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BigMamaFebruary 7, 2004

HaHa...I'm up and at it early this am...I/m .2 of a pound up from yesterday but I can live with that......I got 20 minutes in on the machine already this am and haven't eaten a thing yet....

My goal for today is to stay strictly at 20 points for the day....I went over yesterday but still stayed within acceptable with flexpoints...I have noticed that I am much better in managing my points when I journal it is back to making myself write it down today....

Have you got any diet goals specifically for today?

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Good morning, BigMama. I was just thinking that I actually feel slimmer this morning! I only weigh once a week. Last weigh-in I had gained 3 pounds, so I've been counting and journaling points since then! Yesterday I went over my 20 points for the day by 2 points. Thank goodness for flex points!!! Of course the Oreos that I ate while cooking dinner didn't help my count! That's what I like about WW....I can have that Oreo and not feel too bad about it. Just write down those points and cut back somewhere else! That keeps me happy.

My goals for today are to stay within my points. I know that sounds like something I should do every day, but I sometimes don't count points on weekends.

I have created an Excel spreadsheet that I keep my points on. Each Wednesday I delete all the food and point entries for the past week and enter my new weight. Then throughout the next week I enter food and points again till the next Wednesday. Works for me!

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Good morning. Well, I went overboard yesterday with some pizza---hadn't eaten this in a long time. I had 2 slices---so, today I'll really watch it.

I weigh every morning now, I'm afraid I'll get too many pounds ahead and not realize it. It's cold and snowy today, somehow I couldn't bring myself to get out for my usual morning walk---BUT I WILL----I will walk some time to day------I think this is one of the factors in my weight loss.

Have a great day, everybody!

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Hi BigMama! MaryAnn!
I almost made my day yesterday - had a beer and a half, POINTED IT into my journal along with two low fat lemon cookies...counted them too.
Went over when DH made popcorn. I caved. So today I am making up for it too. I don't mind. It was enjoyable but enough. Even DH only ate half of what he usually does and said I can't believe it - I'm full! Stomach must be shrinking!

He is eating better - proper hot lunch and sandwich for dinner. He is eating a healthier diet without me saying anything. I feel better about myself and he is losing too. A little slower but something he is comfortable with on his terms.

We are choosing our foods a little wiser these days.

Nice to think we can still enjoy our treats. Denying ourself makes ya feel awful. I know BigMama said she had a hard week but still with it and trying. I agree with comments on other threads regarding the challenge of stopping any addiction. Don't panic over your weight - you are aware of things and doing just fine. As time goes by and you hang in there, it will all sort itself out.

Glad to see the posts. Glad to see we are keeping with it. Journal and be honest with yourself. IF ya go over one day, compensate the next. Don't skip meals.

We are truly wonderful and we deserve to enjoy ourselves.

The spreadsheet sounds like a good idea. I do the same online. I view the week at a shot as well and not just the day.

BigMama - are you biking at home or doing a treadmill? Just wondering. Either way it's great! Do you listen to tunes or watch tv while working out? I bet you feel great after (pat yourself on the back).

This afternoon's snack is a banana and chocolate yogurt (a whopping 3.5 points of sheer delight. Fruit and milk choice. Just made myself a skinny latte (yum) and I counted 2 points for the milk. Dinner will probably be a light chicken, rice and veggie.

I am online a lot during the weekend so if ya need ta yack, yack away - I'm here.
Tomorrow we are visiting our gran but I will check in when I get home.


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Hey everyone! Glad to hear you are all doing well. On this low fat/low cholesterol diet there really isn't much of anything that I really like to eat. But there is one thing I can have and I love it and made a huge bowl of it today. Tabboleh Salad! I know you all are on different diets from me, but if it's allowed on yours, you should give it a try.

Can someone tell me what a skinny cow is?

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Here's a link to tell you all about skinny cow....gotta run but will check in later...nice to see you here..

Here is a link that might be useful: skinny cow

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BeverlyAL, what's a Tabboleh Salad? I had to ask someone what a Skinny cow was too. I've never seen that brand in our stores.

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I'm wondering also about the Tabboleh Salad. Skinny Cows are round ice cream sandwiches-----6 come in a pkg---3 chocolate and 3 vanilla----delicious! They're lowfat. Cost something like $4.00 at my local Wal-mart. And they're a pretty good size ice cream, not a little tiny thing. lol

Sometimes they have other flavors, but if you don't get there when they deliver them----they're gone!

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Hey, we had a blizzard last night (extremely uncommon in my part of Scotland). Gales today and COLD. We are going to visit relatives today with a visit to a restaurant. I am having a chicken salad. I know that before I even get there. Light breakfast and fruit for dinner so I can have the dressing.

Beverly, you peaked our tell what that salad is all about!

Cheers everyone, will check in later!


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Hi Gang!!
This is my recipe for tabboleh.
Its a very nutty tasting grain and this salad is very refreshing.


2 cups boiling water
2 cups bulgur wheat
3 medium tomatoes, diced
3/4 cup chopped parsley
3/4 cup chopped green onions
1/2 cup chopped fresh mint
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
1/3 cup olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Pour boiling water over bulgur wheat in large bowl; let stand 1 hour or until fluffy. Drain well; return to bowl. Add tomatoes, parsley, green onions and mint; mix well. Combine lemon juice, oil, salt and pepper; mix well. Stir into wheat mixture. Cover and refrigerate to blend flavors. Serve on salad greens or stuffed in tomatoes or green peppers.


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Hey Susie, thanks for posting the recipe for me. Sorry it took me too long to get back to this thread. I don't use the bulgar wheat but use plain cous cous instead. I also use less olive oil than is called for. It really is refreshing.

Thanks for the info on skinny cow. Thank goodness I'm not really an ice cream lover but it sounds like something good to use for a reward anyway.

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Good morning everyone! I was wanting to snack yesterday evening almost constantly. I managed to only go over my points for the day by 2 (flex points will take care of that!)
Tomorrow is my weigh-in and I'm getting excited! I know I've dropped some weight since last week.
Hope everyone has a great day. It's time for me to be off to work!

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