DrainVac and Doc-It Hose for Central Vac

MaryGladysDecember 9, 2012

Greetings everyone! I have been a lurker for some time to GardenWeb and now need to ask a question! We are building a new home. 5000 square feet on a single floor...U shaped floor plan.

It will be the nicest house we have ever lived in and we are putting all luxury vinyl plank in the house. No doubt some people are horrified (as all my friends say it will look like Walmart or the hospital and I just laugh and say with 2 elderly parents, what's so bad about a hospital look???), but it will suit our needs and this is after YEARS of agonizing over the decision.

ANYWAY! So we are looking for a central vac system to help mitigate our allergies and efficiently clean our house while caring for our elderly parents.

Any recommendations???? We were looking at the DrainVac that can also suck up water. Looks like it may also wash away the dust and won't have to ever touch the dirt as it would be flushed into the septic tank. Thinking we could suck up clean water to wash the hose and pipes on occasion, as they might get pretty nasty!

Anyone ever had one?

The other idea was this Doc-It. Kinda like the hide a hose, but I can't seem to find much on it. They are pricey and I am thinking with my house plan, we would need 2. At $1300 a pop, that is just $2600 in hoses!

Please any thoughts or commentary would be AWESOME!



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I understand the concept of the Drain-Vac. But you never hear about people with dry central vacs needing to clean the pipes of their system.

If everyone in the house is horribly allergic to dust and no one can handle dumping out the central vac tank every few months, then maybe the wet-dry option is your answer.

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The allergies aren't that bad, but it would be nice to have the convenience of shampooing couches, too. Mind you, I am the type of person that takes apart my Dyson and washes out the hoses regularly. Even with dry dirt, the hoses get nasty.

Anyone have any experience with them and the Doc-it hoses? Thanks again, Graywings :-).

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