Big disaster for these people

carolssisFebruary 9, 2004

I was on the road today in Tucson, Az. and saw a funny sign on a car. It simply read, and I got curious, and checked it out. Go to the page using the address above, and I'm sure you'll be as shocked as I was. Unbelievable.

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What a horrible story. I hope this family is able to find justice some day.

I can't believe what I saw on their web site.

My heart goes out to them.

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It's a shame that there are builders out there exactly like that. They are probably still building under a different name.

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horrible- but how in the name of all that's right did these people let the house be BUILT like this?

I understand that not everyone grew up with an architect and plan reviewer with a wall full of national credentials for a dad...

but anyone who blindly trusts people to do ANYTHING right are sure to get chewed up... weekly site inspections are a MUST...

as is a careful survey of existing homes before signing a contract.

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The use of the word "sucks" is childish and counterproductive. I tried to read your letter/post but it was one of those wide ones(unreadable)

Nevertheless, in making any major purchase, it pays to trust NO-ONE.. Fine line Homes, S & A Homes, Beaver Homes, even GM and Ford - they simply cannot be trusted. And these listed companies are good, but I still do not trust them !

A good lawyer is vital, particularly if the home buyer is not a good baby-sitter or supervisor - many men are not good at these things..

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