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kermladyJuly 3, 2008

I need help with restoring Doll Hair. My doll is almost 40 years old (OMG that sounds terrible - I am 43 and I don't remember not having her!). I loved her way too much and brushed most of her hair out. She is about 2 feet long - wears 12-18 month baby clothes - cloth body and plastic head, arms, and legs. The original hair was a short bob, with bangs and "pin curls" on front sides.

I took her to a doll hospital several years ago and she got a new body and hair, but the hair is awful. The hospital cut off the original hair and glued on a wig with long wavy hair! (I almost cried!!) I would love to restore her to "close to original" hair if possible.

I would love any suggestions or help!!!

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Hi. I just found this's great! I'm looking for dollmakers/restorers to see if the real hair I have lots of is suitable for their craft. I am not a Business. I have inherited these hair items from my Mother In Law, who was a hairdresser. They are in my Vintage shop, (although they are not vintage, but new, and unused,) along with Vintage items, also inherited. If this link is against the rules here, please forgive me. I just need to find someone who could use them. I certainly will not trash them out for the landfill!
The first link is human hair plugs, in many colors. The others are extension sets and individual pieces, that can be used to create wigs, also in many colors. They are priced very realistically.
I hope this helps. Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Etsy

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