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marci_paFebruary 12, 2004

Good Morning

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MArci~ Are you having a little Valentine's party tomorrow? My 7 yo DD's class is. And my older girls have mid-winter break starting on the 13th, so they can attend her party---she's SO excited!

It's supposed to be another chilly, but beautiful day here. Frosty in the morning, but warms up in the afternoon. Should be good riding at the barn today for my older DD. The weekend calls for rain. :(

I gotta fly! My house needs some major attention and my truck needs a serious washing! Slack off for a couple of days around here and everything goes to the circus!

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Good Morning:

I have been right out straight. DFIL has been in the hospital now. He fell on Monday and thought his hip was broken. After several xrays, etc. it is not but they won't release him until he can walk on his own. He is 86. DH has been spending the nights at DMIL because she is still recovering and he didn't want to leave her alone all night. She would not come here or go to SIL, so he is staying there. It is so hard when your parents get older.

QOD: Ofcourse my vote is for Boston. I just got back from Disney, so I'm not in too much of a rush to go there. Kentucky would be nice. I like Maddies idea. Maybe we could all go and get a boob job and lypo together! You know there is a place in Conneticut, I'll have to find the name, but it is a weekend retreat/spa resort. How about something like that? We can get facials, massages, etc. A little pampering would be great!

Got to run. Have a great day!

Love, Besh

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Do you think they will give a discount on a group book job and lypo?

Besh - I love the pampering idea.

If we want to do a spa type place, we should go when it's a little off season to help save on $$ - just to make it more affordable for more of us to go.

I am up for Boston, Chicago, Kentucky, NYC, FL - but we have to try and narrow it down. Should each of us come up with an idea and then see how many others like it. Just thinking out loud again LOL.

BJ - don't forget what the Dr. said, I know you think you are taking it easy - but to the rest of us it sounds like you are always on the go go go. I finally got to wash my jeep - I don't think it was ever so bad - all the salt and road grime - but way too cold to have it washed until last week.

Marci - Love the Valentine theme this week - THANKS.

Went to Yoga last night, breakfast with DH this morning and doing paperwork today - decluttering, etc.

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I think we first have to establish who is interested/able to come. Then we should take a vote on the places suggested. Once we have this established we will be able to nail down a time, etc. Until we establish who is in or out we can't really establish a place.

I think we should set time frame for the interest part. Is a week from tomorrow a reasonable amount of time for all the mia's to come in?

I can just see us talking this over and getting no where because some of us haven't comitted, etc.

Don't mean to take this over I am just looking to keep us going forward.

Please give me your opinions if you have a better way to organize this.

NH Suzanne

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Just checking in. Everyone sounds like they are in a "springtime" kind of mood. I love Spring! Well, not much else to add. Patti :)

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I'm definitely interested, and I am willing and financially able to travel away from the NYC area. (I say this because I suspect that for some, the decision will be based on how far they have to travel. So if they can't come to us, let's take it to them!).

I love the spa thing, and any season except winter is OK for me (I don't travel well in bad weather as you all know by now! LOL)

Dates NOT good for me this year: Easter weekend; week of April 25; week of 4th July; weekend of October 9 and 16, most of November is not good.

So far, most of 2005 is OK for me, although I have a wedding that I know of in July 2005.

How's that, Suzanne!? LOL

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NH Suzanne - I am thrilled that you are taking charge - as it was you that made the first serious suggestion of this.

Count me in as being committed to doing this. I am willing and able to travel. I have a few commitments for this year - but most of my schedule is pretty flexible. I don't know if I can wait until 2005 LOL, but I will if I have to.

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To the best of my ability, I will commit to this. Now, *when* my job changes (hopefully soon) things may be a bit different with vacations, etc... but I wouldn't miss this for anything! :)

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Great, we have heard from 4 of us.................and I am keeping track.
Once we get the people interested we will vote on a location.

So listen up all you MIA's we want your yay or nay one week from tomorrow on this. That is February 20, 2004. Let us know if you can and suggest a place. Once we know who wants to participate we will vote on WHERE, then WHEN.

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Forgot to send Besh ((((HUGS)))) hope things get squared away soon.
Can I officially count you in on the meet??????

I sold the October cover today!!! Two covers in one month, that's fantastic! Of course, this doesn't help my immediate goal right now but it's good for the future,

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Count me in for the get together! I would be able to swing it if I have enough time to save a few dollars, so I would probably vote for 2005, but could try to finagle the finances if we did it this year. (Two kids in college is a killer!) I could go for a long weekend during the school year, as I have 5 personal/sick days to use at my discretion. But this year I am using some of my days for DS's graduation in May, so I would vote for 2005 for that reason too. And I would absolutely love the weekend of pampering at a spa!

BJ - Two parties down today and two more tomorrow. We have parents come in and help with the games and treat bags, so it really isn't more work for the teachers. But the kids do get excited and wound up and someone almost always has a melt down. Today we decorated cookies for their snack and one little girl had more icing on her than she did on her cookie! LOL

Besh - That is good that DFIL didn't break his hip. It seems like when the elderly suffer a hip fracture, they take so long to recover. DH's aunt just fell and broke her hip and we are hoping that this doesn't mean the end of her traveling. She lives in Florida, but comes home often to see her son and grandkids. I just saw her at Christmas and was amazed at how active she still is. (She is also in her 80's.)

Well, DH and I are going out to dinner tonight and I need to get ready. I look rather frazzled right now (kinda like I just spent the day with pre-schoolers on a sugar high! lol) and need to freshen up. I am taping Survivor, as I don't think DH would understand me wanting to cut our romantic dinner short so I could come home to watch a TV show! LOL


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I vote for 2005. I'll be in Alaska all summer for 2004 and would have a hard time getting to the "outside", not to mention it'd be rather outside the budget this year. :)

I am, financially and otherwise, able to travel almost anywhere in 2005. I have to have some notice, as I gotta get someone to feed cookies and treats to my offspring while I'm gone. DH does not do child care, even if the kids are HIS--lol--but I knew this going into the relationship and have always been fine with it. He wanted kids but didn't want to be 'in charge' of them! I always have been able to find a relative or someone off the street who's interested in occupying space and breathing air with them---for a price, so I can gallavant around the world....does anyone take me seriously???!

Anyway, count me in. No blackout dates for me; my calendar's free. Thanks for getting this on track, NHSuzanne.

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Besh: (((((((HUGS, darlin')))))))))) Life ain't been giving you a break lately---no pun intended. I hope things heal nicely and everyone gets mobile again SOON!

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[[[[[[BESH & Family]]]]]]]]]]]

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Besh - I missed your post about DFIL - ((((((HUGS))))) to you and your entire family.

BJ - you crack me up with finding someone off the street to feed your kids cookies LOL. If my kids were younger and we were neighbors - YIKES, I don't even want to imagine.

It sounds like 2005 would be the best time to get together - would give everyone time to get finances together and strangers off the street to throw the kids junk food.

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Marci, have a lovely dinner date! Can't imagine you looking anything but beautiful frazzled or not!

The list is growing. I don't mind 2005 myself and if happens in 2005 that will be a big year for me. Three horse friends and I are planning a riding vacation through Tuscany in 2005. I am still skeptical as to whether one friend will actually be able to pull it off but I am hoping. Anyway, maybe we should focus on 2005 and that would give more of us time to save and plan. I like the spa idea too and the good news is there are nice ones everywhere!

Still need to hear from others but they have until a week from tomorrow. If any of you correspond privately with someone here give them the word to post thier intentions.

I am tired tonight so I am retiring early. 4am comes way too early in the winter because it's sooooo dark.

Nighty, night

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Thanks for all of the hugs and well wishes. We just have not been off to a good start this year. Alot of things have gone wrong in addition to inlaws medical issues. Fortunately DH and I are able to laugh a little about it and take it all in stride. DH just left to pick up DFIL at the hospital and get him back home. That should be interesting since they live on the 2nd floor of their 2 family home. Anyway I am happy that DH will be able to sleep at home home tonight. Zoe and I both miss him!

Count me in on the meet! I think 2005 works best for me too. The best time for me would be during a school vacation or I could take a personal day and do a 3 day weekend. I love the spa idea too. I am willing to travel a bit, but I am not a great flyer so I don't think I would like to travel a really long distance, especially if I am flying alone. Call me a wimp.

Suzanne, October? Wow, the year really flies by doesn't it? Congratulations!

Looking forward to Survivor tonight!

Love, Besh

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Count me in for 2005! that way I can save! I figured I better get my a@@ in and let NH Suzanne know! You were seeming pretty darn demanding. I am SOOOOOOO jealous of a ride through Tuscany. Can that be heaven?


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I vote we stow away in NHSuzanne's luggage and all show up in Tuscany!! Shhhhh.... don't tell her.

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Gretchen~ You're funny!

Besh~ Hey! Glad to hear you're getting your honey back. My parents are getting on in years and they live in a split level house. Stairs, stairs, stairs. I dread when they can't negotiate the climb any longer...

As an aside, I'm not a big on spas, but majority rules. Can I reserve a male masseuse ahead of time? I mean, REALLY. I'm one of 2 potentially traveling the farthest....

NHSuzanne: Wow! A Tuscany horse trip---sounds so fun! When we were driving through the Tuscany wooded countryside a few years back, things started hitting the car and we thought we were getting shot at. We pulled over and sat for a minute. The barrage continued. It took several minutes of high pucker factor before we realized it was an over-ripe hickory type nut coming out of the trees as a strong breeze blew through the land. We had a good laugh over that one. Just count us as more paranoid, watch out for the snipers...!

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Good Morning All,

We've got three more on board!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

Marci, your secret is safe with me!

BJ, I am sure we can find you a nice male masseuse! LOL I had a very young and handsome male masseuse once when my sister and I went to Montreal and I had a multitude of feelings from extreme self concienceness to pleasant fantasy! He was so good that I fell asleep and woke myself up with a snort!!!! I thought to myself "that's attractive"! LOL But I bet there will be shopping and other things to do wherever we end up!

Gretchen, it's funny you called me demanding! I do have a tendency to take charge but you would really want me around if there was a castastrophe! I can keep my head and figure things out under dire circumstances and believe me I have had practice!

I do hope that I haven't taken over on the meeting thing. It's just that we have batting it around for so long and then drop it so I thought that we should make a plan once and for all!!

Besh, hope you see DH soon! What an ordeal you've had. We aren't working on the October issue yet! But we are working on April. Time does fly.

Gotta run.

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YEAH!!!! I'm excited about this trip next year. Suzanne, you are certainly welcome to take over the meeting. I think it's best to keep all the details in one place, while we all throw demands at you!

In order that BJ be as comfortable as possible, I volunteer to accept Brunehilda for a massage....BJ, you can have Lars!!!! LOL

WOE is moving along, and I'm encourgaged to get in all my activity/exercise. Hope it pays off in my blood work on April 3!!

OK, back to work. I've got a meeting in 10 minutes and the file is not handy. Don't want to look and act like Homer once I get there .......... DDDDOH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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That's soooooo generous of you DeeMarie! LOL

This should be a great incentive for us all to get our butts in shape!

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Marci - shhhhhh...Let me see if I got this right, 2005, - Suzanne's luggage - Tuscany... works for me.

BJ - don't be so sure that you'll be doing the traveling - we may surprise you and show up at your door (with Lars)LOL.
This way your kids won't have to be left in the care of a stranger and they can eat some real food - because you know there will be a lot of food involved, where ever we end up.

NH Suzanne - we thank you for taking it upon yourself to take charge - it would never happen if someone didn't step up to the plate.

DeeMarie - I'm 2nd in line for Lars LOL.

Besh - how about I come to Boston to meet you, if it's a long flight - would that help? I'm serious. JB was on The Today Show this morning - couldn't help but think of you.

After we figure out who and where, I will contact Zig and see if it's something she would like to be in on.

BJ - don't be so sure you will be doing the traveling, we may just show up at your house (with Lars). This way your poor kids won't be left in the care of who knows who and they can eat some real food - because I know there will be plenty of food involved where ever we end up.

I can't wait, this is going to be so much fun. I will really be thrilled if I get to meet Gretchen in July and can catch up with NH Suzanne sometime this year.

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I forgot to mention to NH Suzanne, Maddie, Jen and KY Susie - my calendar this month is of a colt and mare on Bluegrass in Clark Co, KY. So I think of each of you when I look at it.

Amy - I am painting a country scene right now, with very muted colors, a pond in the foreground, some mountains in the distance. I was very happy with it the first week and then the 2nd week I got a bit frustrated and then last night it began to come together. I am sure it is a painting that someone like yourself could whip out in a matter of minutes - but it is a real process for me. I have always appreciated art, but that appreciation has gone to another level for me.

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Honestly, my eyes filled up when I read your post. That is so sweet. I may take you up on that. We'll just wait and see where we end up! I wish I had seen JB. He wrote an article in the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit issue. We got it at work, ofcourse we can't put it out on the shelf. Wouldn't those little middle schoolers love that! I took it home to read the article and NOT look at the pictures!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ALL. DH and I will be away for the weekend so I won't get a chance to post. Have fun!

Love, Besh


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Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

I'm heading out to take DH to dinner. We swap each year making plans, so one of us is not saddled with the 'pressure' every year...and this year's my turn. I made a rez at a romantic lakeside upper floor restaurant with a killer water view and booked a table with a waitress who has a heart of gold and is excellent at her job! I went to the sandy beach and wrote, "I (heart) (the letter "U"), Steve" in the sand and have digital photo of it. I cut it and glued it inside a card for V-Day. I am having a little Chianti w/ the dinner, but no desert! It's low key evening and we'll probably come home and watch an old Sting video we have or play some Seal or Eagles music and replay a few memories.

Besh~I used to love looking at the models in S.I. for inspiration until I read the stories of them dealing with bulemia (while they were modeling) and deep depression (as they grew old). That jaded my opinion quite a lot. Have fun on your weekend away! Did I tell you I bought Hanging onto Max? I LOVE the cover!---that baby is SO, SO cute! Can't wait to read it, when I can get it away from my 15 y.o!

Raeanne~ I'm *worried* about you flying to Besh's and then to meet us. Are you sure you guys won't divert the flight to Margaritaville???????????????? Given your histories, here's quite a bit of collusion that could go on there.......!

DeeMarie: You're TOO kind. I'll buy you a 2 point drink for that! Not many would pass up Lars for my benefit!

NHSuzanne~ I'm afraid if Lars sees this 14" freakish scar across me, he's outta there---lol. I think I'll bring my handcuffs with me and make sure he STAYS!, but I won't be falling asleep!

Gotta fly.

JOHN~ Check in and tell us you're coming. We need someone to tell us when to go home!

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Ahhhh, Marci, you never miss a beat! Bless you!

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Good Morning and Happy Valentines Day all my sweet hearts!

Thanks for the gif Marci!

DH has to work today so he brough home lobster last night for dinner! Yum! Besh, the lobsters came from J Hook and they were great. Hopefully, he will be home in time for dinner. I have a nice and simple one planned of tenderloin and asparagus. He will enjoy it if he's not too tired.

I am taking my nephew for his first horseback riding lesson this morning! He is so excited as he is a little cowboy. Lesson this year are our Christmas gift to him. Of all my nephews I think he will get the most out of it.

It's supposed to be in the low 40's today and I intend to get out there and enjoy some of this spring like weather. Yesterday was beautiful too and I missed most of it because of work.

I have to run to the recylce center before too long so I will leave you all. I will check in later.

NH Suzanne

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BJ, forgot to say that I am sure Lars will be happy to dim the lights..............but the handcuffs might be fun too.

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Hi Gang,

Sorry been MIA and will be until monday, then I can catch up on reading here and emails.

Not much positive to post so will just leave it at hello :)

Hope you all have a happy V day, couple friends invited me over to dinner tonight so im not sitting around by myself on my favorite holiday :/

Hope all is well.


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Happy Valentine's Day, John!

Sorry you're feeling blue........


I'm cleaning my garage today, getting rid of restaurant cooking supplies---pots, pans, measuring utensils, and lots of dishes! Salvation Army truck, here I come!

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Hi John, I'm sorry you're blue. I've been out of sorts myself.

For the meeting, I think you all know that I can't come, and even if it were here, I wouldn't be able to participate. I can't even get around to galleries and meet artists because going out for more than an hour makes me ill. I'll think of some way to participate, though.

I'm working on my self image this week, as well as painting. Thanks again for being so supportive. Not all forums are like that. I think it's nice for a person to be able to come here and express what they're feeling without being afraid of being harshly judged.

I'm going to paint today. Some of my plans fell through, but there are always other possibilities.
((((HUGS)))) to all who want them.


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Wow, it must have been one FANTASTIC Valentines Day with only three of us checking yesterday!! Hubba, hubba!! LOL
Perhaps you can entertain us with your stories today!

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No hubba hubba here LOL. I worked all day yesterday, both DD's are home and we went to dinner with another couple - was home by 9PM! Hope everyone elses Valentine's Day was more exciting.

Just got back from yoga - DD#1 went with me. I am planning a trip to NYC on Thursday and will be back Saturday. It is just a plan right now, not a promise - weather will play an important factor - I'm not going there to freeze - I can stay right at home and do that.

Put a load of laundry on and thought I should check in - will be back later.

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Good Morning!

No hubba Bubba BUT I woke up to a really wonderful letter from my SO. He talked about how far we have come from our first meeting and how he loves me with all his heart. He had gotten up and cut up a bowl of fresh fruit and let it on the kitchen table with this wonderful letter. GREAT way to start the day. He had sent the most beautiful roses to my office on Friday. What I think happened is we watched Oprah the night before and her show was about the most romantic men. It must have inspired him. I feel pretty special.

Now I am pissed at the DEX ( Still a swear word ). He told my DD that he was planning something special for V-day...BUT nothing phone call, email..nothing...ARRGGHHH...I hate to see her disappointmednt

NHSuzanne: I hope I didn't make you feel bad by my last post. I am glad you are taking charge of all of us getting together. I am like you...and I just take charge on a lot of charge away...

BJ: I have been doing the same thing with cleaning. DD practices softball next to a charity store and so I made a vow to take something in there EVERY TIME we go to practice. Little by little I am declutting althought I would LOVE to have TLC's Clean Sweep come in. Our basement is a cluttered mess. I would love to turn it into an exercise room. When I was dropping off donations, I noticed a Bally Lifestepper for sale there for 35.00. I was going to get it on my next trip...BUT it was gone. Probably good because I don't know if I need another piece of equipment in the house.

Raeanne: Believe it or not...I received an invitation to a wedding in LA for July 23rd. We don't know if we are going but I will keep you posted. I hope that you will be in Chicago for more than a day or so. So we shall see. IS your DD still thinking about San Diego??

Besh: I hope things are better with your DFIL and that you are happy that DH is home with you and your kids.

Marci: My kids gave me another Jodi Picoult book for my birthday. This one is Picture Perfect. Let me know if you would like to read it when I am done.

Patti: I FINALLY sent the books off to you last week. Keep your eye out for them. I hope you and Dave are feeling well. I wish I was closer so that I could help.

I don't know if I said that I was going to San Francisco for a few days. I am going to a convention for people who use Photoshop software. It is a huge event that happens twice a year. My boss is sending me there for fun to commerate my five years with her company. SO is coming with me and going to the convention too. We are staying at the very cool hotel in the art district of downtown SF. My mom is coming up from Atlanta to take care of my DD while we are gone. She is very excited and so is DD. She loves her Grandma and says she is a lot of fun. SO and I both love SF so we are very excited to go and have a mini vacation.

I went and saw my best friend who was diagnosed with Breast cancer in December. They removed both breasts because of the type of cancer they discovered she had. She had the surgery last week. I was up at her home to set up her DSL service. She was very silly from all the meds they have her taking. Her DH is a trooper because she is a handful. She said she was sad because of all the people who want to help her family. She isn't used to being on the receiving end of help. She was off to get her hair frosted one more time before she loses it. She will have to have both chemo and radiation. It is so hard to watch her knowing what lies ahead. She has not lost her sense of humor though...when my daughter asked how she was feeling, she said "Just a little flat!" She then proceeded to tell my DD that "for once in our lives, my boobs are smaller than your moms!" LOLOL

Well I am off...SO and I are looking at getting a new stove ( YIPPEEE ) We have had two hand me downs and I am begging for a new one that cooks evenly for a change. We are also looking at getting new family room furniture. Wooo Hooo I love getting new things

Have a great day!

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Hey, I'm here.....and Suzanne, I had a BADA BING of a Valentine's Day and Night!!! ;-)

The dinner was lovely and legal too!

Nighty night!

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I had a dinner and small family party and exchanged Valentine's and ate peeps (oooops!).

Hi to everyone!

Gretchen~ If you get a chance, visit my favorite San Francisco store: Stormy Leather. Welllllll, since SS-ing, I can't exactly visit the bakeries or Giradelli's. Sheesh! Give a girl a break!

Today, I got rid of a glider rocker, 5 pacs of lawn edging (I'll never use it), and bagged up various household items for the Tuesday Salvation Army pick up. Ahhhhhhhh, nearer to being clutter free---I didn't SAY clutter free, just

Other than that, nothing new.

DeeMarie~ Congrats on being LEGAL! (((((PATS ON THE BACK TO YOU!!!!))))))

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