Simplicity pattern

grammy0725August 28, 2002

Hi there, I am in search of a Simplicity craft pattern, #8471. I am willing to buy it if you have one. There are several dolls on the cover, boys and girls. I already searched eBay. In fact, I lost a bid for this pattern. Thought maybe someone on the Doll forum might have one that they don't want. Thanks for reading this post, Grammy aka Myrtle

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Do you have a link to that auction so we could see a picture of the pattern.

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I can give you the ebay auction number. It's 1373560900. I'm not sure how to get the link from there to here. Computer illiteracy. Sorry.

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I was hoping I might have it but I don't have that one but here is the link in case anyone wants to look and see if you have that pattern..A lot easier than digging through your patterns...

Here is a link that might be useful: Simplicity 8471

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Thanks Ruthie, for the link. Someday, I will learn how to do more than just bid on ebay. Fun hobby, but expensive.

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I just had a quick peek....and while I don't have the pattern, I wonder if you are wanting the boy doll.....if so there is a book available - my local library has a couple copies of the Amish dolls and doll clothes..which is what the boy doll looks you want the title and author? I can get the title for can ask at your library or get it through interlibrary loan I bet...if you are seeking Amish dolls...

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Hi I have the pattern you are looking for if you are still interested email me back at

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