need ideas for gds xmas presents

danaohSeptember 28, 2006

I have 4 now, would like to make them something instead of buying (partly because I like it to be personal, partly economics). Any ideas? pj holders or something. They don't have to be the same for all, their ages are too different. Newborn, 5,9 and 12. A couple of years ago I made the 2 oldest gds sock monkeys with dresses.

Thanks - I love this forum!

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Something I've had a lot of success with is personalized bears. I find plush fabrics that I think would appeal to the recipient (favorite color, et cetera) and add accents (usually custom eyes, nose & mouth sculpted out of FIMO polymer clay). The finishing touch is an internal ball & socket armature that allows the bear to be posed in any position.
Last Christmas, my biggest success was a bear I made for a rock singer friend of mine, complete with music-note-print fur and black dreadlocks. The recipient is a 30-year-old man, and he still shows the bear off when people come to visit. Ages 3 to 93; everyone seems to love them.

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one christmas, i made 4 different barbie wardrobes for the girls i babysat.

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