Mark Farmer doll

clipclopSeptember 21, 2006

I have a mark Farmer ceramic doll which I want to dress. She is 15 inches tall and has a cloth body but ceramic chestplate and hands and feet. Her hair is a painted on upsweep she is a mature not a young girl type. Where would I get pattern and what type fabric? She belonged to my mother who recently passed away.

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Any luck yet? I'd do some searching on the web to see if I could find authentic stuff about this doll...

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My mother has a marrk farmer china doll & the old catalog from the 70's she got her from.I recently dressed the doll in an 1860's day dress. my mom says any dresses from the 1800's would be appropriate-but the mid-1800's is best. the company is no longer in existence. there are some old catalogs on ebay right now-they will help you a lot & are pretty cheap-Hope this helps-Mellie-did you get my other e-mail I'm knew to this forum & am not sure how it works-it wasn't posted

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In the 50s and 60s my maternal grandma was a dollmaker for Mark Farmer Dolls in El Cerrito, CA. In the 60s, my Mom was the illustrator for several of the catalogs, using pen and ink. I don't know if she was given credit on the catalogs, but her name was Charlene Perry. She passed in 2002. None of her catalogs were found among her things. Does anyone out there have catalogs available for sale? I (and my siblings) would love to retrieve some of them and would know Mom's work anywhere.

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I do have catalogs from the 60's for Mark Farmer as a kid I bought several of their doll kits. I'll look at them again if you are interested

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I am looking for a doll from the Mark Farmer Co. She was called a Patchwork Rag doll. She was intentionally bald with a fabric body out of patchwork looking fabric. If any one knows of one, please contact me

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I am looking for Mark Farmer doll kits or patterns, especially for Jennie June. I have several patterns already and may have one you are looking for. You may have what I need. I have several of their catalogs as well if you are looking for information. Thanks!

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