freezer frost mini-disaster

jcs7February 6, 2006

Recently bought Kenmore Elite french door cabinet depth 'fridge - this week we had to move it to mudroom since kitchen floor was being refinished.

Sitting out in unheated porch (ie. mudroom), plugged in, temps have been anywhere from 40 to 30 outside, probably around 45 in that room. Holding milk and lots of frozen foods.

Went to look in freezer and there's "snow" everywhere ... even frosty snow hanging from interior light. Looks like my Mom's old fridge in the 70's.

WHAT DID I DO? Did I leave the freezer drawer ajar? Was it too cold out there?

WHAT DO I DO NOW? Brush it all off? Do I unplug it and keep wiping it out until it's dry? Does one "defrost" a 21st century freezer?

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For lack of better wording I think you shocked it. I'm guessing you moved it into the cooler temps and imediately turned it on or rather plugged it in. Not good, should have brought it to that room temp before plugging it in. Could have waited several hours. It would have held it's temp inside. Now that you have snow. I'd move contents to coolers, unplug unit, and start wiping it out. Once you get it dry then plug it back in and try again. The cold and or heat should not affect the refridgerator once it gets used to the room temp. Same as when you move it back to the kitchen, wait several hours before plugging it back in or you will have the same thing again.

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Good thinking, good advice. Will do just that. Thanks for your response.

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lindac obviously left a door wouldn't have frost if there were not a source of moisture.
How do you get rid of it? Take everything out of it, and un plug it and wipe it out.....then replace...
As for "shocking it"...nonsense...What happened is the cooler temps caused the condenser to run less frequently and the moisture which entered from the partially open door wasn't removed during the defrost cycle and turned to frost.
Actually I think you could do nothing and the regular circulation of the air will remove the excess least it does with my 20 year old Amana if the door doesn't get closed properly.
Linda C

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