What a roller coaster! (attic issues)

brian7972riFebruary 5, 2003

You may recall that I had a bad condensation in (one half of) my attic. The problem has been fixed, new insulation is in, and everything's drying nicely. It's 40-45* up there, so I've been told that I shouldn't be too concerned about mold...I think I'll be dry long before the temps hit 70 up there (prime mold growth temp).

Anyway, I noticed some significant whitish fuzzy discoloration on about 1/2 of the OSB decking (all of the decking is dry to the touch, but who knows how much moisture lurks beneath). I immediately thought mold (ugh). However, the contractor sprayed X-14 (made by Wd-40) a week or so ago, so I was shaking my head how this could be mold given the drying, the low temp, and this mildecide application.

So, I do a search on x-14's primary ingredient: sodium hypochlorite. I find a site that doesn't recommend the use of this chemical on wood decking (presumably for aesthetic, not structural reason). Check this out: "They can result in the wood's having a whitish unnatural tone due to the bleaching of natural components or a fuzzing of the wood's surface due to the loosening of small fibers during the cleaning process. "

Sure sounds like what I'm seeing! I certainly hope this is the cause/problem and not mold. I'm going to keep an eye on it, and go up once a week or so and if I start to see problems (colored mold, etc.) I'll devise a more traditional cleaning approach (bleach solution, etc.)

I've removed the cause of the moisture problem, so the best I can do now is stem the tide of an mold that may occur. I am hoping I can get the drying done before prime mold growth season.

Wish me luck...any thoughts are appreciated.


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P.S. I know that bleach is sodium hypochlorite. :-)

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