Exterior Elevation

uponthehilltopDecember 27, 2013

Hey Guys!
We are looking for feedback on our exterior elevation, specifically the entry area. Originally, we had a brick base with double timbers going up to the timbers in the apex.
LONG story short, our builder was concerned that the sides being open would allow water to rush onto the porch in the rain.
So, we planned to enclose it and go with stone and the timbers in the apex.
Now, in an effort to save money we ditched the stone but kept the timber apex. What you cannot see in the attached pic is that we are grading down the front entry area to allow for 3 brick steps up to the porch. We are also having brick "fan out" as 3 ft walls on each side with a place to put decorative urns.
I hope this makes sense!
I have never seen the arched timbers in the apex without stone. What do you guys think? We are going with a rustic brown and the lady at the design center (for our builder) even said not o waste the money on stone because it will just blend with our brick selection.

My only other option would be to ditch the timber apex and oval the brick above the transom window and run the brick all the way (enclosed) to the apex.



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Up close...

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Apparently I double posted again! That only happens when I use my IPad. It never loads my post, so I post again and then they both show up :(. Laptop only from now on! So sorry guys!

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