attic wet & moldy

chillowayFebruary 5, 2005

Hi- I'm from the birding forum and need some help. We installed central air conditioning this past summer after 30 yrs in this home. Just found out today that our attic roof is wet and getting very moldy. Water is actually dripping from the nails in the roof.

Husband thinks moisture from inside house is getting up through a/c ceiling vents and condensing in attic. We closed the vents in the fall.

House has gable vents but no soffits - therefore no ridge or soffit vents. We read that attic fans are not the best to do all the time as they can make problem worse. Has anyone ever heard of this problem?

Could anyone offer any advice please on if we are right in our thinking or how to deal with this. It has never happened before. Thank you very much, Debbie

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I'll bet you have insulation in the floor of the attic but not in the ceiling part.....
The moisture from your house is getting into the attic....and the cold is causing it to condense and drip.
I remember well one night lying in bed wondering what that noise was in the was the melted frost from the condensation dripping....
We insulated the roof part and solved the problem.
Linda C

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It needs to be repair before it causes major damage and mold. I have a friend who had water in her attic and they didn't know it. In her case it was to much insulation in the attic, blown in full to the roof and they had closed all of the sofit vents thinking it would save them money. It cost her $10,000 to repair the damage to the structure and she was lucky to get it done that cheaply.

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