Junction box for pool lights

robtishFebruary 3, 2004

My pool lights have stopped working. The pool guy from the home warranty company (not an electrician, but very helpful on other pool problems) thinks it may be a problem with the junction boxes.

Only trouble is...he can't find them!

They're supposed to be above ground, but they're nowhere in sight. I bought the house a year ago and can't reach the previous owners to ask them where the junction boxes would be.

I'm pretty stymied unless I can find these stupid junctions! Any advice on how to find them?

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Put a circuit chaser on the circuit and try and trace them. Install a temporary receptacle in the panel feeding the circuit powered by the same breaker. Plug in a sender and start following the wire.
There are commercial services that will locate the wiring using a more sensative pickup unit (the senders are all about the same).

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