Hole in Living room wall

Jens4realFebruary 9, 2013

Help!!! I'm buying a house that has a large cutout in the living room wall Apparently the previous homeowners filled in the bedroom closet on the other side and made a cutout on the living room side to put in an "entertainment center." I know I'm going to rip out the ugly shelves. Should I sheetrock over it, or make it a nook and add built-in shelves? Any opinions would be appreciated since this is my first home and I'm really trying to fix it up.

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Hi Jen,
I would need to see the layout of the room to offer an opinion on whether or not to focus the living room in this direction.
What I think is best is for you to post this question with a diagram or more photos over on the Home Decorating Forum. Curiosity made me look at this forum, but clearly it gets little traffic.
Repost on Home Decorating and I'm certain that you'll get some response.
Good luck!!

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" Apparently the previous homeowners filled in the bedroom closet ..."

It often no longer counts as a bedroom without a closet.

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according to most building codes, a bedroom must have a closet...now, losing a bedroom isn't an issue if this is going to be your forever home, but if you're hoping to move in 10 years, putting the closet back the way it was is an option.

that being said? I love built-ins, most homes need more useful spaces, and that's not a bad spot for one, whether it comes to hold books and art, or electronica.

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