Time-out dolls

fundinozAugust 6, 2006

Any chance of a copy of the pattern and if possible some photos Many thanks Jen

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Hi everyone! Just joined...love crafts & narrowed it down to a few craft categories.

1. I do wire jewelry & have macramed since the 70's. I'd like to make polymer clay beads, but no nothing about polymer clay!
2. I'd enjoy sewing simple, dress-able dolls & bears!
3. Then there's learn to knit so I could make "Knitted Babies", by Caire Garland, "Stylish Knits For Dogs", & knit caps & clutches. I have quite a bit of (4-ply?) nice & soft wool.

I'm a hopeless "Craftolic"! I've just listed 6 or 7...& I forgot to mention learning to wood-burn gourds! And then there is "One Stroke Painting"!

In conclusion, I like to think I'm a Connoiseure of all crafts, a master of few.

I have sewn since Barbie Doll patterns emerged in the 60's, I'm picking the dolls & bears for now. My favorite Christmas presents ever were in 1965. Santa brought me a BEAUTIFUL hand-crank, tan metal, chain-stitch, (Singer?) sewing machine! I just loved it! At The Denver Dry Co, my mom & dad let me pick a sewing basket with BEAUTIFUL blue-green antique-colored tapestry. They bought me "McCalls Needlework Treasury". So a couple of questions to all you experts here at the GardenWeb:

1. So what exactly IS a "Time Out Doll"? I've never heard of or seen one!
2. What are the hottest-selling fabric crafts for shopping mall "Christmas Fairs"? I have tons of un-napped fabric, a sewing machine, & am proficient in this craft. I can knit scarves & have the needles & wool.

Thanks for info on these questions! ;)

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