I have a rat or squirrel in my wall

vaindiouxMarch 11, 2006


We have a 5 years old home in north Georgia, subdivision is very wooded, we see squirrels outside, feed tons of birds and have a groundhog that has a huge hole in the back of our property, had a visiting raccoon once last year too for a week who went away, we leave everybody alone.

Last night my wife didn't sleep much, I didn't hear a thing, something is in the wall and kept her up.

Today I was off at home all day, and heard it, went in the addic, outside, checked roof from afar, and inspected the wall in question, can't see anything (damage, droppings, or animal itself).

The animal seems to be quite large, I suspect a rat or a squirrel. The noise stops for quite a while and suddenly all hell breaks loose, it's actually a little bit scary in the evening.

The motion reminds me of how squirrels behave outside, no action for a while and suddenly they start running left and right.

I want to try the humane way first, with wire traps and release (I hope it's not a rat, wife would have to kill, I can't kill nothing.) in the forest (I know 10 miles for squirrels minimum.).

Or maybe the ultrasound thingy. I will never use poison for the smell and killing traps are awefull and nasty (But not totally out as last resort.)

The critter is always in the same spot, right next to the steps, I put my hand on the wall and feel the vibration from munching.

I wonder if it is trapped? Nesting?

Today there was no noise for a good four hours and wife was happy,we thought it propbably died or left until she went to bed and hell broke lose (I wanted to laugh but she was kinda pissed off. LOL!!!)

Now how about tearing a section of the sheetrock (2 x 2)? I am dying to see what's in there.

btw: We have 2 cats inside (2 females/better hunters) and 2 others outside that come visit from neighbours (1 is female.)

We have never had pests, first time.

Can anybody help?

Thanks a lot


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You may have to stop feeding the birds, the squirrels are attracted by free food too.
Scared squirrels are vicious, don't get too near to it.
Maybe you should borrow a terrier. It needn't have contact with the animal, just find the hole it entered and scare it. But don't let it get deeper into the wall. I never had woodchucks or any animal problems when I had a terrier. You need to get it out of there fast before it damages your house and moves its family in. You might have to call a professional. The sooner the better.

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I bought a trap and of course no more noise in the last 36 hours. I am sure it will come back. Will set trap to start to capture alive.

Thanks for your help


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That's a good idea. Good luck!

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When this happened to us, we were told to wait till the critter leaves the house to find food, usually during the day, then plug up the hole that they are using to get inside the walls--got to find that entrance though

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It's gone, it never came back. We believe it was a squirrel that came through a vent on the roof (We can see the vents).
It must have found a way to go back out.
We are not squirrel infested you see them but just a few, this one must have wandered a little bit more.



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It could have been a bird. In our old house there was a scratching noise inside an interior wall. I cut a hole and it was a bird that I let outside. I patched the wall and then it happened again!!! After repeating the procedure I checked the attic. The birds had been going inside the plastic dryer vent tubing that vented our bathroom to the outside. After I repaired that and put screen over the vent cover outside, then the bird out for good. When I was in the attic I saw a dead bird too, but that apparently wasn't enough warning to keep the others out.

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i have a birds nest somewhere under my roofing,i can hear the birds cheerping clearly. For the last two weeks something is scratching the walls in my bedroom(the only room i hear anything), it sounds heavy when it's moving, i hear the feet scratching during the day,at night i hear nothing.Someone help! what is going on up there? do i need to call a professinal? and by the whom should i call? I would appreciate any advice...thanks

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we have a squirrel in our wall we live in austin texas and two nights ago we herd a scratching in our closet we went to go check it out and there was a small hole in the wall. today we heard it again so we went back to where we covered it up with duck tape and a big piece of metal and there was a big hole and we could only see two squirrels. we live in texas so we like to hunt we shot the squirrels with a bb gun and it turns out there are four. so we shot again and again and we killed the mother and one baby so the father and other baby are some where else in the wall so now we dont know what to do. should we fumigate them or wait till they come back and then shoot them

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this exact thing is happening as i type. i live on the top part of a duplx and the noise is horrible. whatever it is it has major claws and it sounds to me like its about to come out of my furnis. i am renting this place and i just want to run out of here now! i live with my son and he is sound asleep. i cant sleep....omg i hear it.....i wanna run

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toxcrusadr Clay Soil

It is so dumb for builders to build a house without sealing up dryer vents, sewer vent lines, chimneys etc. against birds and critters. It's not that hard to do.

Jessica, call your landlord and tell them to have a look on the roof and see where it's getting in. A little chicken wire will probably fix it, unless whatever it is has actually chewed a hole in the building or found some other damaged area to get in.

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"sealing up dryer vents, sewer vent lines"

Most dryer vents have movable flaps, but birds can quickly learn hot to flip the single flap style open.

The outlets with 3-4 louvers across the outlet seem ta fare better.

Sewer vent lines do not go anywhere but into pipes.
The only thing a critter could do is clog a vent and disrupt the plumbing (briefly).

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toxcrusadr Clay Soil

I have a high efficiency furnace with 2" PVC pipes coming out the back of the house horizontally for the air intake and exhaust. We had put a piece of screen over them to keep the wasps and birds out. Furnace guy comes to fix something, checks the vent and says you don't need that, it can just clog up and block the flow. He takes it off. I said what about mud dauber wasps? Oh, they won't make a nest in there, the pipe is too smooth and shiny. Guess what? Pipe clogs up with mud daubers. Clean out and reinstall screen. Next spring, bird nests in the dryer vent right next to it. Clean out and install screen.


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