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marci_paFebruary 2, 2009

I have to start us off today.

What a Fantastic Game!! Arizona played their hearts out, but the Steelers gave it their all and came out on top. Mike Tomlin is the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl and the Steelers are the first team to win 6 Super Bowls. What a great way to end the season. Coming home last night at 11/pm. the traffic on the roads looked like 5:00 rush hour. Everyone was leaving their Super Bowl parties at once. I am glad I wasn't in downtown Pittsburgh though, as it looked like it was WILD in some parts of town.

Now I need to get serious about eating right this week. I ate way too much yesterday and none of it was healthy. I am tired and sluggish today and not all of it is lack of sleep.

Hope every gets off to a good start this week.


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Well, well, look who showed up first this morning? Ms. Steeler Fan! LOL! Congrats Marci and all you Steeler fans. I brought a Red scarf to the party and waved it around (to annoy others), but I really just wanted to see a good game....and we all did!

I also ate about 10 pounds of guacamole, jello shots, mexican appys, and enough potato chips to fill that Super Bowl. Today it's fruit, salad, a walk, and a yoga class tonight. My friend told me that her gastro doc says today is his busiest days for gallbladder attacks. LOL!!!

Hang in starts Day #1 for some of us.

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Good morning, y'all!

Marci and Dee,glad that you had fun at your Super Bowl parties! Ours at our friends' house was fairly sedate, but we all enjoyed ourselves. The men watched the game, and the women visited and played scrabble,then canasta - and of course, we ate like it was Thanksgiving day!

Today, I'm going to indulge in my favorite day-after pasttime, checking out all the new commercials from the game!

We had a lot of rain storms off and on all day yesterday which resulted in cooler temps. It's going to be around 55 F. and sunny today which really feels like winter in SE Texas to me!

Wishing everyone a great start to your week of eating healthier!

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Yes, what a surprise to see Marci here first. Congrats - I even enjoyed watching that game. I feel bad for people that left early.

I ate way too many carbs yesterday, but the nachos were just sitting there just a couple feet away. I can't wait to get out of work so I can do a cardio workout.

Milkdud - I thought I put the game on DVR but it's not there - I wanted to watch the commercials - since I couldn't hear them yesterday.

Dee - the restaurant we went to always has a table of handouts and I got a big plastic red helmet beaded necklace to wear and a Jack Daniels badge that had a flashing red light on it.

Check-in everyone. Sounds like a few of us need to get back to eating right.

Enjoy the day.

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Boy, that was a great Super Bowl - at first, I thought that Arizona was going to get clobbered, but it ended up being so exciting. I loved the whole thing - the pre-game entertainment, Jennifer Hudson's national anthem, Bruce's half-time show - so much energy! Most of the commercials were okay, but loved the one with the babies talking, so cute. Did any of you wear the 3-D glasses for the movie preview? Tonight's "Chuck" episode will be in 3-D. I never have watched it but might try to see what it's like.

Today was a good morning - lost 3 more pounds, so total in a month is 10.8 pounds. I like the WW meetings. So many of us share the same challenges and stories. My big test/temptation will be this weekend in New Orleans for two nights. I hope I can stay somewhat focused. Just have to remember it's not a race, it's a lifestyle. One member today said she just got back from a cruise and LOST weight. So it can be done......

Have a good week!


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Marci, congratulations to the Steelers - they played well and deserved the win. I was rooting for them since I have no love the Cardinals (they beat the Eagles eliminating the possibility of 2 PA teams in the Super Bowl...of course we won't mention that the Eagles played like high school girls). I was at a local bar/restaurant that LOVES the Steelers all season and it was lots of fun, lots of excitement and lots of good food. I won a couple of drink cozies and a T-shirt. Back to reality today.

Jan, 2 nights in New Orleans would be hard for me, I love NO and it's food. Enjoy and good luck!!

My co-worker Cathy lost 60 lbs over a 14 month period. What she shared with me wasn't a revelation but sometimes it helps to hear what you already know said out loud by someone who got results. She told me to make sure to get a minimum of 6 hours of sleep, eliminate nothing from my diet but be totally aware of what I am eating and when I'm eating it, stop eating at least 3 hours before bedtime, try and move a little bit each day...nothing new but it hit home with me. Cathy said she kept a food journal for a while where she tracked her calories, fat and carbs. I weighed myself Sunday and didn't lose anything from the week before but I didn't gain either. I really have to get my act together..2 docs told me to get some weight off and I see them in April and June respectively.

Today I think we hit 50 and it felt like spring (Milkdud, I saw your 55 feels like winter)! Tomorrow back to winter and more snow predicted.

It sounds like everyone had a great Super Bowl Sunday and is now getting back to eating right.

Got to run and make lunch for tomorrow - take care, be good and I'll check in later.


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Good morning!

Donna, you are so funny ("of course we won't mention that the Eagles played like high school girls.") Your friend, Cathy, has a lot of good suggestions. Definitely believe in the food journal making us more aware of everything we put in our mouths.

Here's a question for you anyone trying hula hooping for exercise? That seems to be the newest craze - Marisa Tomei did it to prepare for her role in "The Wrestler." Supposedly, it is great for your core/abdomen, but also strengthens the legs and thighs. I'm seriously contemplating buying one, to use when the weather is too crummy to walk and also, because they say just a few minutes at a time does the trick. The not pretty part is that at first your midsection might be bruised from the workout (hoop comes in different weights.) If anyone is hooping or knows something about it, please share.

I'm going shopping today to find something new to wear to New Orleans. It's going to be beautiful this weekend - temps in the high 60's during the day, high 50's during the night. Hope to get in a lot of walking while there to combat whatever evil I might succumb to. ha.

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Good morning, ladies. It's another sunny and warmish day here in SE Texas! Come on down and enjoy it with me.

A friend from my old workout place called this morning and offered me all her scrapbook and cardmaking magazines as she's "going out of business". She subscribed to these magazines for several years, so I'm inheriting a lot of interesting fun! She's also selling me at a very low cost all her brand new, hermetically sealed stamp pads and writing pens. I'm so excited about this. Hopefully, it will get me going again on the wedding scrapbook I've sadly neglected since October.

Today is Red Hatters, and we're meeting at my fave Mexican restaurant. I'll be good and order my salad, but that green sauce calls my name.

Donna, thank you for posting what your friend had to say. I had such good momentum going about this time last year, and I needed to read what you wrote last night and get reinspired! I want back my mojo, so I'll reread your posting this week until it finally clicks!

Jan, you're doing great on your WW weight-loss! Try not to worry so much about this coming weekend. Do your best this week, then enjoy the weekend with your friends. I find that when I'm dining with friends, I tend to eat much less because the conversation is so fulfilling.

Raeanne, I'm so glad that the Texas mug holds hot comfort for you on your cold days! Sounds like your SB evening was a lot of fun.

Where is everyone this week? If I'm posting, it seems like everybody should be! LOL

Gotta get ready to go, but I wanted to see how everyone is doing.

Take care, y'all, and have a successful day!

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Wodka~I loved hula hooping when I was a kid. I've tried it a few years back after we moved here b/c they were doing it at a function at the park on the 4th of July or some such thing & I s*cked. I think you have to have a waist to do it. LOL

I scrapbooked during the game. I did watch the last few minutes. I am sorry that I didn't watch it. I love football but this year I've just been so into scrapbooking that I didn't watch any of the games. I'll regret that now that it is over.

Donna~Thanks for the tips.

Raeanne~I don't think I told you that I was glad you enjoyed your trip.

Dee~The food sounds great! I went shopping yesterday & I've got to start getting serious about losing again too.

Marci~Thanks for starting us off. I miss you so much. Hope you will be able to post more often.

Peg~If you get the opportunity to stop by I hope you will. We still haven't gotten a chance to talk about my quilting & I need HELP!

Hi to all! Have a good week. It's a busy one for me. Dr's appt yesterday, was supposed to get my hair done today but she had to cancel, scrapbook club tomorrow, going to Tampa on Thursday for shopping at the commissary, Friday is bookclub, & either Saturday or Sunday they are having a dinner for those 6 families here who lost their homes to the fire last week. Patti :-)

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I received some sad news last night. My childhood friend who has been battling cancer for 8 years, lost her battle yesterday. We were born on the same day and grew up celebrating our birthdays together. She lived in Delaware, so we only kept in touch through letters, phone calls and pictures lately, but I feel like a small part of my childhood is gone. I know she was in pain and I am glad she isn't suffering, but I also know she was't ready to go yet.

I am hoping they will have some kind of service for her back in PA, since her DH is also from here.

Keep Kim's family in your thoughts. She had two sons and a new DIL.


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Marci, I am so sorry for your loss. How sad for you and for her family. (((HUGS)))


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((((Marci & Kim's Family)))) It's so sad when you lose a childhood friend, Marci. I hope we bring you some comfort, as I'll always remember how you all stood by me when my friend Jacque fought and lost her battle.

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((((Marci)))) - I am so sorry for your loss. I will keep Kim, her family and you in my thoughts and prayers.

Jan - I played Wii Fit at a friends house over the weekend and there is a hula hoop game. It is hysterical and you really do have to be in shape to keep up with it. I think it would be an excellent form of exercise and a cheap investment. If you don't like it give it to a neighborhood kid LOL. Did you find a new outfit for New Orleans. I am excited for you.

Patti - ROFLMAO about needing a waist to hula hoop. I don't have a waist but my hips are big enough to keep it up LOL. You do have a busy week. Did Dave have fun at the Superbowl.

Milkdud - how was your Mexican lunch? We had Mexican the day we arrived in San Diego and the day we left. There is a great little dive just a couple blocks from DD's house. So we can walk off a couple calories LOL. There is always a line waiting to get in.

That was a long enough break from work. I am pretty busy and plan on staying a bit later today.

Make the best of it.

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Marci, I am very sorry for the loss of your friend, and like your other friends here, will keep you all in my prayers.

patti - I know - when I was a kid, many moons ago, and also skinny, I loved hula hooping at recess, at home, wherever....I sure didn't have the butt and the gut that I have now!

raeanne, I've heard great things about the wii fit! Didn't know they had a hula hoop game. I'll let you know if and when I get one (hula hoop.)

I did go shopping yesterday. Boy, talk about keeping me humble - ha! I've said this before, but I need to go clothes shopping, even if it's just looking and not buying, at least once a month, so I can see myself in those department store mirrors. Something about the lights and mirrors that show up every little flaw that I apparently am blind to at home!

I did go down a size in tops/jackets, and bought a few things. My hardest part is finding pants. I am not that tall (5'6") but for some reason pants always feel short on me, yet the tall size are too long?! That's why I love capri pants! I might go to Dillard's tomorrow and see if I can find slacks or even some dressy jeans. If not, I've got enough. That's one thing about New Orleans - you see anything and everything (as far as fashion attire goes!)

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Can I brag? Our weight loss teams at work had the first weigh-ins last Wednesday (after the first week), but I was working from home due to the ice storm. So I made it today to the 2nd weigh-in. After 2 weeks, I am down 11 pounds! YAHOO!!!! I don't feel it in my clothes yet, but I'm sure I will by next week if I keep on taking one day at a time. Pilates tonight; walking tomorrow morning.

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So sorry for the loss of your friend. My thoughts and prayers are with you and her family. xxx ooo

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Marci~[[[[ H U G S ]]]] I'm so sorry for your loss & that of Kim's family.

Raeanne~Dave really enjoyed himself. I don't think he would do it again but he had a very good time.

Wodka~I went shopping Monday too & whatever it is they should get rid of if they want people to buy something. LOL I couldn't stand the way I looked! When it warms up here a little I think I'll head out to the pool. Yes, I did say, "When" it "warms" up here. LOL

DeeMarie~What a loser you are!! Yay for you. I'm terribly proud of you. I've got to quit sitting on the sidelines & join you all.

Patti :-)

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Congratulations, DeeMarie! That's wonderful, and in just two weeks! Way to go!

I just got in from more shopping. Dillard's mirrors were a little kinder than Belk's was yesterday! I think I'm fixed up now. I even bought DH some clothes so he wouldn't feel left out. He would be content wearing the same thing every single day if he didn't work!

I'm so fired up about Dee's success, I'm heading outside for a walk! Have a great evening, everyone!

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Good Wednesday evening.

Marci, I am so very sad for you in the loss of your dear friend. Sending prayers for you and her family.

Patti, glad to hear that Dave got to go Sunday and had a good time!

Jan, I love capris, too, because I'm tall, 5'9", and it's not easy finding slacks long enough, but not outrageously long. I hope you're excited about your forthcoming trip to NO!

Dee, congrats on the awesome weight loss! You must feel fantastic about yourself today.

Raeanne, I did the steamtable yesterday at the Mexican restauant because they had King Ranch chicken on it. I also had a salad and green beans - and no chips and salsa! I also met some really nice women who invited me to their TOPS meeting at the community center, so I went this morning. What a fun and zany bunch. But, they're serious about losing weight sensibly.

Hubby has to go in tonight for a sleep study, so would anyone like to join me for a slumber party? LOL His new doctor laid down the law to him yesterday about his terrible eating and denial. Maybe now he'll want to get serious about eating better. The main thing she told him to give up was caffeine. I'd been telling him that for years, but he thought I was nuts. He drinks at least a 12-cup pot of coffee every morning and a pot of hot tea in the evening (12-cups again). He has a very bad habit of kidding himself about things if he doesn't see living proof that they're not good for him.

My internet has been out since late last night, so I'm just now reading everything. I wanted to check on here first, then I need to fix dinner and catch up with my email.

Happy Hump Day!

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I'm going out to a dinner this evening (yes, again!) which features a presentation by 2 hospital reps, kicking off Heart Month. On the menu? Salmon w/ LOBSTER CREAM SAUCE and Ice Cream for dessert! Absolutely no lie. We have asked the restaurant to take the sauce off that nice healthy salmon and change dessert to fruit. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Make today count!

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Good afternoon! It's a gorgeous day here, but I'll spare those in the cold parts the details because you might want to smack me. LOL

Dee, talk about being pro-active. Way to go on tweaking the menu. Talk about kicking off unhealthy heart month the way it originally was!

My insurance sent me an email today saying that they'll now pay all my start-up fees to join Curves, and I'll pay a barely-reduced fee. I'm still on the fence about it, but where I'm going now still doesn't have the BL equipment out for use and probably won't for several months. Meanwhile, I'm not going to work out very often, so actually, the solution is becoming very obvious to me. I need to join Curves, right? LOL

Our friend who has non-Hodgkins lymphoma isn't doing so well. He just got out of the hospital on Sunday from having some kind of bacterial infection (10 days), and went back in late last night because he once again has renal failure. Also, the tumors in his kidneys aren't responding to the chemo yet. All of this is taking its toll on his body and spirit. His wife is beginning to suffer a lack of faith about his recovery. I hurt so badly for her and listen to her when she needs to vent. I walked in her shoes when I was 24/25, so I understand how she feels, but I feel so helpless as her friend to help her in any tangible way. Any ideas?

Hubby joined the American Legion, and his first meeting is tonight, so I promised to have dinner ready when he walks in the door. We'll be having Patti's green pepper soup. We love that stuff.

Wishing everyone a great evening!

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((Milkdud) I think just being there to listen to your friend vent is a major help. When my friend's husband suffered a heart attack years ago at the age of 33, I went to the hospital with her to give her someone to talk to while we waited for news. I also didn't want her driving to Pittsburgh on her own when she was so stressed. When the doctor came to tell us what her husband's condition was, she said she was so glad I was there, because half of what he said went in one ear and out the other. Maybe you could offer to go with her to an appointment, or run some errands for her, cook a dinner or make some food for the freezer. I am sure she knows you are there for her.

I am still waiting to find out if they are having a memorial service in PA for my friend. This doesn't seem real to me yet. Her parents are in DE, so maybe they will plan something when they get back. Thanks for all the hugs, they do help.

Dee - When I got my first meal after having my DS by Caesarean section, they gave me lima beans! If you have ever had stomach surgery, you know the last thing you need is a gas producing vegetabe! LOL I don't even like lima beans on a good day! What were they thinking? Hope your new menu is better than the original one.

We are expecting a warm up over the weekend. It should hit 50º sometime early next week. I just hope it melts all this ugly, dirty snow.

Gotta run and finish cleaning up the kitchen.


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I thought I would check in before leaving for the weekend. Yesterday was a day from hell. I am asking you again for prayers and support for my family. What I am going to tell you is almost impossible to believe.

It concerns two of my nephews. One is ninth grade, the other away at college, finishing up his senior year. Last week my brother and his wife received a call from the ninth grader's school, saying that he had suffered an "episode" and recommended taking him to the doctor. To make a long story short, he had gotten extremely stressed out at school (he is always on the honors list) and just cracked. They described it as a manic episode. He is seeing several doctors and has gotten better, went back to school yesterday.

When talking to my mother yesterday morning, she said she had started receiving some very bizarre emails from our other nephew, who is away at college. She didn't want to bother my brother, because of everything they had been going through with the younger son. I asked her to forward them to me, and gosh almighty, they were more than bizarre, really out of it, almost suicidal. So I told her I was going to track down my brother and/or his wife at their work and let them know. To make a long story short, this nephew has also suffered some sort of manic breakdown - they tested him and did not find drugs or alcohol in his system and will be committing him to a mental hospital for evaluation. My brother is with him, as my sister-in-law had to stay home with the other son.

I was hesitant to post this on a forum, but I believe in prayer and that it can help heal, and my poor brother and his family need it in the worst way. They are just stunned and in shock. They are the last family you would think something like this would happen to. Very stable environment, very supportive of their children.

Thank you for letting me share.

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Jan, sending good thoughts and prayers for your nephews' recoveries. My gosh, that's a lot of stuff for two young men to deal with. Prayers for the whole family, too!

Enjoy your trip to NO!

((((Marci)))) Thanks for the reminders of things I can do for my friends. He's having stents put into his bladder this morning, then he'll come home sometime this weekend. He's being referred to M.D. Anderson and should be admitted by next Thursday. His dr. conceded defeat on killing the tumors with what's available at St. Luke's, so now he can be referred to MDA. This may be a blessing in disguise since MDA has such a high success rate for his type of cancer.

Got to finish making my Valentine cards today and get gifts into the mail. I've been up since early this morning wrapping things and enjoying the decaf coffee.

Wishing everyone a great Friday!

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TGIF and [[[[[[[[[HUGS & PRAYERS]]]]]]]]] to everyone who needs them.

Hoping that the weekend brings better news for all of you.


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Jan, this just crossed my mind.

Perhaps your younger nephew was also receiving similar e:mails from his older brother. That may have triggered some anxiety attacks. Just a thought.....

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I went through quickly and will go back and read later but ((((hugs)))) to Marci and Kim's family, Jan and family, Milkdud and friend.

Congrats to Dee on that weight loss!

I am down for the count with a sinus infection, went to doc yesterday and got meds so today I am going to take it very easy.

Will check in later. Have a great weekend.


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Hope this day is happy happy happy for you. Love to see your posts!


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Thank you Marci and Dee! I am been really busy at work with no time for much! I will be back in touch this week. I promise

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