Water in middle of basement floor

iowa_boyFebruary 10, 2007

We found water in the middle of our basement floor this morning. The evidence is that it is coming up through the cement. The amount is relatively small (a thin puddle a foot or so in diameter). There are no pipes in the area, no signs of leakage from other areas, and no cracks in the concrete. To my knowledge this has never happened before in the 16 years I have owned the house - even in the monsoon year, 1993.

It has been extremely cold here and for a long time. I've been told it is the worst cold snap in 60 years.

I've heard that there are springs in the area could water from one of them be coming up? - farfetched but the most plausible theory I can come up. Other ideas?

David, in Iowa City.

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Got any pets? Small children? :)

Could the water have been there for some time? I.e. it trickled from another part of the basement (near pipes, cracks, corners etc), and pooled in the lowest spot where it's taking longer to dry than the tail it might have left.

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If there are no cracks in the concrete, you're going to have to look for another explanation. Clean it up, monitor the spot every couple of hours, and see what happens...

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Good call on the pets (we have three cats) but it definitely was just water this time. Also a good idea on drying up to the lowest point - there was absolutely no sign of this however. We have been monitoring and the good news is that the water has not reappered in the last five days so we are crossing our fingers. Thanks all.

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