This week was deadline........made my goal again this month! I am working again this weekend at a trade show in Strubridge, MA. There seems to be no end to these things. Better now than when it's riding season.

It's DH 50th birthday on Tuesday and I am planning a family dinner at my inlaws farm on the 12th. That is time consuming. I am also putting together a scrapbook which is fun but really time consuming! This morning I am tired. I wish I had a weekend before this dinner to get myself centered.

On top of it all winter is starting to drone on. We have had endless snow here and it's cold and windy. March is usually when I start seeing the sublte signs of spring but they aren't happening yet! I am anxious to have the snow gone and it seems far off right now.

I will spend time to get caught up. I hope everyone is well. Marci and Gretchen thanks again for my wake up call!

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Good Morning,

Amy, (((HUGS)))!!!! We love you! Hope you get feeling better.

Raeanne, Glad you had a great birthday.

Gotta run. Both girls have doctor appts. this afternoon.

Have a great weekend.


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Jen - I can't remember if it was the Today show, or Ellen, but someone was having The Most Beautiful Baby contest and I immediately thought of your girls. I bet they would've won.

Marci - You are a very creative person and it showed that you had fun doing it. I see a lot of purple in my future LOL. The purple didn't end there, I went to visit my mother where she is going for some physical therapy, the room was purple, my sister showed up wearing a purple sweater and had a purple wrapped gift for me - boy I MUST BE OLD. Glad DD made it home safely. Both DD's are coming home tonight for the weekend.

NH Suzanne - ((((HUGS)))) I am so sorry to hear about Fred. I know how much all your animals mean to you. I'm glad that DH was home during this time - that must've helped a bit. Please keep us posted.

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Raeanne - I was thinking of the last lines in the poem ("But maybe I ought to practice a little now?
So people who know me are not too shocked and surprised
when suddenly I am old, and start to wear purple.)
when I put together your purple package. Since you are younger than me, of course I don't consider you old! LOL
But that is too funny about your other purple experiences yesterday!

(((NHSuzanne))) - I sent you another email. And I posted your picture of Fred and his entourage in the album.

Go to the album and check out NHSuzanne's picture of her beloved Fred.


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((((((((((((AMY!))))))))))))) Feel better! Can we do anything for you? Have you thought about moving to another part of the island? What about making your neighbor a card---you are so talented! And, as Maddie asked, Are you painting lately?

(((((((((((((NHSuzanne)))))))))))))) So sorry about Fred. Pets are part of the family. I'm glad to hear that he has a resting place on your land---that's sounds comforting. And I'm glad your DH helped you and was sympathetic. It is nice to share with someone who knows Fred almost as well as you do. Realx, now, and spend some down time with yourself. (((((HUGS)))))

Thanks, Marci. I have to figure out how to send my kid pic to you!

Jen~ Thanks for sending the pictures. Your girls are so cute! I love seeing them GROW!

Hi everyone else! Well, my teens and their classmates are fixing a Chilean dinner for us tonight as a culture project. So I gotta go check the kitchen!

OH! I forgot to ask! .....

Besh~ Have you read When the Emperor Was Divine? It's an interesting *QUICK* book for teens and adults, teaching WWII internment camp history from the emotional standpoint of the Japanese people. Check in! (((Smoochie!)))

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Good moning all!

NHSuzanne-- "I am sure it's hard for some to imagine this distress over a goat." No, not at all. We love our fuzzie (or hoofed or finned or feathered) friends, and our pain at losing them is as great as the joy of loving them. ((((hugs))))

Well, it's early Sunday morning, and I can not sleep. And dontcha just hate that? I was wore out last night from the show that we're doing this weekend, and snoozed about 10 minutes on the couch, and then went to bed and was wide awake at 5:30. Sigh....

But, it's a beautiful day here--the show is over at 5, and we'll be home and settled by 6:30 or so.

Things are about the same here--which is good--I asked mom about the bagpipe concert, and she is delighted to go! No hesitation on her part, and the other good news is that her 15 yo neighbor is going with us as well. (This 'kid' is just wonderful beyond words. He is everything I would have wanted in a son if I could have picked. My fondest hope is that if I ever won a big lottery, I would set him up for college and beyond. I love him with all of my heart, and I can hardly wait to see where he ends up--)

Ladies, I hope you all have a great Sunday--



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BJ - so tell us how your Chilean dinner was? You are a great mom - to hand your kitchen over to a bunch of teens LOL.

Maddie - I'm so glad your mom said yes. I bet you made her day. I also had a sleepless night. I stayed up way too late and woke up way too early. Now I am a bit sluggish.

I think I have come to a decision to try out Weight Watchers. There is a meeting on Tuesday that I can go to, so I will give myself another day to decide and then commit to something. I just feel that if I have to show up each week and weigh-in I will be more accountable. I am at a point in my life where everything is very good - so why do I jeopardize myself with not making healthy choices with my eating. The one thing that I can actually have control over.

Amy - I wanted to send ((((((HUGS))))) your way. I feel badly that you aren't feeling well and that your friend decided to let a difference of opinion interfere with your relationship. Hopefully, she will come around and see things from your perspective and come to some kind of compromise - or just agree to disagree.

I hope everyone is having a fun and healthy Sunday.

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DeeMarie - my DD's agreed with you about The Gates in Central Park - a big dissapointment to them. I keep sending positive thoughts your way, with your job, DH and you getting back to normal.

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