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marci_paFebruary 22, 2010

I'll get us started.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. It was quiet here.

I stayed away from the junk, although I think I overcompensated by eating too much in general. But today is a new day and a new week.


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Good Monday morning y'all!

Rise and shine and let's go git 'um!

It's gonna be a good week! :)



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Good morning all,

Marci, I wanted to tell you that I have been playing that CD you made for me so many years ago in the barn constantly! I believe that beautiful music soothes all souls.

SP is the same still terribly sore and lame. I have been walking her three times a day which is what must happen.

Raeanne, do you have any ideas where I might find a place on line to learn a little about Rieki? I think SP would truly benefit from it. Right now I am just stroking her along her body and she likes it but I wish I could make that time more meaningful. Any ideas?

I had a nice weekend. Saturday it was almost 50 and just beautiful. Yesterday was nice but really windy.

It IS going to be a GREAT week Maddie!! It's a done deal.

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Good Morning All!

Marci, I am lovin' those stars! : ) Little rewards for good choices.

Maddie, motion unanimously passed: it WILL be a great week!

Suzanne, the power of music is amazing, isn't it? I hope things will be looking up for Sweet Pea. I am glad that you had nice weather and a nice weekend.

I had the BEST weekend! I went on a woman's retreat with my new church. I thought that the accommodations would be sparse and rustic, but instead we were at a RESORT! Lodge style setting with elegant dining, natural hot springs to relax in, wonderful company, great speakers and good music.
I came back relaxed and refreshed.

Yep, it's going to be a GREAT week!


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Good morning.

Would you believe it is 69 degrees today - but just a tease, because rain and cold are headed back later in the week. But today makes me so happy, knowing that spring is around the corner.

Tikanis, your weekend sounds so luxurious! I'm envious, especially of the natural hot springs!

Suzanne, I hope Sweet Pea's recovery continues and her pain decreases each day.

Marci, your weekend sounds like mine. Quiet. Read a book. Ate good stuff, but at night, probably ate more than I was supposed to. Had no problem abstaining from the wine, so that's good.

Didn't walk (was raining) and didn't go to WW. Electrician coming out today to do his work, plus microwave went on the blink, so waiting on appliance repairman, as well. Is it just me or does it seem like appliances just don't last as long as they used to?

I'm not letting it bother me. It's all fixable. And yes, it will be a good week.

Take care.

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Good morning, everyone! It's 53 and very cloudy here today. Jan, we're expecting "winter precipitation" sometime tomorrow after these 3 days of warmer temps. *sigh*

Suzanne, I wish Sweet Pea was responding faster for both y'all's sakes. Have you already started the homeopathic herbs yet? Still sending healing thoughts for SP!

My weekend was chock full of eating, but it was all within reason and reasonably healthy. I attended a women's prayer breakfast about an hour away Saturday morning. We not only had a lovely breakfast but terrific entertainment by the AD Players. The 2-character play was about the importance of having friends. Wonderful. We topped off that event with a stop at Starbucks, just my 2 best friends and me. I actually figured out how to order the skinny cinnamon dulce latte iced, venti, please! Then hubby took me out for dinner. Sunday after church, we went to Peso's where I had my healthy grilled chicken salad.

It's nice to come here and see familiar faces. I hope that we get lots of our MIA's posting here this week. Where's BJ?

Great Monday, everyone!

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Hello and welcome to a GREAT WEEK!

Thanks again for the party last week. I'm really so grateful for all I have.

Well, on Saturday morning, I took out my old WW books and started over again. Counted each and every point; made good choices at a party yesterday and when I reached my limit, I stopped eating for the day. That's it! I need portion control in my life. My food is, overall, healthly..I just eat too much of it! This morning, the scale read 2 pounds less than Friday night. The beat goes on........

Thanks for starting us Marci; good to see you with us.

Maddie, hi there! My DH's niece showed me a pic of herself with the Naked Cowboy over in NYC. Don't know why, but it reminded me of you. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suzanne, still thinking about you and your SP. Hope things finally begin to improve.

Waving to Jan, Tikanis, and Milkdud.

Don't know if I mentioned it, but my internist suggest biofeedback to help me control my high blood pressure at work. Does anyone know anything about this? I'm willing to try anything to get off some of this medication.

Gotta run and finish a report.

Where is BJ?


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Good morning, guys!

I got my walk in (milkdud, yes, cloudy, cold darn weather and rain are on their way. Don't think we'll get any ice/snow, but who knows?)

Electrician didn't get through, so he's coming back tomorrow (really nice guy, but $85/hour so I have to be careful about making any small talk!) Appliance repair guy said that our Microwave has something wrong with its board, so they have to order a part, which alone costs about $100. (Not under warranty.) Amazing how I didn't realize how much I use my microwave. I am having withdrawal pains. He said he'd rush it and try to be back by Friday. Please!

Did anyone watch the Bachelor episode last night? I switched back and forth, I've gotten into VHI Celebrity Fit Camp or whatever it's called. I know it sounds sleazy, but it's actually got a lot of good advice. If you don't mind the contestants (Bobby Brown, Kevin Federline, etc.), it's more interesting than Biggest Loser sometimes. Re: Bachelor - Ali was my favorite at the beginning of the show, but don't care for her at all now. I kind of like Gia, the swimsuit model, the best. That one "Fatal Attraction" girl (Melissa?) is downright scary, still. Lord help us, I need to get a more interesting life!

Dee, glad you had a nice birthday and are on track with your healthy eating.

I was wondering about BJ, too. Wasn't Baby V getting ready to go to his new family? It's been so long, I can't remember. I sure hope it all goes well, even though it has to be so emotional. What an inspiring woman BJ is, as is her family.

Take care and hope it's a great day for you all.

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Donna, thank you for the link to your photos. What a transformation! I LOVE your kitchen. Your home looks so bright and spacious. When can we all come over? : )

Dee, I am glad that you enjoyed birthday week as we call it here. There is plenty of good info out there about bio feedback and B/P reduction. I have a couple of basic, but effective methods that I use with my patients that I could share if you'd like. And WOW!! 2 lbs right off the bat! Way to go!!

Jan, one of these days I will have to share my "appliances gone bad" story with you. I think Raeanne might remember the week that ALL of my appliances broke one right after the other. What a NIGHTMARE!! I totally empathize with you.

Milkdud, it is going to precipitate on me here too this week. 50 degrees and overcast today.

We were served 4 course meals at the retreat this weekend, all healthy stuff, just a ton of it. I gave up sweets for lent, so that took care of dessert. I piled those veggies high on my plate and pushed the bread basket to the other side of the table. I drank a lot of water too. I didn't do too badly.

I am going on an MIA hunt! Back later,


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Well, it's been WAY to long, ladies...

Sorry for me being MIA. Thanks to ALL of you who pinged me into coming back. (and the latest, NHSuzanne, this morning!)

Well, I am a basket case of failure, sorry to say. I have tried every diet under the sun, INCLUDING Jillian Michaels diet pills (if you can believe it...I am so desperate.) Nothing has worked.

I have had an illness that's affected my lungs for the last 3 weeks. I finally sent to the doc yesterday. She gave me antibiotics, steroids, an inhaler, codeine cough syrup, and some over the counter meds as well. Hmmm. Maybe I'll be on the mend. BUT...she weighed me. And I'm going to say it OUT LOUD here: 189.5. It makes me sick (haha - sicker?) I have never weighed that much except when I was pregnant.

I keep saying when the baby transitions to his new family and I have spare time, I'll exercise, but that's not happening - again and again!

The family that Baby V was going to transition to declined him, saying the state was too painful to work with. The adoption worker said she had 3 more families lined up, but she really didn't, so then she said she's start looking at home studies again, but she didn't. Now, it's been WEEKS, and she emailed on Friday to say that the "panel" will do interviews of new families today.

Baby V has surgery scheduled for this coming Monday to get his adenoids removed. There are "enormous," the ENT says. We'll be at the hospital overnight. Poor baby. Then, the healing process is about 2 weeks, so he won't be able to transition for a while.

Meanwhile, we've had Baby V for over 2 years. It's a crazy ride, this stuff!

And I'm gettin' fatter by the day....!

Love you guys for bein' here to listen, no matter how long I've been gone...thsi place feels SO safe for me...you'll never know....

CONGRATS to all the losers here and STAY ON TRACK or you'll be like me!!!!! ARG!

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Hello from a rainy NJ! At least it's not snow...that's supposed to come closer to the weekend (yay said very sarcastically).

Tikanis, glad you enjoyed the pictures. You are all welcome to come on over any time. I am so in love with my kitchen I am even enjoying cooking lots more. I know that will probably wear off in time :-) All of your appliances crashing at once?? That's a nightmare.

Suzanne, continuing prayers for SP. I emailed you the link to the pictures through your email address on here. The one I had for you didn't work. If not email me through here and I'll shoot the link to you.

Dee, glad you had a wonderful birthday. I'm with Jan, enjoy the week. Congrats on that 2 lb loss! I have also been thinking about pulling my WW stuff out again, it does work.

Jan, when you are missing something you use daily it's no fun. I used to watch the Bachelor but haven't the last few seasons.

Milkdud, thank you for a good Starbucks latte! I never know what to order when I go there and everyone else seems to know exactly what they want and how to order it. I will try your drink. I usually just grab coffee at Wawa (a convenience store) and love it. I always send Wawa coffee to my friend in Vegas who misses it.

BJ - what can I say? I am so, so sorry that things once again did not work out for Baby V. Poor baby having to get his adenoids removed. He is so lucky to have you and your family to share your hearts and home with him. You have shared with us and I can only imagine the joy he brings to all of you too. Do not stress about the weight - easy for me to say but I mean it. I stress about mine constantly, I have NEVER been this large in my life and I absolutely hate it. In addition to probably hauling out my WW stuff like Dee, I keep telling myself that my weight is under my control, no one else's (yeah, right, I'm still not convinced there is not an evil fat fairy out there). Our weather has been snowy, snowy and snowy so walking outside is not really an option right now. I could use a tape but I don't..lazy. I am trying to cook more healthy foods and am trying not to snack or if I do be aware of what I'm snacking on. Hang in there sister!!

Hi to Maddie, Raeanne, Besh, Patti. All of you MIAs better come out - I know Tikanis is on a hunt for you.

I have rattled on long enough. My mom's 75th birthday is tomorrow and she wants to go out to dinner this weekend. It really will depend on the weather because her 2 favorite restaurants are about 20 miles away each - one north and one south.

Be safe, be good and have a great night.


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Good morning all,

We are having a major spring storm here. The heavy wet kind that's a pain to shovel but gorgeous to see as it clings to the trees. Having intermittent power outages too and no satellite so I have no idea what's going on around here...but I can guess. LOL

BJ, please don't be so hard on yourself. I am sure most of us here are heavier than they have ever been...including me although I don't have the courage to post my weight I can tell you that it's not far off from yours! You have to find a way to turn your negative thoughts around and start thinking about this in a different way. Instead of "I don't want to be fat" say "I want to be at my perfect weight" Remember the law of attraction - like attracts like and if you think you are fat then you will be! Now if I could make the law work for me...I believe it will I have to believe in myself first... and love myself. Sorry about Baby V -wow is this baby lucky to have you in his life.

Donna, the evil fat fair exists. It's processed, genetically altered foods, and sugars put in absolutely everything we put in our mouths practically. I am on a rant right now with Sweet Pea being so sick and it's all metabolic. I could scream.

I hope everyone has a safe day. There is no electricity at work so I have a small reprieve today.

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Is this where we are weighing in now?
I weighed this morning and am down 1/2 pound. That is a total of 32.5 pounds.

I don't see that too many are reporting their results now since Harold hasn't started new threads. If I don't report to someone, I'm sure I will go right back up again. That has happened for me before, several times.
I really don't want it to happen again.

All the best to eveyone.

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Good morning!

Ivamae, I have lurked on your's and harold's posts before and wondered what happened to him, too. His pictures and weight loss were very inspiring.

I know what you mean about having to report to someone, be accountable. I have to have that structure in my life, too, or it all goes out the window!

Since BJ was so courageous to announce her weight, I will jump in, too, although I'm still embarrassed to admit it. On January 5, 2009, when I joined Weight Watchers, I weighed 221.8 pounds. Last week (I didn't go on Monday because of appointments) I weighed 165, making a total of 56.8 pounds. I have a realistic, (I think) goal of 150, although when I was younger I used to vow never to go over 130. Those were the days! I'm turning 60 this year, so I will take what I can get. It's now a matter of feeling better and little things like getting out of the bathtub effortlessly (now I'm really sharing!) That's TMI, isn't it!

Just got in my walk, in the rain. Yeck. It will be dropping to 28 tonight. The northern part of Mississippi was actually getting snow this morning!

Hope everyone has a great day and keeps their power (suzanne!) and stays warm and dry.


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I woke up to find the Daily Support Police had visited my email. I won't mention any names TIKANIS - but thanks for prodding me back. I had a hard time getting on last week, but I was able to lurk. So I haven't been far away.

BJ - the last thing you need is to be mad at yourself. I know it is frustrating, I am right there with you. I feel like I can't stick to anything, now willpower. I just got rid of all my skinny clothes - because it was depressing to look at them in my closet. Poor little Baby V - I will keep him in my prayers and hope that the right family comes along and his operation goes smoothly and he heals quickly. Sending positive vibes for your lungs to clear up too.

I am playing hooky today, so I can play in the snow - NOT. I actually already put an hour in on computer for work today. I just wanted to use the snow as a good excuse to stay in.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Tikanis - if my memory serves me well, the appliance fiasco took place during one of those mercury retrograde periods haha. What a treat to end up at a luxury lodge instead of a lean-to.

Jan - It's amazing how much parts cost for appliances now. It is almost cheaper to replace some of them. I have some scratches on my stove and when I looked into replacing the small panel it was about $400. I have learned to embrace the scratches.

Suzanne - I agree about the law of attraction. I took classes where you learn to rewrite your life story. You turn every statement you make into a positive. The sad part is I know all the right things to do, it is just doing them that is hard. I forget all that I learn and go right back to my old patterns. The trick is to make it become 2nd nature. Today looks like the perfect day to start! Are you back at work today? Any SP update for us?

Donna - we are finally getting snow up here where it belongs. I woke up to 11 inches and it is still coming down with another storm right behind it. It does look pretty - but I'm not the one shoveling it LOL.

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Raeanne, good think Iikanis' email doesn't have an audible alarm to it! LOL

We have well over a foot of snow and it's supposed to start winding down mid-day - whatever that means. We have no electricity at work so I am still home and hope to stay here.

Sweet Pea is turning a corner ( I think) ever so slowly. The footing right now for walking is great so we walked about 45 minutes in the snow. I was soaked and so was P but it was good for her. I think the herbs are starting to get into her system too. I know your reiki is helping. If the mail man comes today I may have that new book I told you about.

I am trying very hard to incorporate the law of attraction into my life. A key for me is to constantly remind myself not to think negative thoughts. I think I am doing well with that goal.

I have shoveled twice already! It's really coming down right now. The temps are hovering at 30 which is perfect and very little wind! I love it.

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raeanne, I need to go to one of those classes (turning every statement into a positive.) I don't know if it's old age or what, but lately I have turned back into a worry wart! Just last night my husband said maybe you need to get back on the Lexapro (which I took to get through Katrina, etc.) I think he was only half-way teasing, yikes. I don't want to take a pill, just want to keep my mind calm and sane.

Enjoy your beautiful snow!

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Jan - just come to my womens weekend in May haha. The instructor of the class I took is going to give a workshop - she believes that most people don't need therapy, but instead need to learn a new way of visioning. She has been a therapist for 35 years and is a great speaker/motivator.

Suzanne - I think you will enjoy the book.

I am lazing around the house and need to get something accomplished or it will be a wasted day of playing hooky.

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Happy hump day, y'all! It's actually sunny and warmish (54 F.) today. Yesterday, I waited for the snow to come, and it never did. What a waste of my time. LOL

BJ, I'm so happy that you posted yesterday. A burden shared is a burden halved! Please be kind to yourself right now; you're going through so much and you're only one person, so you're eating for more than one. THat's my theory, and I'm sticking to it! Sending wonderful wishes for Baby V. He already is so blessed to have y'all in his life; his life will get better when the time is right.

I'm moving way out of my comfort zone this evening, folks. Our church choir has dwindled down to a talented handful of singers, so they're recruiting new members. They're so desperate that they're even asking non-singers like me to join them. So, I'm going to choir practice tonight. If they aren't happy with me at least their curiosity will finally be satisified, and they'll never ask me again. I'm willing to help if I can, but this could prove humiliating for me. Oh well! Just a new experience, right? LOL

I'm signing up to work the Chamber's Divas project again this year. They're bringing it back to Crosby, so I'll be able to get my friends to attend where as last year they refused to "go across the bridge" to another town to a larger place. I signed up to do the Silent Auction, raffle, and Diva bag items. Not as much driving all over creation trying to persuade people to come and sell or pamper.

Can you believe that February is almost over? I looked at my calendar today at the meeting and was jolted to realize that next week is already March. Wow! Is it flying by because I'm getting old or is it moving quickly for everyone?

Suzanne, I'm encouraged, too, by the progress of your Sweet Pea. Keep up the good work and we'll keep up the good thoughts!

Gotta get ready to go. Have a wonderful Wednesday evening!

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Good morning all,

Well that one foot of snow turned into two feet plus! It snowed hard all day long and all I did yesterday was shovel snow trying to keep up with it. I am glad I did because we got rain on top of it last night and I would have had such difficulty trying to move it. I am strong but not that strong!

Milkdud, good for you for trying! You will do fine - you are probably the only one who thinks you are a non-singer! I love to sing and wish I had to time to join a local group. I guess that is for another time when I don't have to work. You should practice the scale all day...or sing "Doe a deer a female deer, ray a drop of golden sun",etc. That is one of my favorite songs and we sing it alot when trail riding!

I am happy that March is on the horizon. It's a pivotal month for so many things...the season really starts changing and the sun is higher in the sky and its warmth defeats the snow. I love March.

Really, I need another snow day to stay home and get something done besides move snow! Oh well, that won't happen anytime soon.

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Hello from a snowy snowy NJ!

We are in the middle of a nasty storm that will not end until Saturday! Looks pretty from my home office (where I am working for the next 2 days), but sheesh! DH had to work "down the shore" early this morning, but I'd rather he come home early; I'm such a worrisome soul.

THANK YOU, DONNA!!! I received the cutest package the other day. What a surprise! In addition to a one-of-a-kind Dr. Suess card, Donna sent me wine charms with purses and flip-flops, cocktail napkins with "I take life with a grain of salt, a wedge of lime, and a shot of tequila", and a Lolita "I like mine Hot" birthday girl glass mug. Donna this was totally unexpected. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. I cannot wait to use them; DH wants me to bring them to the NC house so that I can be in a really relax mode when I use them. ;0)

BJ, it was good to see you. So sorry that Baby V is going through this, and your family is amazing for rolling with the punches on this one. Bless you all, and bless the family that will finally receive that adorable boy in their home.

[[[HUGS]]] to everyone who needs them this week.

I really need to get back to work.


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Hi All!

Suzanne, I am glad to hear that Sweet Pea is improving. She is so lucky to have such a loving caring soul to be her gaurdian!

Milkdud, I can barely carry a tune in a bucket! I sing at church anyway : ) Good for you trying something so new and daring.

Hello, Ivamae!

Donna, did you do a birthday lunch for your Mom, or was it postponed due to the weather?

Hi Jan, negative thoughts can really hamper our success at just about everything. Just because you cannot actually attend that class with Raeanne, does not mean that you cannot benefit from the information. Try Googling like info, or maybe that teacher has a web site or some written information. For now, try replacing each negative thought with a positive; banish worry one little step at a time.

Dee, I love those work-from-home days...what a great gift from Donna!

Bj, You ARE safe here. You have been through so much with Baby V! Please don't let the stress get the better of you!! Come and post regularly and we can all support you and hold each other accountable. I was 207 on july 7th, the day I quit taking that horrible prednisone! I am 154 today.

Raeanne, I am so glad to see you! I miss you when you are not here... I am going down to Newport this Saturday for a kayak demo day. I will be trying out a few kayaks and paddling 'round the bay. Sure wish you were going with me! My weight loss reward to myself will be that kayak I have been promising myself FOREVER! I am almost there!

This has really been a great week, just as Maddie promised : ) I spent Monday at the beach with one of my two best friends, who is out here visiting from Iowa. We are on our way out for a late lunch in a few minutes before she leaves to go home.

Back tomorrow, ALL OF YOU!! Don't make me hunt you down Ha Ha!

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Dee - Rich is down in NYC helping DD#2 with her condo. Looks like he may be stuck there another night. I hope you don't have to go in tomorrow.

Tikanis - It is nice to be missed. I am going to try to be here more often, as I miss all of you when I am not here. YIPEE on the kayak - at least the thought of getting one. Have fun!

Milkdud - I am organizing a women's weekend inspired by your Diva's Day. I am having so much fun finding presenters and activities for the women. THANKS

It has been raining all day and has ruined our beautiful snow. I am going out to meet a girlfriend for dinner in a little bit.

Enjoy your evening!

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Hi all!

I haven't read the posts yet, because I am too busy celebrating an excellent test score and......

After 11 months, countless hours, endless miles, many tears, and too much paperwork to count, I finally got my heart-adopted mom on Medicaid today. Finally. Finally. Finally.

I am going to take a bubblebath, and raise a glass (or 2) to me--'cause, dang it, I deserve it. I did the impossible.




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Good evening! It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, mid-50's and sunny, and only a tad bit windy. *whoosh*

Maddie, congrats on your success with Medicaid! How wonderful of you and what a relief for all. WTG on the excellent test score, too!

Raeanne, I'm so glad you took the Divas format and ran with it. We're calling ours (which will be here in Crosby!) Divas Go Hollywood this year. If it's here, it will be about 2 minutes from my house at the golf club.

Tikanis, you definitely deserve to reward yourself with your kayak testing this weekend in preparation for buying your very own!

Dee, your 'birthday card' sounds wonderful. Donna did well by you this year.

Suzanne, I was invited back to choir practice next week! Granted they put me on the back row with the altos and the very few men, but still........... LOL (I can't sing in church this Sunday because I volunteered to help with the first annual "Discovery Green" in downtown Houston, an all-afternoon event for the whole family, games, food, and slipping in education about going green!)

I can't believe that March is almost here. I have a birthday buddy who needs my attention very, very soon, don't I? Better get busy! ;-)

Well, I just wanted to check in, but I need to make 3 posters to advertise the community center's pancake breakfast on March 13 - a big fundraiser (we hope!). Tomorrow I'll be selling tickets at the entrance to the Salad & Spud luncheon at the center, then at one of the banks from mid-afternoon until they close. It's pay day, so I hope we'll sell a lot!

Hope BJ checks back in this week to get lots of hugs! TGIF tomorrow!

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We have 1 foot of snow on the ground and expecting an additional foot by this evening. If I can get a decent picture, I'll post one. DH woke up at 5am with a horrible head cold, and I've been running up and down the stairs with hot drinks for him and checking in on my work laptop.

QOD: What's on the agenda for the weekend?

Tonight I have an appointment with my stepdaughter and her mom (DH's ex) to go dress shopping for the wedding. We may have to cancel that if the bridal shop doesn't open.

Tomorrow I go over to DH's ex home with wedding party to plan the bridal shower. We may be OK with that one, but I need to get out early and pick up awesome NY bagels at a place that gets nuts by 7am. This place sells great whole wheat and pumpernickle bagels to die for! Of course, I only get 1/2 one now, as a whole bagel that size is 6 points.

Sunday I was supposed to meet my cousins for brunch, but they may cancel it.

YEA, Maddie! You rock girlfriend! I'm sure it was worth all the hard work.


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Good Friday all,

Milkdud, congrats on being invited back! Good for you.

Cudos Maddie, that is one HUGE accomplishment. I cannot fathom how elderly or otherwise can ever get signed up for these programs. It's utterly amazingly frustrating.

Tikanis, the beach, the beach ,the beach........sounds so great right now.

Raeanne, I got the book yesterday and am reading it now at work!! It's so quiet here today it's a good time. It's good so far, really interesting.

Dee, have fun wedding planning. It's totally exhausting to me.

This has been a wild weather week! Wednesday two feet of snow, yesterday 2-3" of rain, cold, wind-driven rain. Very damaging winds and tons of trees down leaving many in the state without power again. My town is out.

I had all I could do to get everyone settled in the barn last night. I was drenched getting stall doors closed and secured and it was raining sideways. I was a total drowned rat but I am used to that look this week! LOL The wind was spooking Casey who ordinarily does not get closed in at night (none of them do). She did a 360 in her stall and her tail got caught on the bucket handle and just pulled until a big hank of tail came off! On top of that her force hitting the bucket cracked the bucket! I have never seen this before. Meanwhile I am trying to attend to poor Sweet Pea who was having her feet soaked. Casey was just being an absolute head case! The wind, the wind, there's monsters in that wind!!

I didn't get to leave the barn until 8:30 and I had not eaten... I was so hungry but there wasn't much ready to eat. I was so tired. I fixed a PB&J sandwich and just as I sat down to eat it the power went out. I was too tired to go get the generator up and running so I went to bed.
Woke up still no power. Oy vey My ride to work was to skillfully negotiate downed trees and wires. What a mess.

I am so tired! I hope this evening is more peaceful that last night! At least it won't be pouring rain. I hope!

No plans for the weekend just to continue to give Sweet Pea as much walking and soaking that she can stand. She is such a good soul. So willing and I know she is in pain. She is very brave.

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[[[[[[Suzanne]]]]]] have a restful night.

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When I got home this evening I thought I would "be good to myself" and put a potato in the oven for dinner. It would be all ready to eat when I got in from the barn...oh yeah, it was all ready alright...it exploded and all that was left of my anticipated dinner was bits of potato in the bottom of the oven! LOL Oh well, PB&J works in a pinch!

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BJ - check in when you get a chance. I am a bit concerned about you being out on the rock today.

Amy - Hope you are out of harms way too.

Suzanne - Thank God for PB&J - has saved me many times. Hope the book is helpful and a comfort to SP.

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Good Morning from rain drenched Southern California!

Suzanne! Exploding potatoes?? You and Sweet Pea need a good rest. I hope you get a chance to curl up by the fire and read that book. It might help you both!

Congrats Maddie!! On BOTH of your accomplishments! Where are you in the RN program process? Pre reqs or in the program itself now?

Dee Marie, conspiring with the enemy?? Ha ha! You must have a good relationship with that ex to do a shopping trip! That is wonderful and I admire you for it.

Hi Milkdud!

Raeanne, I'd like to hear more about your "Diva style" weekend.

I went out to a coffee house last night with some friends and enjoyed some good food an great music. Kayaking called on account of rain today : ( So I am off to do a bit of shopping then out to dinner with my sister.

My check in day is tomorrow and I am thinking I should do okay, but not perfect, what with all that food at the retreat last weekend.

Have a great weekend!

Check in, BJ....


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NHSuzanne - I usually poke the h*ll out my baked potatoes, because the exact same thing happened to me once, only it exploded in the microwave! Hope Sweet Pea continues to improve. Is your electric back on?

I just bought some peanut butter and jelly to have on hand. I started eating the Smuckers natural peanut butter and now I can't eat any other kind. I love peanut butter on apples, bananas or English muffins.

I just read that the tsunami missed Hawaii. Thank goodness. Those poor people in Chile.

I have a cold and my back is aching for various reasons. So I confess that I slid off the wagon (felt sorry for myself) and ate some junk this week. I will have to start over with the stars. :~( At least I refrained from buying anything junky at the store today.

We got another 6 inches yesterday and it has been snowing all day. But at least the snow today isn't sticking to the roads. February 2010 is now officially the snowiest February in Pennsylvania since they started keeping track of the weather.



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Marci - I start many a day with an english muffin or apple with smuckers pb. I can't go near skippy or jiffy anymore and I love pb. Isn't it funny how pain can have such an impact on your eating.

Tikanis - I am nearly done with a brochure for the weekend and our webpage should be up and running in a couple of days. I will share it with you. You would have been rockin' and rollin' in Newport today.

Maddie -I forgot to congratulate you - so Congrats to you and your mom.

Good night all..

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Suzanne, it would appear that you have been reading "The Maddie from KY Cookbook"! LOL!!!!!!!!

Lost about 4 pounds since counting points a week ago Friday. Now I just need to fit in exercise. I was looking at the Zumba infomercial today, but will not use my credit card on those shows. Do not seem to be able to buy it yet anywhere else.

Found 2 dresses, which I purchased! Really happy with them; will get good use of them, especially on cruises.

Going to meet my cousins for brunch early this afternoon, then get right back on here to do even more work. Have lots of catching up to do.

Make today count!

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Am I the ONLY one who is not a peanut butter fan??? I like the rare fingertip dab and I like satay and I like PEANUTS, but I never could do a PB&J.

Today was check in day for me (having put it off a day in hopes of gaining momentum rather than weight in light of last week's retreat menu.) Drum roll, please..... 152.


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Rabbit! Rabbit!

I have always wanted to do that!! Sleep tight, all!! : )


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Virtual sugar doesn't count! LOL It was the only birthday graphic I had that was large enough to fit the wording.

Raeanne - Have fun in NYC and San Diego!

Besh - Good to see you posting.

Ivamae - Welcome to the group!

I too am waiting for an update on Sweet Pea


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