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diygeneFebruary 7, 2007

A friend sent me a slideshow of images from the This Old House site, showing amazingly scary things home inspectors have seen. Check it out, and be thankful these aren't in your house (alternatively: 1 and 2)

My favorite has to be the plumbing layout shown here.

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omg! that is just so scary! A neighbor of mine recently moved into a new house. There was a bar area in the basement. the faucets to the sink worked - no problem.............however the water from the sink drained into a bucket that had to be emptied when it was full. the inspector did not pick this up!

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I copied the plumbing print to my graphics program and enlarged it to 8 x 10 for better viewing.

This is not by far the worst plumbing mess I have ever seen but for the record:

There is not one pipe or fitting in that pic that is in compliance with the plumbing codes...LOL.

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