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nhsuzanneFebruary 23, 2009

Happy Monday all,

I hope you all have the chance to check in and tell us how your weekend was.

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Sorry I did not check in; work is horrid. Unrealistic timelines and requests asked a different way numerous times. I'm telling my director things over and over again; he is just not getting it and is panic'd that I'll be away for 3 weeks in March! Last thing I did was e:mail him my cell phone number and the phone numbers of 2 out of the 3 resorts I'll be staying at while in Florida. Sheesh! (He's located in the UK, so I told him I don't want phone calls at 2am)!! LOL!

This weekend I went through tons of paperwork for our accountant. I also worked all day Saturday from home. Why do we get vacations again? DH and I had a quiet dinner together on Saturday night. I made a turkey breast, sweet potatoes, stuffing, veggies, cranberry sauce. It was really nice. Last night I was in bed by 8:15 and up again by 5:15am.

QOD: Anything exciting for this week?

check in!

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Dee - where are you going in FL and when? I am leaving Wednesday for just 1 week. We will be in Naples and possibly Key West if that works out. It would be nice to be able to give you a birthday hug in person. I know what you mean about work, it seems like all heck breaks loose before vacation.

Hi Suzanne - great photo of Sweet Pea. I think my eyelashes had icicles on them this AM. I walked to a meeting not far from my office not realizing how windy it was out there.

QOD - heading to Naples Wednesday, that is all the excitement for me.

I am very pressed for time, but am thinking of everyone here and will miss you if I am unable to check in before I return.

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Raeanne~Does that mean we can get together? hint, hint ;)

I'm putting the "un-birthday" card list up again so if anyone else wants to be on it they can get on it before we draw names:

NH Suzanne

Looks like everyone has been staying pretty busy. I know that things have been hectic for me too. I never even hardly see Dave anymore! I know, everyone is in shock. LOL

Will check in later. Patti :-)

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Good evening,everyone! It's been cool here again, and I love it!

QOD: Today, I worked out at Curves. Tomorrow, I'm going with a friend to her old Red Hatters' group Luau luncheon over at Lee College. Other than that, I have no idea what's going to happen. Working out will be a daily thing this week, and a friend is coming over on Thursday to scrapbook all day!

Dee, your work life sounds so busy! I'm impressed that you can stick with your diet and exercising in the midst of all of this! I'll bet that you can't wait until your 3 week vacation.

Raeanne, hope your trip to Naples is great. You deserve to get away from the weather, the work, and the routine. Enjoy every minute!

Patti, thanks for adding me to the card list. I really want to get better at doing them before sending any out.

Have a great tomorrow!

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Hi Guys!

I just got back on the rock after a week with NO INTERNET in the mainland!

Patti!!! Please, please, please, put me on the un-b-day list too. --Don't know how I missed THAT call.

Gotta read, so I'll come back tomorrow night and write more.


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Raeanne, are you leaving tomorrow or next Wednesday? We arrive in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday March 7. It's quite a ride to Naples from there, but we did it last year.

Another meeting with my director today, and I received quite a bit of praise for my humungo project thus far. However, he is still pushing for me to go back into line management. I've had it with that, but need to answer "not interested" tactfully in my formal goals and objectives plan for 2009.

Anyone had any experience with filling a prescription out of state? I will be running out of 2 of them while in Florida. I called a branch pharmacy down there, and she advised me to bring new written ones from my doc and she'll fill them. I'll also bring my prescription card with me. Even tho I'm in their computer system, I'm very nervous that I'll run out and not get refills...they are for high blood pressure. My local place will not renew them so early.

Just something else to get my stomach acids flowing, eh?

Where is Peggy? They are celebrating her birthday over at KT. Hope all is well.


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Good morning, Happy Birthday to Peggy, and Happy Mardi Gras!

Dee, what if you called your doctor's office and either have them call your pharmacy on your behalf OR ask if they have enough to give you to last through your trip. That way, you don't have to worry about it while you are vacationing.

To those of you on Weight Watchers - I learned something new yesterday. One, that orange juice, even the 1 point kind, does not count as a fruit. Darn. And that the two tsp. of healthy oils we're supposed to include daily have to be counted as points. For some dumb reason, I thought we got two tsp. "free" and only had to count if we used over that amount. That would have been nice. I'm not really good yet at getting in enough fruits or oil each day, but it's still working. Lost another 1.8 pounds, even though I didn't exercise as much as I should have.

Hope it's a great week for everybody!


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Happy Tuesday all,

Dee, DH has prescriptions filled out of state all the time. What you need to do is go to a pharmacy with your empty bottle and they will call your regular pharmacy. It's very easy and no trouble at all. DH finds that the Walmarts are the easiest but any pharmacy will do.

Bon Voyage Raeanne, have a wonderful trip.

Milkdud, hope your Red Hatter lunch was fun. You are one social butterfly these days.....flitting about here and there! LOL

Patti, thanks for taking on the "list"

I see a happy birthday message at the top of this forum to Peggy. Happy birthday Peggy, I hope you are having a great day. Dee must have sung to you at the KT! Check in and tell us how you are doing.

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Thanks for the info Suzanne. I have a written script and will also bring along the empty bottles. Feeling better about this. Sheesh, I need to go away for longer vacations. (Like I don't get enough!) This year, I have 52 paid days of vacation!

Still waiting for Peg to check in.

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Dee: I always bring my prescription bottles with me and I never have a problem getting my scripts filled. They just call the previous pharmacy or call my doc. I've never had a problem. Sounds like a fantastic 3 weeks---YOU RATE IT, GIRLFRIEND!

Raeanne: Have a great time in Naples...what's the occasion? I haven't been to naples since I was about 7 years old. Beautiful, last I remember--uh, that's Naples, NOT me at 7 years of age--lol.

Milkdud! Great week working out and everything---GOOD FOR YOU! You ARE our little social butterfly--NHSuzanne is right!

HAPPY B-DAY, PEGGY!!!!!!!!!!! Hope all your wishes come TRUE!

I had to go to the mainland for kid's ortho today. Woke up at 4:30 to catch the 6am ferry--we have to be in line an hour ahead of the ferry---hour ferry ride, drove 2 hours and turned around and drove back! The great thing is I had time to go to Kohls and buy a couple pairs of jeans before I caught the ferry back. It's been about 5 years since I've bought a pair of full length jeans. I tell, ya, THAT's the excitement in MY life these days!

See you tomorrow!

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BJ~Gotcha added to the list.

Happy Belated Birthday Peg!

I'm gonna give it until Monday & then post the list. I thought perhaps someone else would want to put their name on the list for exchanging birthday cards.

I have been organizing around here. You would all be SO proud of me. :-) I have some more to do. I might even be able to show you my computer desk. LOL We bought a new car yesterday. We traded in our Kia Sorento for a newer model Kia Sorento. It is red. I NEVER thought I would have a red car. It is quite shocking to me. Hope you have a good day. Patti :-)

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Good Thursday all,

Where is everyone lately? I keep imagining one day I will come here and no one will have been here before me!

Patti, be careful in that red car! Statistics show that red cars get pulled over more often than any other color!

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I'm here, Suzanne!!! It's very warm (mid-70's) here today, and I had to break down and turn on the a/c!

One of my friends came over, and we had the best time playing with all the scrapbook equipment another friend loaned me. Viki giggled like a kid using the Cricut machine to make letters and all kinds of items. I finally learned how to use the Sizzix (fancy die-cut machine). She completed about 12 pages and I finished one birthday card to take for an 85th birthday party tomorrow. LOL But, I finally got all my scrapbook supplies organized to where I can see what I have, and I just enjoyed watching my friend create all her pages.

I'm excited about the birthday card exchange now that I'm getting the tiniest bit better about making cards! Looking forward to seeing the list, Patti. Do you remember that I drive a red car? I don't buy into the psychology about driving more aggressively in a red car. I can't even see the hood of my car when I drive, so I just drive like a fairly normal person!

BJ, too bad you can't get frequent-driver miles with all the traveling you have to do some times!

Yikes, Jan, I never realized that about the OJ and the olive oil. Tonight, I grilled myself a veggie burger and had it on a SL whole wheat bun. I also grilled red pepper slices, and it was a really tasty burger. I didn't even miss the taste of meat because all the condiments were good. It was a pretty good WW meal, IMHO!

Wishing everyone sweet dreams tonight and a speedy and calm Friday if you are at work!

Hubby has a business dinner this evening - good thing, too, because all the scrapbook stuff is on the island and countertops and on my big kitchen table! Cards tomorrow night will be at another friend's home so that I don't have to break this stuff down yet. :-)

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Happy Friday all..........where ever you are!

QOD: Weekend plans?

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Well, this is a rowdy group, I tell you. LOL

What are you plans NH Suzanne? I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. I'm going over to the gulf coast tomorrow to scrap with one of the girls I have already met & I'm going to meet another girl. We are spending the whole day scrapping. Dave is making brisket & potato salad so it will be a wonderful day, I'm certain. Yummers!

Hope you all have a fun weekend too. Patti :-)

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rabbit rabbit

Now we can count down the days until Spring arrives!

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You beat me Marci! LOL I've been thinking about getting on here for several hours but have been posting scrapbooking layouts. LOL See, I have to get my priorities straight! Man!! :-)

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I haven't been first for awhile and I could use some good luck! LOL There have been some unpleasant work issues that I have had to deal with and I am hoping that they will be resolved soon. They are behind the scenes, so it isn't affecting the kids, but I am still stressed. Can't wait for this school year to end.

On a happier note, we finally got a new car. I have been driving my '95 Olds Cutlass for 12 years and it was beginning to show it's age. DH wanted a Malibu and I agreed to test drive it, as long as he agreed to let me test drive my other choices. DH did his homework and listed the pros and cons of all my choices and the Malibu won! I can't believe that we bought the first car we test drove, but I now own a Silver 2009 Chevy Malibu. DH is extremely happy and although it wasn't my original choice, I do like the car.

Patti - I will have to get out my scrapbooking supplies again and finish DD's scrapbook. I needed to take a break before the holidays and I just haven't had the motivation to get started again.

Hope everyone is having a nice relaxing Sunday.


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Rabbit! Rabbit! Surely there's a little good luck left by only being the third one to post it, huh?

Marci, I feel for you. Those behind-the-scene issues can eat at you, can't they? I hope it's resolved soon.

I know that those in the cold parts of the country are wishing for spring, but I've been seeing it since early January. It's fine to see the signs, but I don't want the high temps. I have flowers blooming in a planter in the backyard. I planted them in the fall a year and a half ago, and they just keep coming back twice a year without any attention from me!

Patti, can't wait to see your layouts! I spent a couple of hours last night working on one single, solitary birthday card for my newest DDIL! I told hubby that it only took that long and cost about $10, but it was handmade!!!

I noticed a tickle in my throat early yesterday afternoon, and luckily for me, I had a Benadryl and a Mucinex with me, so I took them, and it helped some, but I'm feeling puny today. Thought I'd better stay away from people, so we passed on church. Everything is blooming here, so I'm guessing that it's hayfever. UGH!

Congrats on the new car, Marci! The only way I'll get one is if I go back to work, so I'm being very respectful of the one I do have for now. Enjoy every mile in it!

Wishing everyone a relaxing Sunday!

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Congrats on the new car, Marci. If I had some loose change and a red ribbon handy, I'd throw it your way to toss into the back seat! LOL! Hope that your stress at work diminishes soon.

Feel Better, Milkdud!

Patti, keep the weather nice for me. I'm really looking forward to my visit to Florida.

We are awaiting a huge snowstorm tonight through tomorrow evening. Looks like I'll be working from home! Suzanne, you get after us, I'm afraid.

I miss Raeanne, but I'm sure she's having a great time in Florida this weekend.

Jen, if you are out there...HELLO!

Maddie, come back please.

Hello to Besh, Gretchen, Jan, BJ, and [[[[[[[[[[HUGGLES]]]]]] to everyone!


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CONGRATULATIONS to all the NEW CAR owners!!!! How exciting! We just keep repairing our cars and they keep running. At this point, though, I don't think I could trade mine OR sell it--a truck is not the vehicle of choice in this economy! lol! But I keep hauling things back and forth in it, so it works for me.

Marci- Hope the behind-the-scenes stuff irons itself out SOON. So stressful, that.

Well, we had several inches of snow dumped on us again. Ding-dang winter--GO AWAY! The kids' school stayed open, but many closed. I am ready for SPRING!

I started working for DH on Monday---I am more disorganized than ever, but what a wakeup call! By the end of the week, I was getting it together though. I need to start the night ahead. I haven't been a working mom in a a couple of years and having a toddler in the house makes everything a challenge. But I love it all, ya know...MOST of the time!

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