pattern for 12" doll baby panties

donnas_gwJuly 15, 2013

Looking for a pattern for a 12" doll baby panties pattern for my mom. Does anyone know if there are any patterns that I can find online and scan with my printer/scanner? Patterns are too expensive now, and I don't want to pay almost $9.00 for a 40% off pattern. I know some fabric stores like Joann have specials where they have them for $1.00 each. Went to a Joann's this weekend. They had Butterick patterns for $1.00, but none for 12" doll babies.

All my searches turn up patterns that are on sale on eBay. I want one that I can print out. Thanks.

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I don't have a pattern, but when I collected dolls you could buy them in the toy department at the stores at doll stores. If you can find an old pair, take it apart and use it as a pattern. Panties would be easy to make.

I googled and found sock panties, very clever. They wouldn't have to be a certain size because they would stretch.

Here is a link that might be useful: sock panties

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