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marci_paFebruary 2, 2004

Happy Groundhog Day!

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I am so tired of this weather!!
Never used to be, I like the changing seasons and could never live in one solid climate all year long, however, I am really sick of the cold this year!!

Maybe its because I am getting older, or maybe its because I am trying to get out to walk and I can't!!

Bright and sunny today but still its only 20 out!!

On another note...did anyone catch the halftime show last night??
I was actually watching queer eye but I was flipping back and forth.
I guess I was lucky (or not) to actually see the big reveal!!
They say it was a costume malfunction although I seriously doubt it when you consider the words of the song.

Not what I call entertainment.

Now Josh Groban, he rocked!! I LOVE his voice!!


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Congrats to the Pats! Good game and Carolina gave them a run for their money.


Laters....(had to work off site Friday and Saturday and now I'm swamped!)

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Susie Q~I love listening to Josh Groban & thought that he rocked as well. I watched the halftime show but didn't see what happened. I only read about it when I got on the comp this a.m.

Marci~Thanks for starting us off with such a cute gif for Groundhog's Day!

Well, just trying to keep my word & check in once a day. I must get busy. Hi to everyone & I miss you. Will be keeping a low profile until at least March 23. Patti :)

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Count me among the ones that watched the Superbowl halftime show and didn't catch the flash either. I guess a bunch of people did catch it, because that is all they are talking about.

Great Superbowl game - WTG NE!

Marci - you talked me into making sauce. Because both DD's always request it, I find I hardly ever make it when they aren't home. I am also having chicken parm - I can't wait for dinner.

I didn't watch Survivor, but it is taped, so we'll watch tonight.

gotta run and stir my sauce.

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hi. swamped-----back later~

Here is a link that might be useful: Janet's flash- revealing pic.

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I didn't watch the superbowl - just the best commercials. Thanks, BJ, for the picture.

I'm reading "The Lovely Bones," that a homehelper got me from the library. I don't remember if I mentioned that.

Patti, thanks for the email on "colors." I enjoyed it and sent it on my my granddaughter and a couple of friends.

I don't have much to say today. Most of my thoughts are still in the game. The guy I had a crush on prefers to work alone, but that's OK. Lot's of other people. I have two paintings nearly finished and will send them to Mauai hopefully before the end of February. I think I said that in January, too, but one of these months.... Things are good here. I love going out in the morning. It's almost always beautiful. I'm low carbing for eating. I don't know what will happen long term. My DS#! has lost 17 lbs. in three weeks on Atkins. The best thing this crush has done for me is make me want to be attractive again. I have a doctor appt. tomorrow and I'm glad I don't have to go out in the cold to get there. Just a nice drive along the ocean.


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Hi All,

I didn't catch the "flash" either. DH did, but I guess that's how much I pay attention.

I loved the Survivor All Stars. It's going to be great. Come on Rupert!!!!

I sent out some updated pictures of the girls.

Diet wise I am doing Ok. I made brownies over the weekend and did eat a couple, but it didn't seem to make to big of a difference. No more though.

Better run,


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Hi All,

I just can't imagine being up in front of all those people and have my boob fall out of my blouse! I missed everything, as I did not watch the football game. I watched the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy marathon. It's the first time I have seen this and I must say I was really entertained. It's a cute show.

The weather was warm enough yesterday to take my girls, donkey included, out for a walk in the woods. They had a blast and we had a nice walk through the winter forest where they stopped and nibbled on pines and bark that they haven't tasted in months! It was all good and we all enjoyed ourselves. Today is really much warmere but I won't be home in the light enough to ride :-( it's a tease!

That was my excitement for the weekend! What a wild women.

I need something to jump start my diet. I have been SB'ing it and nothing has happened in two weeks. I have been pretty good as well.
I am so sick of the whole DIET thing. I have been on a diet my whole life practically@@

I am still bummed out about my trip to Acadia this summer. Grrrrrrr

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NH Suzanne - ((((HUGS)))) I feel bad that you have to miss the trip to Acadia. Is it something you can do for a couple of days and meet up with your in-laws in the carribean? I know that probably wouldn't work, but just a thought.

Jen - I will have to check my e-mail. I can't wait to see how much Erica has changed.

Amy - I have Lovely Bones in my "to read" pile. Enjoy your ride along the ocean tomorrow.

DD#2 just called to say she is home from Paris. I couldn't believe all the cancelled flights from Europe. I was a bit concerned. She said everything went smoothly.

DD#1 emailed me from San Diego and says she LOVES IT there. I was worried she wouldn't come home LOL. But she said she is and can't wait to show me her photos. She just went for the weekend, because of the low low airfare from JFK on Jet Blue.

SusieQ - it was a pretty day here today too. It almost makes you forget how cold it is out there. We are expecting to hit 30's by Wednesday - but they are also predicting snow. You can't win.

BJ - thanks for that link. That confirms that it was planned (at least on her part) - or does she always wear that little cover-up under her clothes? Those types of things don't bother me, but I would have to say it was poor judgement on someone's part and it's too bad that there is more talk today about that incident, than the excellent game that was played.

I made my sauce and getting the chicken ready to make parmesan. I also made a couple parmesan bowls for our salad. It will be nice to have something crunchy and breadlike with our dinner.

I'm having a hard time drinking all that water again. But I will continue to improve on that.

DeeMarie - hope you are somewhat caught up at work.

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Jen - I loved the photos and I meant to say in my previous post that I wanted to see how much Tara had changed not Erica. They are both beautiful. I bet Erica could be a child model. Thanks for the photos, always fun to see.

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The hotel that I was describing to NH Suzanne the other day was on the Travel Channel this morning. It will air again Wednesday at 3PM EST. It is on Great Hotels - they are doing a series on historic hotels and this one is The Sagamore Resort on Lake George, just in case anyone is curious. It really is a beautiful place.

I just had my chicken parm and it was delicious. Thanks Marci for mentioning it.

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Good Morning All,

Raeanne, I caught that show on the travel channel and saw the Sagamore. Yes, very beautiful. Acadia is an 8 hour ride from here with the horses. It's too much to think I could do both :-( I just have to suck it up and accept it.
There may be an opportunity in the fall to go with another club we will see.

It's supposed to snow tonight, expecting around a foot. It will be nice to see some nice snow for a change I must say.

I have to get ready for work. Check in later.

NH Suzanne

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Good Morning:

NH Suzanne, I thought of you during the SuperBowl. Did you see the commercial with the Bud horses and the donkey? He was so cute!

Amy, you will love The Lovely Bones. It is different, but once you get beyond that I think you will enjoy it. I am reading one now called The Afterlife by Gary Soto. It is very similar to the Lovely Bones, but it is young adult literature.

Jen, thanks so much for the pictures. The girls are so cute. It is amazing how fast they grow up. How is Erica liking being a big sister?

I did watch the half time show and did see the flash. DH, DS and I just stared at each other for a minute or so saying, "was that what I thought it was?" We really didn't know if that really was a "flash" until we heard it on the news the next morning. I am not convinced that it was an accident or a "wardrobe malfunction". They certainly are getting some publicity from it.

I think "wardrobe malfunction" is a phrase that I will keep in my vocabulary. I hove those all the time!!!! LOL

Got to get ready for work. Today is New England Patriot Day in Massachusetts, so we are all wearing Patriots colors to school. Have a great day!!!

Love, Besh

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The bad news is that freezing rain has delayed school 2 hours this morning. The good news it that it is supposed to turn to rain later. Hopefully it will get rid of some of this ugly, dirty snow.

Besh - Congrats to the Patriots. I didn't watch the entire game, but I watched enough to know that both teams played a good game. Luckily I missed the Janet Jackson "reveal", although it has been replayed on TV enough that even if anyone missed it Sunday, they have surely seen it by now. In my mind, there is no way that was an "accident" or "wardrobe malfuntion". It was a malfunction in good judgement! But you are right, they are certainly getting lots of publicity.

Amy - I loved The Lovely Bones! I love books that make me think.

Jen - The girls are so cute!! Tara is a doll and Erica looks so happy to be a big sister.

Raeanne - My Chicken Parmesan was delicious too! I am taking leftovers to work today. What are we having for dinner tonight? LOL

NHSuzanne - I know what you mean about new snow. That is why I am so glad to see the rain washing away some of this old, dirty snow. One of my fondest memories is of a vacation my family took to Acadia National Park. Sorry your trip got cancelled.

Gotta run, hello to everyone I missed.

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Here is my take on the Super Bowl event: We are hearing about how it was a family event and all the kids watching blah blah blah....perhaps we need to look at the choice of songs and the singers that were chosen to perform. Justin Timberlake's song was suggestive: words to the effect of taking her clothes off ( is that family material?) or how about P. Diddy as "family entertainment?? Huh...Now given that Janet didn't need to show us one of the "girls" but come on...if you are going go on about how it was a family event...take a look at the songs and singers also. Having said that ....I am so not a prude and I was not really offended by it all. Look at the other things that are on TV ... We had Survivor Hatch....naked in the first episode and and I believe that youngsters were watching the about the daytime soaps...this kind of stuff gets me riled up...LOLOLOL...

Have I mentioned that I AM SICK OF SNOW AND SHOVELING IT??? We had more snow last night and it is getting real old.

Raeanne: San Deigo is a great place to visit but if you DD tells you she wants to move there..have her call me!!! The cost of living out there is $$$$$$! My DS is looking to move out of there so he can buy a house at some point. The average home costs about 475,000.00 out there.

Amy: I am so jealous right now of your mornings in heaven. I would kill to feel a warm breeze right now.

Patti: is so good to see you posting. I am getting ready to send you a couple of books by Jodi Picoult. Marci lent them to me and I am passing them on to you.

Marci: I read the Pact this weekend. I couldn't put it down. My Mom called me to tell me she had just finished Plain and Simple. She loved it and the style of writing.

Besh: Thank you for telling us about Jodi Picoult. Every book I have read by her has been great. It seems that I cannot put it down once I get about halfway through it.

NHSuzanne: I am so sorry that you cannot do both of the trips. I KNOW how much you love that trip you take each year. Trust me...we love hearing about it. Is that the trip were you hurt your foot last year?

BJ: I watched survivor...I don't know but I think Richard is underestimating his "plan"

Well I am off to get some work done...hello to all!


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Good Morning Again,

I have a "lull" here waiting for ads from graphics. UPS lost a package of our and we have all spent our morning recreating ads! Oh yeah! Plus I had a client drop out at the last minute, what a loser!! I hate that because it's so hard to fill the space last minute.

If you ask me, nothing on tv is very family oriented anymore. I think we americans watch WAY too much tv. We should spend more time talking with each other as a family and not sitting in front of the boob tube, (no pun intended)! I find alot of commercials a bit risque and if I had children I wouldn't really want them watching them. Honestly, they even make shampoo commercials suggestive! Kill your television!! Okay, I am off my soapbox.

Besh, I missed the commercial you are talking about but I heard about it. I really would like to see it. If anyone hears that it's going to run somewhere let me know.

Gretchen, I can appreciate being sick of snow. It's less the snow for me and more the dark and bitter cold. I broke my foot on a different campout last year. The bone has not made a union and is troublesome to me. I think I may be doomed to sensible shoes for the rest of my life!! LOL

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Hi all! Everyone seems pretty up here now. I love "listening" to everyone. This is the greatest group ever, IMHO.

Gretchen~I've been looking for a package from you. LOL

Amy~I loved reading, "The Lovely Bones."

NH Suzanne~I, too, am sorry that your plans have to be changed. I know that you are disappointed.

Besh~AOL had a poll yesterday & that was the commercial that we voted for as #1 & it was the one that the majority of people, (over 1 million), had voted for as well.

Raeanne & Marci~The food sounds heavenly.

BJ~Thanks for the link. I know I'm always saying it but you are so nice for getting links for us.

Jen~It was good to see you post. I don't think that we have both posted at the same time in quite a while. LOL

Hi to everyone I've missed. The weather here is wonderful too. We've had some rain but I like it. And, opening your bedroom windows & listening it fall on the roof of the FL room is so nice. Will try to check in again tomorrow. Patti :)

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Good Morning/Afternoon,

OK ladies & John, I am in a rut. I am sick of eggs. I have been trying to eat more proteins breakfasts, but I am all out of ideas. Any suggestions? Plus, I guess I am basically out of any menu ideas. HELP!!! Marci & Raeanne, the chicken parmesan sounds good, will you post the recipe?

As far as the Super Bowl is concerned, I feel really bad for the players. They played a terrific game and all we are hearing about is the half time. IMHO, What could they expect when they had MTV doing the half time show? I thought it was pathetic and planned! But, that's television anymore. NH Suzanne, I agree with you completely. Nothing is family oriented. I am finding even on the childrens shows like Dragon tales & some others they use the words "stupid" and "hate". Its sad! I have to explain to Erica that those are words she is not allowed to use and she doesn't understand.

Gretchen, I am with you on the snow & ice. We are supposed to get more Thursday. It takes twice as long to get to work on the ice, I fell Thursday nite and hit my head on the ice, (thank goodness for hard heads!LOL) The kids can't play because of the ice. I am ready for it to go away! Ack!!!!

Better run.


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Besh - I loved that commercial too and I thought of NH Suzanne as well LOL.

Patti - I love after a long winter to hear the rain hitting against the house.

Gret - I just got off the phone with DD and she is ready to go, so I may have to take you up on your offer to talk to her. She absolutely loved it - of course she had a weekend filled with fun things to do and see.

I did my water weight training this morning, soaked in the hot tub and read for about 20 minutes.

Marci - I have a ton of chicken parm leftover, so I am thinking of having a rerun of last nights dinner. Maybe I will add a little eggplant to it, if the supermarket has any.

BJ - when is your next Dr. appointment, I thought it was soon. Let us know.

Well a big snow is on it's way here and I guess I better get out and run some errands that need to be done, just in case I am housebound tomorrow.

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Jen - it really isn't much of a recipe. I take boneless, skinless chicken breasts and slice them thin and flatten them. Then dip into beaten egg and then into parmesan cheese. Fry until golden brown (I use olive oil). Place in a baking pan cover with your favorite tomato sauce and top with some mozzerella cheese. Bake until cheese is melted and everything is heated through. I usually make them with everything already hot, so I just wait until the cheese is melted. I make eggplant the same way.

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Jen - I recommend using a non-stick frying pan. I find the parmesan cheese can be a little sticky in other pans - make sure the pan is hot, add oil and when that is hot add the chicken.

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Hi all,

Nice white fluffy snow here, hope it goes away soon I want to play some golf! :)

Jen, I get tired of eggs too but I work nights so for breaky I can eat lunch or dinner meals too. If you like smoothies you can add some soft tofu to them and also use soy milk. I know that may sound horrible, but you really cant tell and all you end up with is a nice fruity creamy drink. Im not sure which Woe you are on, so you may have to adjust the other ingredients as well. They sell all kinds of soft tofu, even some low or no fat ones. Many cultures eat fish for their morning meal, so you could go that way too! ;)

Amy - Im glad your having fun in game, and including your art work as well, how fun!

Patti- Sorry the struggle continues, sometimes they are so darn stubborn and cheap! I hope things work out for you and Dave.

BJ - sorry your swamped, watch out for the gators!

Gretchen - I agree the superbowl really isnt a family event, but they sure try dont they. I have no idea why people who dont watch football all year would care to see it. It would be like watching the season finale of a sitcom you havent seen all year.. I didnt get to see Janets assests, but she looks too much like Michael now anyhow so it would of just been freaky!

Besh - Hope you enjoyed Pats day!

NHSuz - saw this clip and I thought you may get a laugh out of it.

have a super day all, im 2 days into the SB diet and WoE is me!


Here is a link that might be useful: The best horse in Europe

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John~ leave it to YOU to out-do ALL the links I've ever posted. That was HILARIOUS! Where do you find this stuff?

I'm working on the court case from hell right now. Checkin' in more fully soon.....

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What is that large glowing orb up in the sky??

What a great day!!
Bright and sunny and 45 outside!!

I just walked for 45 minutes for the first time in weeks!!
Not sure how far I went...just around the block a few times.

I should be able to sleep well tonight.

Do you think it would be a good idea to by a step counter??

On another note, I needed to walk off some frustration with my DN (dear neice).
I don't want to go into too many details as I ranted about this topic on another forum and the thread was pulled but not before I got a few folks fired up.

I love her to pieces but she is just so misguided and out of control IMHO.

She is 21 and preggers with baby #3 with 3 different daddys.
This new guy she claims she in in love with, is only 18 and still in highschool.
They have only been together a few months but they are engaged and plan to get married next Feb.

I am trying to get her to wait, go back to school, get a decent job yadda yadda yadda...

So after chatting with her on line today, I was ready for a long brisk walk!!!

I am off to go pick up the kids from school.


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Hello Everyone! The weather here is nice & I hope that you aren't suffering through really bad weather. Tomorrow is dr. day on the east coast so I won't be able to post, probably. They have retested my liver enzymes & checked my level of Mono so I'll get the test results tomorrow. Then we both will see the therapist. It has been quite a while since we saw him. They always call to confirm & they didn't today so we are a little concerned about that. We'll stop by & check--don't want to wait around if something has happened to our appt. Patti :)

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Hello everyone,

It's quiet here today! We have nice white stuff too to clean everything up a little. Expecting more on Friday only it's supposed to be freezing rain :-(

I made my goal today!! I am very happy as it's been two months since I was able to do it. It's been a struggle. Now I have to get through deadline and I will be happy.

Not much new here. I have a tooth that's starting to bother me. It's become VERY sensitive to cold, hot and chewing on it in general. I have never had a toothache in my life. I must get through the next couple of days. I am hoping that I can get through the weekend and see my dentist next week. Keep your fingers crossed.

Hope we hear from you mia's soon.

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