Older model Kenmore machine

Cheryl PrystayJuly 22, 2001

Just decided to post a message concerning my Mother in laws Kenmore sewing machine. I have been asked to give it a cleaning and get it back up running. I have no idea of the model etc. as she lives in another part of the country but I will soon be visiting her. I know only it was bought new around l949 and only does straight stitch - and ma said it can do reverse. She doesn't know how to thread it or wind the bobbin (and when I asked what kinda bobbin it has - she was stuck)....I know it will be easier once I have the thing in front of me. Does anyone have a website on older like late 40's early 50's kenmore machines.......I think it is going to be a real experience working on this one. Thanks.

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If you can't find a Kenmore site, try White Sewing Machines...they made all the Sears machines for years.

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Hi Cheryl!

I know you posted this question a long time ago but maybe it's not too late to help you out.

I just bought an old Kenmore that sounds like your mom's. As I was trying to learn about it, I found a web site that sells old sewing machine manuals. They also offer a great feature that shows the threading instructions from each type of manual. Click on their button that says 'Threading' on the top of their home page.

I found my machine's threading instructions, copied them and my machine runs like a champ! I'm hoping it will be a good machine for heavy dute upholstery work. Here's the link:


Good Luck!

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