John and Abigail Adams doll kits

cowpokieJuly 10, 2006

We bought kits at a thrift store they included the heads, legs, arms and a piece of muslin to make the bodies...

They were made by Yield House in 1980. I have no idea how to assemble them or make costumes for them. Would anyone have any sources for completing them. The heads are nice with bows in each of their hair styles...

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I have several of these kits. There should be a pattern for making the bodies out of the muslin. If not, let me know. I think I have one. You make the body, stuff it with saw dust or poly stuffing. Attach the head and limbs and make the garments--should be patterns for these as well.


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thanks MSMariposa 37....
My dear hubby made the bodies out of the muslin....

What I need are the patterns for the clothes...

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I have the same kit, but I've only got the porcelain parts, no instructions, no patterns, no fabric.


I've never made a porcelain doll, and am completely at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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