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beshFebruary 16, 2009

Good Morning! Time to get up and put the long underwear back on! It is so cold here this morning.


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Hi Besh! :0)

I'm sitting in this office freezing! Think they turned off the heat because the rest of the country has a holiday. They forgot we are working here! LOL!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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Good Tuesday all!

Just checking in. Very hectic for me right now between work and all the work going on at home! It was amazing to get home yesterday and see 3 acres of 80-100' trees laying down on the ground! The equipment they have to do this is amazing! I haven't had a chance to take any pictures!

Hope you girls who are freezing warm up. It's been in the high 20's here and really, that feels very springlike to me. The sun is higher and warmer and I hope winter's back is broken!

Hope everyone can check in this week.

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Good afternoon! It's in the low 60's here, but gloomy and damp feeling.

I am asking you to send good thoughts for our friend Larry. He was finally transferred to MD Anderson cancer center last THursday where they correctly diagnosed him with Burkitt's lymphoma after 4 months of misdiagnoses and the wrong chemo. He was scheduled for chemo today, but he's so very ill that they can't do it, and they aren't giving his wife a lot of hope that he'll pull through this latest infection in time to have the chemo help him. His wife Susanne is breaking down now, and as a friend, I feel so helpless. All I can do is pray for both of them, but I knew that I could also come here and ask for your prayers.

Suzanne, enjoy your spring-like weather while you can!

Besh, thanks for starting this week off for us.

Dee, think warm thoughts!

I'll update y'all on how well our prayers are working! TIA!

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milkdud, I am so very sorry to read such sad news about your friends. They will definitely remain in my prayers, as will you. How frustrating for them with the misdiagnoses and wrong chemo. I would be losing it, too, if it were my husband or family member. God bless you all.

A little bit of good news from my home front - my nephew is being discharged tomorrow from the mental hospital. They will be taking him home - he had 9 hours remaining before graduating, but there are more important things to deal with now. They are recommending that he see a psychiatrist when he gets home. Thank you for keeping him in your prayers.

Weight Watchers meeting was good yesterday - lost another 2.2 pounds, total of 14. (Didn't I say I wasn't going to tell you every pound I lost - sorry!) I think I'm just so excited to see the scale going down instead of up! Still have a ways to go, but just losing this has made such a difference in exercising - I almost look forward to it now ("almost.")

Take care, everyone, and have a good night.

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Happy Birthday Dee!! I hope you have a wonderful day and that all you wishes come true when you blow out the (virtual)candles!! I will be thinking of you.

Maybe Maddie will come by and sing happy birthday to you in style!

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Happy Birthday, Dee! Have fun on your special day!

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Happy birthday, Dee! Hope it's a warm and wonderful one for you.

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I was hoping that Maddie would check in, but just in case she doesn't here goes:


I hope your day is filled with happiness and love. I can't think of a more deserving person to have all her wishes come true not just today but everyday. LOVE YOU.

Marci- thanks for your decorations.

Jan - good news on your nephew and wtg on your loss!

Milkdud - prayers are on their way.

work has been super busy and I really haven't had time to post, etc.

Patti - I believe I saw you say you would take over the birthdays. I guess they will have to be "un"birthday cards this year as we have already missed a couple. My computer is due back today and I can send off the info I had from last year -unless they replaced my hard drive.

hugs to all.

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OX Besh

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Happy, happy birthday Dee!!

I hope you know there are no calories on your birthday don't you?

Hope it's the best yet!!

Will check in later - Donna

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Happy Thursday all.

Where is everyone? Off partying with Dee? LOL

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I'm echoing Suzanne...where is everybody??? Suzanne, when you get a chance to take and post pics I'm curious to see.

Jan, your nephew remains in my thoughts and WTG on that loss!! You go girl!

Raeanne, I hate it when something is wrong with the computer. Mine crashed a couple years ago...had to get a new one, the one I have now. Unbirthday cards are fine. You did a fabulous job singing Happy Birthday!

Milkdud, I will keep your friend and his wife in my prayers.

It's freezing out there!!!

Well, I'm biting the bullet and going back to Weight Watchers on Monday. Jan, Besh, Milkdud and Suzanne - you guys are all doing WW, right? What are your thoughts on this new program? I need the structure.

Take care and keep warm!!


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Thanks for the kind words re: my nephew - he arrived home today. It's going to be a tough road not only for him, but his family, but I have hope they will make it through this. Also, thanks for the support on the weight loss. I love coming here to such love and support!

Donna, yes, I go to WW meetings. Like you, I need the structure and the meetings really help. I like meeting new people - there's one young woman in our group who wants to lose weight so she can donate a kidney! She's lost 50 pounds and looks fantastic, and what an admirable goal. It blew me away.

I must be a nerd, but keeping a food journal really keeps me honest and I kind of enjoy knowing when I've gotten down to my last points, it's time to brush my teeth, get my water, and turn off the kitchen lights. Don't even think about food for the rest of the night. Some days I will put off exercise and then think, what the heck, just go for a walk, it doesn't have to be for long, and before I know it, I've walked for an hour. So far, it's all been good.

Hope everyone has a peaceful night.

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TGIF - My preschoolers are so wound up this week. I think everyone has cabin fever. The weather turned cold and dready again this week and I know I am tired of it, so I can only imagine that the kids are too. I am counting down the days until spring.

DeeMarie - I hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration.

wodka - I don't think you are a nerd for wanting to keep a food journal. I think it is a great way to keep ourselves honest about what goes into our mouths. I say whatever works, use it!
It may be a long road ahead for your nephew, but at least he has started his journey.

((milkdud )) I will continue to keep your friend in my prayers. How is he doing this week? Any improvement?
I know this has to be so hard for everyone who cares about him.

Gotta run and finish getting ready for preschool. Hope everyone has a great day!


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Happy Belated Birthday Dee!

I will do the "un-Birthday" card list this year. I'm making a list on everyone who wants to be involved. So far I have:


I'm going back to check on the other posts. Please let me know if you would like to have your name added to the list. I'll do this a couple more weeks then we can draw names. Thanks. Patti :-)

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Revised List:

NH Suzanne

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THANK YOU for the Birthday Party!

It has been a very rough week at the office. Today I decided to work from home because I was in non-stop meetings for 3 days! I need time to get work finished!

Fasting this morning for bloodwork at 11:45 today. I was doing so well, but ate a bunch of white italian bread yesterday. Really hope that my triglycerides don't jump. Still sugar free except for a shared dessert at Ruth's Chris' Sunday night with DH. It was fresh berries with a vanilla cream. I had 2 spoonfuls of the cream. Good, but enough for me.

Not sure about the weight but my sweaters are fitting better.

Hope everyone has a great week.



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Good Friday,

Glad you enjoyed your party Dee!

Patti, thanks for taking care of the BD list!

Jan, you are doing so well just keep on doing what you are doing! Why would we think you are a nerd for journaling? We all SHOULD be doing it. I do but inconsistently and statics say those who journal are successful. Hope all is well with your nephew.

Donna, Sweet Pea wants to show you how cold it was for her this morning! From spring to deep winter in one night. I was hoping the bitter weather was over - it went from high 30's to 2 degrees in less than 24 hours. Notice the ice on her eyelashes!

QOD: Weekend plans?

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nhsuzanne - thanks for your support. And, ohhh, poor Sweet Pea! It makes me cold just looking at her! What a beautiful picture, though! You are so good with a camera!

Still haven't heard how my nephew's homecoming went last night. He will be seeing a doctor today - did I tell you his diagnosis was bipolar with psychotic tendencies? If any of you know more about this subject, I would love to hear it, because I do not know much, except what I have "googled." If you're uncomfortable discussing it here, since I realize it is not a diet subject, please email me.

I've got three new movies in from Blockbuster by mail so hope we watch a few of those. Is anyone here a Grey's Anatomy's fan? I was fading, but lately the episodes have really been intense.

Take care and have a great weekend.

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Hi Jan,

Looks like it's me and you today! Wow, I hope we aren't missing a big party

Don't worry Sweet Pea isn't cold. She has a magnificent coat of hair to keep her warm. It does look cold and well, it was when I took that. I didn't think my camera would work!

I don't know much about bi-polar. I do know that people tend to use that as a catch phrase for just about every type of behavior. Your nephew's condition sounds serious and hopefully he will get the medication to help him. I don't know where to direct you - everything on the internet isn't necessarily the truth either.

What movies are you going to watch?

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Okay, don't laugh at my movie selections. These were the ones next on my Blockbuster queue list and they are mailed automatically (I probably need to check it more often.) Oh, well, hopefully, we'll get some laughs - "Pineapple Express," "Get Smart," and "W" (I like Josh Brolin.)

Don't forget we have the Oscars Sunday night!

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I haven't seen any of those movies so I cannot laugh! I think Get Smart would be good for good silly fun! Enjoy.

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Dee, glad you enjoyed your BD! Good luck on that blood work. As far as weight it sure sounds like you're doing something right.

Suzanne, what a great picture! You will have to thank Sweet Pea for me. What a drop in temps - wow.

Jan, enjoy your movies. I'm not familiar with either but do remember Get Smart from TV as a kid.

Patti, thanks for doing the list. I know I owe you a loooonnnnggg email.

Just now I had 2 beautiful doe in my back yard - they were watching me watch them from my kitchen window. Finally I had to let Lacey out and they turned and ran into the woods. I hope they come back...of course the battery in my camera needs charging. I took pics with the phone but definitely not quality.

Will charge the battery and if the deer come back will catch them and post.

I will catch up later - got to run - take care and stay warm!!


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Good Friday evening to everyone!

Jan, I'm happy to hear that your nephew is home. I wish him a successful recovery. It sounds like his family is really "there" for him. Keep us updated - and I really mean it!

Dee, glad your birthday celebration was so good. Hope you got a lot accomplished working at home today.

Hi, Suzanne. Those frozen eyelashes gave me the shivers. Glad to know that your horsey isn't as cold as I thought.

Donna, I'm not officially attending WW meetings right now, but I am doing the WW Core plan that was good for me this time last year. Hubby is used to it, and the soups and stews are perfect for this time of the year, even here in humid SE Texas!

QOD: Saturday - work out; hopefully go to my friend's for lunch and to pick up a cabinet that she was going to throw away (it will hold lots of stuff!); then clean house and go to dinner with some of our friends, then back here to play Canasta.

Sunday - Sunday school and church, then over to my friend's house to do a mailing for the service sorority.

OMGosh, I almost forgot the best news: Larry had chemo, and as of today, his dr. is cautiously hopeful that the tumors are already breaking down (based on blood tests of some kind). He's feeling a little better and stronger now and isn't in so much pain. Thank you so much for your good thoughts and prayers for him. His wife sounded cautiously tickled pink in her voice mail today!

Dinner tonight will be a surprise that hubby is bringing home!

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I just had to come back in and share this with y'all.

Most of y'all know that this time last year, I hadn't really met anyone here, so hopefully, you can appreciate what I'm going to tell you.

I was paging through our little weekly newspaper a few minutes ago, and when I turned to the back page. I saw a big photo which included my friend who's the president of ESA, then I realized that the woman standing next to her was ME! We had our photos taken when we first arrived at the radiothon to raise funds for St. Jude's hospital 3 weeks ago, and it was just published this week.

Do y'all think I have officially "arrived" now here in Crosby? LOL I love how rich and full my life is now, and I'm very thankful daily for my new friends and involvements.

I also want to thank everyone here for being my social life through the rough months when I didn't have any RL friends around here. "Talking" to y'all daily filled such a void in my life and gave me the encouragement to get out and meet local people and get active. I still look forward to "chatting" with y'all on a regular basis as it's one of the highlights of my day. Y'all are the best!!!

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