Inside microwave window is scratched

dedtiredMarch 7, 2010

This is not exactly a disaster, but maybe you can help.

I decided to give the microwave a good cleaning and scrubbed the inside of the window with a scratchy Scotch Brite green scrubby thing. I totally scratched the plastic that covers the inside of the window. Now I can barely see inside the MC to check on food as it cooks.

I see that the plastic covering can be peeled off. Does it serve any real purpose and would it be safe to peel it off?


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um, it SHOULD have been pulled off before the first use.

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No, really it's not a temporary packing item or to protect it during shipping. It would have melted by this time if that was the case. It's a thick-ish plastic cover over the inside of the window and fairly well attached. It will take some hard tugging to get it off. I am just wondering if removing it will in any way affect the function.

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dedtired--call the manufacturer of your microwave and ask about this before you remove it. Good luck!

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Never heard of such a thing, did you call the manufacturer and what did they say? If you didn't call, tell us the make and model number here and everyone will find the answer for you.

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Kits are available to remove scratches from plastic surfaces.

They come with a set of grit paper (up to many thousands of abrasive number) and polishing compound.

These kits are routinely used to remove scratches from lucite and lexan items like fish tanks and windows.

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"It would have melted by this time if that was the case."

don't be so sure about that, microwaves do not produce heat the way an oven does. plus the plastic being on the glass gives it a heat sink, keeping it from melting. ever seen someone boil water over an open fire using a styrofoam cup? same principle, even though the container is flammable it won't melt because the water(heatsink) suck the heat away quick enough to prevent it.

can you post a picture so we know for sure what you have?

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i think it would be ok but i would call the manufacturer just in case.

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I know of the interior plastic covering you speak of. Yes, it is NOT packing material.

I would not do an alterations to a microwave. You could do damage that would allow microwaves to escape when the machine is running.

In fact you may have ruined the machine already. The shiny interior is made to reflect microwaves and bounce them back.

I would recommend testing for leakage to see if it is damaged and unusable.

Here is a link that might be useful: Microwave Tester

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Ahh, at last a sane answer. Pay attention to dilly dally.

Also, do not use sand paper on your window. This is a plastic film material not lucite or lexan.

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The microwave will not be ruined from scratches. I would not remove the plastic, but I would get some plastic polish to try and remove them. In a pinch, even toothpaste, (not the gel type) can be used to remove fine scratches.

Depending on the age of the microwave, if it has 5 years or more on it, it may be time to sell it in a garage sale and get a newer more energy efficient model. You'd be surprised as to how fast a new one heats up or cooks over the older models.

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