cloth scraps threaded onto wire legs-- please help!

romandoOctober 8, 2002

My mom has fond memories of a doll her granny had made for her back in the 50's or early 60's. Granny was very poor, so this was all stuff she could have done cheaply (and she was southern, if that helps, lol). The doll was a clown, I'm not sure how the head was made, but the arms and legs were plain wire, like maybe coat hanger gauge, with scraps of fabric or bits of old clothes sort of 'skewered' on, to make the clown 'clothes'. I've no idea what the body was made out of. Granny's long gone now, and I'd love to surprise my mom with a recreation if possible. Any answers?

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I wonder if they were made with yo yo's?

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I'm guessing they were made with yo-yo's too. Have seen them made with a little stuffing in each yo-yo but maybe those were just the plain fabric.

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I had the pateran on one of these sites but it may have been taken off. If you e-mail me I will give it to you. Carol

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