Huge Icicles from gutter = ice dams?

colorcrazyFebruary 11, 2010

I live in northern Virginia, where we had a record snowfall. DH is skiing in Colorado, so the neighbors shoveled me out. No one mentioned the huge icicles hanging from the gutters. Should I panic? DH says they don't necessarily mean we have ice dams. Have not seen any leaks (yet).

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I think what you want to watch out for is if the gutters themselves are full of ice and the eaves & lower portion of the roof have ice buildup. That's where the trouble will be. Icicles alone aren't necessarily bad.

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But they are heavy....break them off if you can...
Likely you do have ice dams...but in Va. it will warm up fast and they will be gone very soon.
Now where I live....they will be there another 6 weeks......
Linda C

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Thanks for the responses. Will sit tight. I'm not strong enough to break them off.

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Try knocking them down with a broom handle, but make sure you stand to the side so you don't get hit!

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