Mold due to leaky roof

imk505February 20, 2011

We put every dime we could to get into our house and soon after moving in discovered we had a leaky roof that was not covered by the limited warranty or insurance. Anyway, long story short we lived with buckets to collect rain water that would leak into the house for a year or longer before we finally had enough money to fix the roof. Buckets and buckets of water came into the home.

In the garage you can actually see mold on the ceiling and there are some rooms with bad drywall damage. We know we have mold under the drywall. We are planning on getting a mold inspector out here but I thought I'd get as much info here first so that I'm at least somewhat prepared for what the inspector has to tell me.

Can we remedy the problem ourselves? Can we just tear down drywall, treat the mold or do we need a professional?

None of us are having any health issues that we know of. I have not tried to repair or remove any drywall or mold.

We have a flat roof (live in the southwest) and our roof was repaired but I don't think it was done properly. No roof panels were removed. They laid out tar and roof paper. The roof still pools in some areas when it rains and you can feel weak spots when you walk on the roof.

Also, the ceiling drywall is starting to come apart at the seams in some rooms. During cold nights you can hear loud cracks coming from the ceiling.

Thanks ahead of time for any advice!


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"They laid out tar and roof paper."

This is a built up roof.

Nothing but layers of tar paper and hot tar mopped on, then the whole thing covered with gravel to protect the tar from the sun.

They have declined in popularity with the development of EPDM membranes.

You need to remove the drywall and the insulation and check for damage to the joists/rafters.

If they have been getting wet this long there is a good possibility they have started to rot.

The rotting of the timber tends to create a dip in the roof, that then collects water and leads to more leaking.

There should not be a low spot in the roof that water can collect in.

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