Corian Stain

debbeeanneFebruary 3, 2004

Since we have put our home on the market, all sorts of disasters have happened. The latest: I broke a bubble night light, and the orange liquid inside it stained the corian surface of my vanity top. I have no idea what the liquid is, and I have never found something I couldn't remove. I have tried soft scrub with bleach, leaving it on for about 15 minutes, and it didn't help one bit. I am going to try straight bleach next.

Any ideas, or am I going to have to have it sanded out?

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I finally got the stain out of the corian. I used Barkeeper's Friend, which is sort of like Comet. It took a lot of rubbing, but it cleaned up well.

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thanks for posting the follow-up info, Debbeeanne!

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Barkeepers Friend is the best! It's the only thing that will get my aged sink looking good. Is your Corian dull now in that spot?

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