Birds in attic, what to do?

rjaero19473March 14, 2011

Hi all,

We moved into our new house back in November and had no problems with birds until this past week. I was up in the attic last weekend and noticed bird droppings on the windows and floors, but there were no birds. This weekend I was outside and heard a banging on the window from the attic, I looked up and there was a bird up in the attic trying to get out. I went into the attic, opened the window, and out went the bird. Then about 15 minutes later he was back in the attic. This went on a few more time then stopped by lunchtime. The same this happened the next day. It seems the birds are only in the attic in the morning, and in the afternoon and evening there is no sign of them.

I spent hours trying to find out how they could get in but I have not found anywhere they could get in. Our house is still under the one year builders warranty, so I am going to call the builder and have him send out a guy to look for holes. Anyone have any suggestions where they could be getting in, or how I should deal with them in case the builder doesn't want to fix the problem?



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Look carefully under the eaves in the soffit area to see if you have holes drilled for attic ventilation. They are usually about 2" in diameter, and the aluminum, louvered caps that are installed in the holes have a tendency to fall out if not installed with some adhesive. The holes are very attractive to birds, and you just need one open to have a problem. You might not see these holes from inside the attic if it's well-insulated, so an external examination of all the eaves is best.

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Do by any chance have vents on the gable ends of the attic? If so,are those vents covered with screern or hardware cloth?

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We have no vents on the gable ends of the attic, so no chance for birds to get in there. As for the eaves in the soffit area I will look, but I haven't seen any holes for ventilation from what I can see. I have access to almost my entire attic and can see the soffit. On the bottom of the soffit we have hardie plank boards with pre-drilled holes for ventilation, but there holes are smaller than the diameter of a pencil. On the vertical face there is a 2x4 on the interior side, and on the outside there is a hardie board that is painted, and then we have the gutters. I did notice a small gap between where the porch rood meets with the main house roof, so the birds could be getting in there. I don't have a ladder long enough to reach this area, so I don't know for sure, but when the builder come out next time I will have him check this area. Thanks for your feedback.

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