Tile or hardwood in the kitchen?

krash634December 1, 2012

Hey quick question, we have an open floor plan with hard wood floors throughout most of the 1st floor. Looking for opinions on whether or not to continue them into the kitchen or just tile that area.

Keep in mind that the island is now a complete rectangle( even though this plan doesn't reflect it) and the tile would come off each side of the island

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Forgot to mention , the hardwood floors will be a very dark finish , and if we continued the hardwood into the kitchen we would go with white/cream cabinets. If we used the tile( light colored) , we would use a wood stain finished cabinets

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My vote is for hardwood. We did all hardwood, and I love the cohesive look. It always bothers me when there are multiple flooring choices in open floor plans... but that is personal preference. Also, I am not a fan of cleaning grout.

To me, the benefit of tile would be piece of mind if there was a major water leak. I decided to take my chances.

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For the maximum impact of an open space plan, keep the flooring consistent throughout. Wood works fine in a kitchen with just a modest amount of attention to spills when they happen.

Good luck with your project.

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If you switch the flooring for the kitchen--or any area in an essentially open concept design--you have to figure out a logical place for the transition. In the plan above, that would likely mean adjusting the island location.

For that reason, I've usually kept just one flooring rather than putting down an arbitrary line on the floor. That's meant floors that were all stone or all hardwood.

If for practical reasons, you decided on tile for the kitchen, I would suggest the colouring should not be in sharp contrast. IOW, dark wood to dark tile etc.

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Hardwood. No question.

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I had similar setup in a house once and we did use tile in the kitchen. It was a dark stained wood floor in the living areas and then charcoal grey tile in the kitchen and dining area. I thought it looked good and we would have ruined the hardwood if it were in the kitchen.

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We have hardwood in our kitchen and love it and are in the process of planning a new home build and will have hardwood in the kitchen and great room of the new home.

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Beth Parsons

I've lived with both materials in a kitchen and while tile is more resilient in a work zone, I liked the look and feel of wood floors better. The kitchen in our new house is open to the family & breakfast rooms and will be hardwood.

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We have hardwood in our kitchen and unfortunately had a leak from the fridge water line. It resulted in some minor damage to a few boards under the fridge. Since then, we've got water sensors under the fridge and dishwasher ($10 each at the hardware store, they're battery operated) and are much more at ease about having the hardwood under the applicances. I like the look and feel, and when things get dropped they don't shatter. But I would recommend the water alarms.

FYI, there are much more expensive alarms that will turn off the water supply to the appliance when the alarm goes off. Ours just sound the alarm, so if we're home that is good, but if we're not the water will continue to run until someone gets home to hear the alarm.

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I have a similar plan and I am using hardwood with pearl painted cabinets. Wood is so much easier on the legs and I had no problem caring for it in my previous home.

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