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nhsuzanneFebruary 28, 2011

Good morning sunshines!

Surely the sun is shining somewhere! It's another snowy day here in NH. It is beautiful however.

This is one of the historical covered bridges here in my town:

Come out and tell us how your weekend was.

Marci, Carolyn, and all other mia's, I am missing you!

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Hello, everyone. Hope you all have a wonderful week.

I went outside this morning and the driveway looks wet but is just a complete sheet of ice. I guess I don't go far to-day. I only went a couple of steps but was so afraid I would fall even getting back that far.

I'm thrilled to report that I got my tapes off this morning - all 5 of them. It wasn't as bad as I had feared. I was very careful and it worked. They are pretty good sized incisions but I think they have healed well.

It is not my weigh in day to-day but I know I have been eating too much and it sure showed when I decided to step on the scales. I better smarten up. Of course this may be some fluid too. Let's hope!!!!!

Check in again after my regular weigh in day.


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Hi Guys!

NHSuzanne, Thanks for getting us started today with that BEAUTIFUL picture! My grandfather used to paint covered bridges and your pictre reminded me of a black and white one he painted. It's hanging at my Mom's place. That photo, though, is breathtaking!

Ivamae- It could well be fluid in your system. Glad you're healing well and the bandages are off!

It's rainy here and all the snow and ice are gone. Everyone has cabin fever so now they can get out and interact again.

I am still on track with SS and am thrilled and motivated by my weight loss over the past week. I have so much weight to lose - nearly 50 pounds - I am just going to stay on SS and keep the goal in mind whenever I'm tempted.

I miss the MIAs too!!! Com and join us!

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Good morning, everyone!

It's a beautiful, sunshiny day here in Dallas. It's only 48 degrees here so far and very windy, but compared to some other places, this is Paradise!

Suzanne, your photos are always so beautiful! Your new little goats are adorable, and I loved the covered bridge today.

Ivamae, I'm glad your stitches came out well today. I'm sending you good healing thoughts!

BJ, you're always so upbeat for everyone here, and I, for one, thank you for that. Your thigh-high boot kicks at times are always needed, but filled with lots of caring and love.

Not much going on around here as I've hit a wall for the moment. I hate to admit it, but I'm going to go and pay my March storage locker rent because I can't get motivated to make more room for my "necessaries", nor can I convince myself to get rid of things either. *sigh* Where's the organizational fairy when I need her?

Sending lots of hugs and love to everyone for a good week!

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Hi All,
Suzanne beautiful picture. When I was growing up, every summer we went to North Conway for vacation. Your picture reminds me of that (minus the snow!).

Ivanmae, I am so happy that you are healing. Stay strong.

BJ, congrats on sticking w/SS. I could never stay on that program, but I am grateful for it, because it brought us all to this site! Stay motivated my friend!

Carolyn, 48 degrees! I'll take it. It is sooooo cold here and yesterday was so slippery and most of it was black ice, so it was incredibly dangerous.

WW is going pretty good for me. I am down at least 10# and I weigh in tomorrow so hopefully it will be more. My DS was up from VA this past weekend, so I did a little indulging, hopefully it won't hinder my progress too much. I was right back on track yesterday though.

Enjoy the day! Anybody watching Idol this season?

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Good Tuesday!

Finally a day without weather! Supposed to be a warmer day too!

Besh it's good to see you posting! Good luck today on your weigh-in. I know it's going down!

Carolyn, I wish I were closer as I could help you get organized! Keep trying girl.

Look who visited at the barn this morning. This is a Barred Owl. The only owl in North America with dark eyes. He/she must be pretty hungry right now with so much snow on the ground hunting must be hard. So pretty. I wish you could really see all the detail in the feathers. Just gorgeous.

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Rabbit, Rabbit!!! Almost forgot LOL

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Good morning!

Suzanne, another gorgeous picture of such a beautiful creature!

The only creatures I see around here, other than cute little rabbits, are possums, armadillos, racoons, and snakes. Yeck.

Besh, way to go with WW and your weight loss! I have not been focusing on mine, but yesterday decided to start food journaling again, because I have been eating "mindlessly" for the last month or so.

I have been watching American Idol, and am surprised that I am enjoying it as much as I have. There is a lot of talent this year, especially among the younger contestants. I didn't think I would like Jennifer Lopez or Steven Tyler, but they have been great.

Carolyn, I'm having trouble with motivation, too. I wrestle with simple decisions, such as whether to stay inside and clean house, or go outside and enjoy the weather and work in the yard. How silly is that? Of course, I could do both, but probably won't.

Whatever happens, hope it is a good day for all.

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Hey Guys! Wabbit, wabbit!

It's FINALLY not raining or snowing here!

I'm down 5 pounds thanks to SS. 1 week under my belt and one belt hole tighter! (yay) I played with a minor imbalance last night as I made Suzanne's Easy Moroccan Chicken and made brown Basmati rice with it for the family and had a TEENY bit myself! Soooo good!

This recipe is very easy and very yummy. I added some stir-fry greens that I got at the local farmer's co-op amd it really jazzed it up! I am having leftovers for lunch today.

CarolynTX: Give yourself some time. But don't pay for the storage locker for over 6 months - or the rent will soon equal more than the stuff in the locker - no matter WHAT it IS! Give yourself a deadline. :-) -speaking from the divorce storage lockers times TWO experience - (((HUGS)))

Besh-- YOU GO GIRL!!!! SO GOOD to see you here! I was looking at our pics from the trip to visit you a few years ago --so much fun! Maybe I'll post 'em...if you okay it.

NHSuzanne! My heavens! That is a wonderful photo! Thanks for sharing!!!

Wodka: I don't have TV, but enjoy hearing snippets of opinion here! lol. I sometimes watch Undercover Boss on Netflix when I'm ironing - mindless and also gets me crying... I am a sentimental sap!

Okay, I'd better get back to WORK!

We are seedlings widows to Peg, I see...haha.

Raeanne- Time to check in, girl pearl. Time to check in...

And you others too...Marci, Nurse Maddie, Hawaiian Amy, Zig, Patti, I could go on...and on...

Here is a link that might be useful: Suzanne's E-Z Moroccan Chicken

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Well, I ended up spending the entire day in the yard, from 11 a.m. until just now, 5 p.m., and still didn't want to come inside. Sunny and temps in the low 70's, nice breeze, low humidity. I absolutely love this time of year, when everything is beginning to bud and the colors are so bright.

So,it's off to the shower for me. I guess tomorrow I'll clean house.

BJ, that recipe looks delicious!

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Happy Hump Day!

Yes I've been madly attending to my seedlings. I really should post a pic of them. When the babies start hitting a certain size they have to be replanted deeper. I get a ton of direct south facing sun. My cherry tomato plants are about a foot tall (I keep replanting them deeper and deeper). I spotting on two of the plants tiny little flower heads. I don't know if I'll get cherry tomatoes or if the buds will just drop in the house - either way I'm excited.

Monday was the doctor day for both of us. Dave was called in ASAP after his blood work. His blood pressure has been high - in the hypertension range. That is completely new, normally he has low BP. His blood revealed that instead of having gas pains he has actually been having mild heart attacks. I am not surprised given the stress we've endured over the last year but also his personal habits - classic spare tire (not huge but enough for risk factor), smoking, years of snacking on chips at night, eating lots of cheese. He's scared to death. I'm honestly relieved this has been caught. I've been waiting for this. My shock after living with a heart sick father (severe case) I did not see the heart attack signs - my Dad's were the classic ones with the severe chest pains, numbness down the side, profuse sweating. He had angina which causes chest pains but when he started sweating he knew the difference.

So Dave is in shock. He couldn't stay warm Monday afternoon. I'm a little stunned but more relieved because now he is booked for tests, more blood, more tests - Dave is a researcher - I don't have to nag him. He's already researching what he's eating and asking me about good/bad fats we cook with. I'm diabetic and still to some degree have been following a heart/diabetic cooking style. I don't own a deep fryer. We use Becel margarine, olive oil. Today he goes for an hour blood pressure test - he's put on a little machine that turns on and off during the hour and records the blood pressure. My dad used to get those to wear at home. He is scheduled for the diabetic glucose test. He's already been put on Crestor for cholesterol. And he's getting booked into the hospital for a heart scan to check on heart damage. We though it was his usual gas pains from meals - now I know what Dave's symptoms are like. So yesterday I got really busy with my plants. My head is reset to help Dave gain a healthier lifestyle without pushing. He's so scared he's not arguing but gathering information. I promised him we will make gradual changes to his diet. And I've asked him to help me with dinner last night - got him to spice it up. It was chick, onion, red peppers in a chicken broth/gravy (non-fat) with french fries. Made the gravy thick enough so he could put it on the fries like a poutine without the cheese. It was very good and Dave enjoyed it. He even went online to check the nutrition values of the red pepper vs other peppers. Mr Research. I have faith he will start feeling much better. Times have changed in two decades since my Dad. Dave has lost about 30 lbs living in the trailer and stress over the summer with the disaster home build - but we pulled through and we're in our home.

I had a bout of bloodwork to check for changes. I have fibrous tissues - but since my last whacky TOM I have an area that is firm. I'm going for a mammogram. Not worried because it is not a lump, feels more like a twisted rope in there. This is just a precaution.

And I've slowed down my weight loss. It's holding well. Our fridge is going to look much more colourful now.

I don't fear the days ahead. I welcome them. We are heading into middle age and our lifestyle habits are going to change for the better, things will calm down. We will pull through this and both be the healthier for it. It just changes our game plan a little.

So no fretting over this. I'm glad Dave is already making minor changes. Doc said coffee is not good for blood pressure - he's switched from his hot tub mug to a normal sized coffee mug and is working on scaling that back to. He's talked about quitting smoking before and has brought home some information on new medication. One small step at a time.

My friend from Ottawa is visiting today - should be here at 9am. It's going to be a girly day.

I glad to read everyone's posts. Love the photos. Pleased for the losers. Ivamae I hope your recovery continues. I too agree that you may be holding water right now.

I'll catch up more with everyone's details later or tomorrow. Got a few things to do before Rolande gets here.

Have a fantastic day everyone. Let's take that bull by the horn and shake his head like crazy. Springs coming, the days are getting longer - I see the sun peeking out from behind a cloud.

Let's just give'r today!

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I hear you BJ & here I am. And I'll be here tomorrow for Raeanne's birthday too! :)

Like Jan, we have been having 70s & 80s. I have watched the weather in TX & it has been mostly the same. There were times when it was colder but I know when we were there during the holidays it was warmer in TX than it was in FL. I told Dave to remind me that next year when I'm whining about the cold. The past couple of winters in FL have been colder than the 8 previous ones we had here.

I love the comradarie here. This is my #1 go to place. I still have packing to do & today is my girl's day out. Having lunch, shopping, & pedicures!

NH Suzanne~Lovely pictures. I hope someday to see bridges like that. The owl is amazingly beautiful. We have owls here but not nearly as gorgeous.

Have a great day everyone & remember to come back tomorrow for birthday wishes! Patti :)

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It's WINDY here today - gusting to 45! Makes me feel ALIVE! I love windy days - it reminds me of the Oregon Coast when I used to live there - a constant 30 knot wind every time I walked outside! All I could grow was sea grass--gotta love THAT!

Still on track...going into the second week on SS.

WOW, Peg! Lifestyle change! Glad you're embracing it!

Wodka~ I can't imagine gardening right now! My entire driveway is a mud hole. I am going to plant shasta daisy seeds, cosmos, and fox glove right into the ground next weekend. As well, I have a bunch of squash seeds in the freezer and I am planting those and I hope they take over the whole rockery!

Patti! Good to "see" you checking in!

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Have a great day Raeanne!

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Happy Birthday Dear Raeanne! I hope this is the best day evAH!

Love you~~~

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Happy Birthday Sister!!

I have a feeling that our Raeanne is having a marvelous day! A little bird told me she is a tropical locale and probably sipping on some exotic elixir! Don't get sunburned!


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Marci! Yay! You always did such a beautiful job with our Sistah's birthdays!

Raeanne: I hope you are having the time of your life in the "tropical locale!" You are a wonderful person and have saved my sanity more times than I can recount. I really value your friendship, your cards that you send unexpectedly - but just at the right time, responding to my emails and sending me email when I am MIA, the posts you've made for me when I just couldn't be here, and all the happy time you've helped me celebrate throughout the last 10-1/2 years. I will never forget my east coast visit and how sweet you were to my family - delivering local teeshirts and goodies to us, showing us your house, and having that wonderful dinner at the restaurant! And your hubby showing taking a day to show us around-and around--and taking my kids to the BEST ICE CREAM place ever! You guys are way too special for words. Your husband and daughters are very lucky to have you in their lives and I feel like, here at the SS Daily Support, WE ARE LUCKY TOO. Birthdays are one time when I can get all mushy about how I feel about the people who are ALWAYS here for me...I love ya like a sistah, Raeanne. Thanks so much for being YOU. Have a wonderful birthday!

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Happy Birthday Raeanne! May this year be filled with happiness, health and continued strength to go where you want to go, be who you want to be and to do all that you can in life. LOL and Hugs Raeanne!

And now, for the news.

Peggy and Dave are really confused. My husband is just as abnormal as I am medically. He did an hour with a recorded blood pressure machine. Leave it to Dave to totally baffle the nurse. His blood pressure readings drop 40 points after his doctor's visit 48 hours previously. Of course he had the entire weekend to get worked up. He also stopped taking 2 brand new medications - we don't know if they were part of the problem or not.

He still has a heart scan being booked. His bloodwork has shown enzymes that are present after a heart attack. I am expecting "something" to show up on the scan because of the enzymes. I'm not worried so much anymore as too more curious - how can this be? When we get the results from that we can move forward. But his blood pressure is a huge relief. I too wonder about the pills he was put on. We'll see.

Stay tuned for another episode of "We're Not Normal".

On a lighter note - went to a charity shop today to purchase jeans. My size 14's are getting too lose so I got a couple of pair of 11-12s (whatever that means today). Out of 5 pair of jeans I liked enough to try on, only 2 fit. One tag said 11-12 but I could have wrapped the zipper area across itself a good 4 inches in totally. And there must be a pattern/industry design problem with that size because I also noticed it's the largest space consumed by one size in the women's jean racks. What a pain in the a$$ trying jeans on. Of course everything fabric related I purchase now from charity goes right into a garbage bag and stays shut until everything goes directly into a sanitizing wash run. Don't care to bring home bed bugs. The Ottawa area stores have posted signs warning people to take precautions because once one item that is infested gets into any recycled clothing store the store is considered infected. Makes sense to me. Every jean that I think would fit and I like, before I take it off the rack to try on, I do the pocket test to make sure the pocket is big enough so my wallet won't pop out. Today's hand testing revealed 3 advil in one pocket - so the jeans were worn, then tossed into a charity bag - unwashed. I even purchase bed sheets and some for quilting - everything gets sanitized. And then some. I spent $12 on 2 pair of good quality jeans. Bargoooon.

But I did have fun in there. Got a huge aluminum roasting pan with lid - for a whopping $6.00 - bargooon. $12 on a percale soft/strong queen size sheet set - bargooon. And a few other small items. Bargooooooooooon. Had a lot of fun. Spent an hour in there - could have spent another but hubby happily took off to do the groceries. Came back just as I was getting tired of hunting down jeans and starting to enter....Peggy's Danger Zone.....I was going to start browsing more that today's purpose of going there. Danger, danger I say. I have been known to spend hours in big charity shops. But mentally it was better than a bottle of prozac.

So I can retire a couple of pairs of jeans - making a jean bed spread for my niece. My pal who is on a health journey, weight loss all in one is also entering a smaller jean size - she's donating her jeans. There's no going back once the jeans have been cut. Saving the top part to make jean purses for both of us.

So that's my Thursday. Still holding around 135. Very, very happy. And Dave is making a stir fry dinner tonight with a ton of veggies. He was on a mission at the store. His cooking is heaven. (And he gets more veggies in his meals this way.) One night a week to let go and enjoy.

Have a wonderful evening too!


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Happy Birthday to you...........
Happy Birthday to you............
Happy Biiiiirrrrrttthhhdaaaaa dear,sweetest, girlfriend-to-all, Raeannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne
Happy Birthday to you!!!

Well, there is not much more that I can say about Raeanne from what BJ mentioned (BJ is one, tough act to follow!). Raeanne, is the one who keeps us in check; makes us take a deep breathe, and always points us to the brighter side of our troubles. You are a joy! Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

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Took 5 tries to be allowed to log on!!!!!


I hope it's the best ever!



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AWWWW Thanks so much for the pretty decorations and kind words. I am in Punta Cana right now, but it was so nice to come here and see all the birthday wishes.

I was able to continue SS for the first 3 days of my trip but have slipped a little since, today I am back on it - because I feel so much better when I am.

BJ - proud of you sistah and I know since you have set your mind on SS you will reach your goal. LOVE YOU TOO.

Peg - sending postiive thoughts to you and DH.

Suzanne - beautiful photos. I love barred owls.

I have to run and claim my piece of beach in a few moments. Miss you and will catch up when I return (if I return).

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Raeanne!!! Sorry I missed the party here yesterday! Happy Birthday my friend....let the celebrating continue! :)


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We are off to Florida this evening, but I'll be checking in on my iPad, so I expect you all to behave!

Well, Raeanne, having recent experience in traveling to Punta Cana, I just know that you are having a fun time celebrating this birthday! Party, girl, Party!!!!!

OK, I need to finish up some work here at the office, and then go pack the stuff into the suitcases.

DeeMarie (who is going to be low-carbing it very soon)

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Yay! Good to "hear" from you, Raeanne! Punta Cana---sounds very warm and tropical!

PJ: You are a model of determination!! *wink*

I haven't been anywhere in SO long! LOL! I am, however, going to the mainland this weekend to help a friend clean out some space (2 rooms) so her ole dad can move in with her. She has used the rooms for storage, so you know how THAT is! I will have fun organizing SOMEONE ELSE'S stuff!!!

Then, on Sunday, I will be seeing a long lost friend who is flying in from Israel. We are getting together with 2 other long lost pals and eating food and laughing.


DeeMarie! Have fun in Florida! Lovely! Let us know how wonderful the hot weather is!

Besh! Good for you for stopping in!

Okay, I have SO MUCH work to do before I leave!!! Gotta fly!

BTW, gas on the island is $4.10 a gallon!!! SHEESH!!! I am filling up as soon as I get to the mainland!

Have a great weekend, gal pals! Stay warm if you are cold, stay comfortable if you are warm, and stay ON VACATION if you are on vacation!!!

(*o*) I'm starry-eyed over the love here....

Here is a link that might be useful: Images of Punta Cana - WOW!

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Hi all!

Gosh, I feel behind as I haven't had a chance to read and catch up on what everyone's up to.

Things are the same here--buried in school, and tests. I've started clinicals, and so far, everyone has survived! lol (Me included!)

Miss you all!



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