Another lousy neighbor!

wonka27February 10, 2007

Just thought I'd run something by you.

I live in a single ranch home. My neigbor to the left lives in one half of a twin. A few months back he and I had some heated words about his boat being parked in the unfinished alley directly behind my property. That is a long story, and an issue I may fight out with him eventually, but not the topic of the moment. It shows that we are not on good terms.

He parks one of his cars approximately 1-2 feet off my driveway opening on the street. I don't know if there is an ordinance about this, nor do I care. It is a courtesy thing...which this man doesn't have. I won't discuss it with him because frankly he is like talking to a wall. There is ample parking on the street (as all other homes on the street have driveways), but he chooses to park right on my driveway. I think it is for spite, but who knows.

What would you do? I'm thinking if he keeps going, I may just start parking there when he moves (the car is always there...for his daughter with a permit). Maybe he'll see what I'm getting at.

Any thoughts?

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Hey I would swear we live near door to the same guy. Boat and all. I know here where I live there is a 24 hour park ordinance. You might check with your Police Department and see if they have one. Basically if it is parked on the street it cannot stay in the same spot for more than 24 hours or the police tow it off.

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I would think he cannot park in front of your property at all - never mind block your driveway! I would check with the police department - tell them your view is obstructed when backing out. This guy sounds like a real jerk.

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Neighbors dont often park in front of my house for long. But when they do, amazingly my sprinklers come on.

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If it is a city street anyone can park anywhere according to the signage posted.

The ordiance where I live is 15' from a crosswalk and 3' from a driveway and 1' from a curb.

If someone parks within this, the police can ticket but coming out to do so is a low priority.

Where I live if someone's sprinklers are hitting the street or covering the sidewalk they can get a ticket.

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you know, the real strange thing is how a beer bottle mysteriously ends up under the tires of parked vehicles. they pull of, bottle breaks and flattens the tire.

not tha ti would advocate such, but it does happen.

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A quart of yellow paint applied 3 feet on either side of your curbs will work, too....

We live close to a NYC direct train. My home has 2 hour parking in front, but inevitably a few times a week the police ticket the main street where people usually park illegally so they end up on our side street. Twice in the last month they've actually blocked my drivway by about a foot but the police don't come, ugh!

Good luck!

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Get a box of sheet rock screws and dump them in that area.

You can also place a sprinkler pointing at his car door and set the timer to go off around the time he goes to work or arrives home.

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I agree..painting the curb or put something there by your driveway. You mentioned the it her parking there and not knowing any better??

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Put a bird feeder there on a pole. He'll eventually get tired of the bird crap all over the vehicle. Works wonders.

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