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BlazeOctober 9, 2001

I am crafting 16 and 18 inch dolls and have been looking for proportionate "things" for them. I mean things to decorate them with. I have searched Joanne's and Michaels. I was wondering if anyone could offer other suggestions to search. For example, I am making one a camper so I would be looking for lanterns and other camping equipment. One is oriental so I am looking for a paper lantern, etc. TIA

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Coleman has a miniature Coleman lantern. I got one a couple of years ago as a Christmas present for my doll house and then I just saw it again last week in the camping section at Walmart. Coleman's lanterns come in different sizes so I think the size would be porportionate to a 16" or 18" doll. Walmart also has lots of interesting refrigerator magnets that might work for you as well. It seems to me that I've seen them on display around the kitchenware aisles. Good luck! Hunting for what you need is half the fun! ---Barb

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Thanks Barb!

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Take a look at Target or Shopko in the toy department. I bought a tent for my AG girls there, and they also had "props" for camping. I happened to buy mine at Target, but saw almost the identical things at Shopko. I don't know if you have either of those stores in your area, but I'm guessing that the same supplier sells to other discount stores too. Well, count Kmart and Walmart out-- never saw them there, but you may have regional discount stores that carry this product line. Each store had it marked as their own line.

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