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quiltingbunnyFebruary 29, 2004

Hello Everyone!

I managed with 2 small glasses of champagne and chinese food (tried not to pull the sauces onto my steamed rice) to stay within my plan. This morning my weight is back up 1 pound - very interested to see how it settles after all this tomorrow (my weigh day).

Today is my LAST DAY of EVENTS - DH parents go home this week and he will be working next weekend so I will be able to get back to a NORMAL life starting Monday....

T h a n k H e a v e n s !!!!!

I would normally be puttering in the garden but everything is actually frozen! I am going to get a new propagator to get some seedlings started indoors and like Yellowhair, I have winter sown many seeds outside which I noticed are now popping their heads up in some trays.

Have absolutely no idea what we are doing with DHs family today with regards to food - we are both tired of eating out, eating in etc etc etc. A bowl of homemade soup with bread and sliced cold cuts looks good. I enjoy sour/sharp foods like saurcraut, pickles with cold cuts and the saurcraut really fills me up.

No matter what happens on the scales tomorrow I am extremely optimistic to getting back to normal and havin much easier control over my time/food/activity level and rest assured I will be out walking more in my spare time.

Its sunny and cold in McScotland this morning.

Let's make today count! We only have one kick at it so lets give all we've got today!

Cheers everyone, will check in later tonight to see how you are getting on today. If ya can - get outside and stretch a wee bit.



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Howdy McPeg, I've been going through what life sometimes flings at us. It's been real difficult and I haven't been staying on track. With my sister passing away last month, then my daughter's house got hit by what was thought a tornado last Sunday, it's been really chaotic around here as they've been staying here. Then my youngest sister and middle daughter came down from Indiana to help with the clean-up and cook for everyone. I also have some physical problems that will need to be taken care of, but won't know how until testing done on March 19th. I guess I just need some hugs or just let someone know what's happening here. I really do want to get back on track with WW, but don't have the gumption to do anything except get up in the morning, survive and then go to bed at night. One good thing, I'm not craving sugar and am trying not to eat a lot more than what I normally did.


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If all you can do is just get up in the morning - that is enough right now. When you have a chance - check in, see what's going on and remember we are thinking of you and your family. Boy, I can appreciate how hard it is when everything around you is out of whack.

When the time is right for you, come back, for now just work on having good food everyday and try to look after yourself. We are here for you.

Very sorry about the loss of your sister.


I am now just back from our final visit with DHs parents, they are going home this week. I ate LIGHT today to try and compensate for Friday - Italain, Saturday - Chinese. I pointed my meals as honest as I could because I am not doing myself any good whatsoever if I lie to MYSELF. Tomorrow morning is my weigh I was 1 pound up and hopefully by tomorrow a little will have been earned back off. It was a 'fruit' day with fruit and toast at dinner tonight. Very interested to see my weigh in a week from Monday because I have gone full spectrum on my point range this week which should shake up any plateau hanging around and totally confuse my body so it thinks its feast time and releases some weight.

Tomorrow is a work day, I will be ensuring to eat properly and back on track. Already have my food planned for tomorrow, even though I have a working lunch - I am BRINGING MY OWN. There are so many during the month supporting 4 directors and their teams I have to just stick to my own food or it would easily be too easy to blow everything.

I look better now and although the weight has been slow to change the last three weeks I can see the difference in the mirror.

How are you doing? Notice any changes? They don't always happen on the scale:

do you feel better about yourself?
are you eating better?
have you stopped skipping meals?
is your skin feeling better?

Do tell!


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Hi, quiltingbunny and Geezerfolks! So sorry about your sister, Geezerfolks, thoughts and prayers coming your way today from KY.

Went to church and Sunday School this morning. No breakfast. Ate some baked chicken and a little potato salad, plus a couple of Snackwell cookies.

And whoever it was that mentioned those sliced bananas---flash frozen----THANK YOUUUUU!----they do taste like banana ice cream! I just put some more in the freezer.

This week I'm setting a goal of walking a little further and exercising a little more, and drinking more water. I'm hoping our warm weather will continue a few more days, it's been so nice. Spring! Spring! I want Spring!! lol

Our Sunday School teacher was talking about his weight problem---he needs to lose 30 lbs.---anyway----he works in an office, but said he was tired most of the time---but he joined a wellness center and they did some blood tests-----told him the oxygen level in his blood was very low---he should exercise more. He says he feels a lot better now, getting out moving around more.

Sometimes I feel like---Oh, don't want to walk today.----but after I get out and begin walking, I'm okay. It's putting that first foot foward, or picking up my exercise book and hand weights.

So, this is going to be a good week, I'm hoping to lose a few more lbs. I don't think 2 lbs a week weight loss is unrealistic, do you?

Take care. Have a great evening and enjoy the Oscars! I didn't even watch last year, may not this one. May look thru some more fat free recipes.

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I'm a LOSER!!!!!
Tough week last week but my weight is finally moving!
2 lbs down - now 143 - 3 pounds away from a huge MENTAL GOAL for me. If I can break that 140 pound barrier there will be no stopping me!
Dancing the happy dance around the scales today....

I planned ahead of my dinners and planned after my dinners and counted everything, honestly.

I have a ton of things to do at work today, but hey - anything is achievable if you put your mind to it!

Check in later - cheers!


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Congrats on being a loser, McPeg!!!!!!!!!!! I'll do a happy dance with you!

I feel better since joining WW, and I think the scale will be good to be this week. Let's see. I AM sure that my clothes are starting to fit looser, and that's always a good sign, despite what the scale says.

Good luck to everyone this week!

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Hi everyone. Just wanted to pop in and ask if you've seen the new WW bagels? Food Lion carries them here. 3 points (loads of fiber) 190 calories. There are also English muffins but don't know the stats on them. Kathy

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Insomnia strikes again!!!!! Arrrrggghhhhhh!!!!! I did not sleep one wink last night and feel rough today!!!! I wanna eat comfort foods today...but sticking to proper meals. Was still hungry after my lunch so I am now testing that hunger with glasses of water. I am not caving to this. No Sirrreeeeeeeeeeee! No Way! P.Off Hunger!!!! Bad Hunger!!!!!
Tonight going to have fruits, veggies. Had fish at lunch and chips (potato chips).
I think the water is helping. Have to give everything 20 minutes to let lunch hit the ol' system.
Can't skip any meals today or I will fall asleep at my desk. Anyone need a night time babysitter? I am available if this continues.

Still making sure that today counts!

Let's all do our best to do well today. We only have one shot at it, so make it count!


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McPeg, was the fish you ate battered? I love the fish and chips ('fries') that you can buy in pubs and such in the UK. Just curious!

Hope you get some real sleep tonight; I find that if I put a boring show on the TV with the sound low, it will lull me to sleep. LOL!!

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No, no batter - it was a low fat, white sauce, low fat microwave haddock - okay I am not a fish lover - I struggled through half and that was it! I need healthier proteins. Now, if it was battered with sauce, lemon, vinegar, would have been long gone! I have baked fish with garlic/lemon or dill and it's lovely - I just can't stand the smell of raw fish so I hardly bother with it.

Just two more hours to go, eyelids fluttering and I will be on my way home to an early night...

Hope today counts for ya!


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Hi everyone!
Congratulations on your weight loss, McPeg! Sorry you couldn't sleep last night. When I can't sleep, which is very seldom, I get up and play cards on the computer. I don't mind being up because that makes it longer (or seem that way) till I have to leave for work.

Sharon, I'm so sorry to hear of all your problems! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!
Just keep the "eating well" thoughts in the back of your head and when you feel the time is right, just ease back into the program. Keep checking in here and posting so we know how you are doing.

Yellowhair, tell me about those bananas! I must have missed that.

DeeMarie, sometimes you lose inches and not weight. It's always a good sign when your clothes are becoming looser!

Hi Kathy! I've never bought any of the WW foods. I live in a small town and we only have one grocery store and they don't carry many specialty items.

I've been on the go all weekend because Jammer was here. So I ate out quite a few times and cooked and ate more at home than I usually do. Yesterday I went to a workshop all day in Austin. Of course they had all kinds of donuts and coffee at the workshop and then we ate out at lunch. So I know I have really overdone everything for the past 3 days!!! But my pants felt just fine this morning, so hopefully I haven't done too much damage. My weigh-in is in the morning. So we will see.....

I hope everyone has a great day today!

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Hi Kathy, where have you been? MaryAnnTX, it's just a banana cut in slices and I put them on a piece of reynolds wrap in the freezer so they will flashfreeze. Then, if there's any left, lol--I fold them up in the foil. Plop one in your mouth and it's almost like banana ice cream!! Yummy!

Today was probably not a good dieting day---DH had a doctor's appt. in the city, so we had lunch out and I ate part of a taco salad which was too spicy and not very good. Then we ate dinner on the way back home---I had mostly veggies and fruit, a little roast beef.

I think I'll weigh myself tomorrow---dreadin' it!! Oh, well, maybe it won't be as bad as I think. I must, must, must get back on my losing streak. Have a good evening!

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Kathy has been eating like a normal person. Normal portions and pizza and a party or 2. I gained the same weight back again that I have been playing with for years. Now the fear of the doctor has me back to small portions, vegetables and more vegetables. One good thing - the weather is great (only some leftover snow in the shadows) and the dogs and I are walking every day. The older dog Sam has gained weight too!
Frozen grapes are good. Both grapes and bananas are high glycemic and may make you hungry though. McPeg do you still have that info?
We have a good seafood seasoning around here called Old Bay - you can find recipes for it on the internet. I thought everyody had it but a friend in Canada had never heard of it and when hubby's Canadian cousin visited she bought an industrial size can. The seasoning is good in soups too and on chicken. I would not know how to make shrimp without it.
I e-mailed Weight Watchers for my Lifetime member number and they could not find it (maybe it walked off and left me-haha)so I need to call them. I think I need to face those scales every week.
I lost sleep last night - my police monitor said there was a robbery at a convenience store and the guy held a knife to the clerk's neck. There was a similar robbery last week and the one cop thought he knew where there was a similiar car so he was going to check it out. So I of course got caught up in the drama and could not sleep afterward. Really appreciated hubby letting wiggly Sage the pup upstairs to wake me at 5:30!
I really enjoy reading all posts. Big hugs to all this morning!

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Boy! Am I surprised! I was prepared for an increase when I stepped on the scales this morning, and instead I had lost ½ lb.!!! I have eaten too much over the weekend and Mon. & Tues. Jammer has been in and when he's here I always eat more than I should. Although I do think about everything I put into my mouth, so even though I know I'm eating more than I should, I am still making better choices of what I eat.
Jammer left last night, so I will be back to the program now.
Kathy, that's scarey about the robbery. Do you live near the convenience store? Hope they catch the guys!!!

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Hello everyone!

Sharon, I'm sorry about your sister and also about the tornado hitting your daughter's place. My house has almost been hit by tornado once. Then it did some damage to an apartment I was living in but thank goodness I wasn't home at the time. We really are in tornado alley and they have done a tremendous amount of damage here.

McPeg, I know you are glad to begin to get everything back to "normal" but sorry about your insomnia. I couldn't sleep night before last so I practically "died" last night.
Congratulations on your weight loss. I don't see how you did it with all the company and eating out.
Please tell me about the fruit salad you mentioned you had for breakfast in another thread. Breakfast is my most difficult meal as I cannot have eggs or any meats and do not care for cereal or oatmeal.

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Hello Everyone...trying to get a few words in before my bus. Having a good day...very hungry at times today, then realised its that time of month wonder!
I am stuffing myself tonight with a 'boilfry' - I do chinese stir fry but really STEAM instead. I use water in the pan, high heat and toss everything around until cooked, add cold water (with 1 tsp cornstarch), garlic, lemon and flavour cube and toss some more until thickens and pour the mess into a large bowl. Its great.

chopped chicken with: broccoli, mushrooms
chopped chicken with: bean sprouts, ANY VEGGIES

sprinkle top with sesame seeds (about 1 tsp browned)


Fruit salads - I chop apples, oranges, strawberries, pears, grapes, kiwi and any other fruit I can lay my hands on. I sprinkle the night before with splenda and toss it around. The fruits make their own juices overnight and by morning -


Just found out at work today - next week one of my Director's (support 4 of them) is having our team meeting in London with dinner in a restaurant I could never afford - have to plan before, during and after for that, the following week, another Director has a team night out - might have to decline that one graciously and that is the norm with this job.

I value my weightloss more than a few beers and I know myself well enough to stay away is easier. It's my time and my health. I would love to go to all of these but I really can't - multiply by 4 and I could do the last two weeks of each month with 4 different team events.

sorry guys, not this gal.

Gotta run for that bus!
Have a fab night!


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Weigh-in just an hour ago and I'm done another 3 lbs! That makes 11 total since 4-February!

I'm doing a happy scale dance and patting myself on the back because this was hard work!

Have a good day/night everyone!

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Hi Ya!
Kathy, the glycemic index database I don't have anymore other than printed version but it was from an Australian study. I have purchased the Glycemic Index books from amazon - they are good for reference and choosing foods that burn slow to fight off the hunger. If you search on australian glycemic index you might find the database still available from a university site (I don't remember name). Glad to see you back and posting!

DeeMarie - fabulous news! Every bit of weight gone is good and you seem to be doing it at a healthy pace. Great!

MaryAnn - I had the same type of reaction last week - ate lots and then bam, it moved again! I think we have to shake things up sometimes.

Oh ya doin???Do tell. We here for ya no matter what those scales say. Hopefully good news. If not, don't despair...

Make Today Count!

LOL to all

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Ewwww! There is a story on Today this morning about a filmmaker who ate nothing but McDonalds for a month. I guess it will be a weight story. I crave their fries but could not eat them for a month - I am suprised the person has enough energy left to do the story.
I think they caught the robber when he tried to rob another store (hope it is the same robber anyway). This one was robbed at 3 am! I don't live close to the stores (well maybe close in Texas standards - about 3-4 miles away) but I am back on a winding country road so am not too afraid. Have hubby, hunting rifles and 2 dogs too.
Supper last night was lemon pepper chicken, small baked potato and salad and then later mom and I went for a McDonalds cone. The scales were a little kinder this morning. I am blaming all the fiber. Have the cleanest colon in PA! Have been eating the big carrots as a between meal snack. Yesterday I had one to go and gave the pup a piece. Never give a pup a carrot in the car! She shredded it and made a big mess. Carrots raise blood sugar (high g value) Oh well if it makes me hungry I'll eat another. The South B diet does not allow carrots for that reason. I would not give up bananas or grapes either but it's interesting to check if they make you hungry. Bananas do that to me and so does the special K fruit cereals.
Wow Dee Marie! Wow Mary Anne! Cartwheels going on!
Beverly why no eggs or meat? Is this your choice or health probs? Why not soy cheese and toast? That would be a tough one. I am glad to hear someone else cannot eat oatmeal. Tastes like muck for me but I could eat cereal 24/7. My favorite is Kashi I like the rings or the sticks and twigs (Good friends?)
I had my cereal for breakfast and forgot I bought a pack of WW bagels last night ( I put them in the cupboard so they would not sing to me) so I may make a sandwich with one for lunch. Supper will be liver and onions (love it!).
McPeg your Chinese recipe sounds good - what flavoring do you use?
Rainy this morning so I will walk later. Will be 5 days straight!
Bye all, Kathy

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Morning everyone! It's going to be a beautiful day with 74 degree temperature. Makes ya want to get out and walk, walk, walk.

I could tell last night that I would have dropped a couple of pounds if I hadn't gone way off my diet yesterday. Oh, well, pick myself up, rub myself off, and try, try again!!

Kathy, the soy cheese on toast is a great idea! I had not thought of it. I have not tried the Kashi cereals but maybe a will now.

The meat and eggs thing is the medical problems. I can have about 6 oz of chicken breast or turkey breast a day, but no breakfast type meats.

So how are all ya'll doing this morning?

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Beverly, you really have a challenge there! Try the Kashi cereal that looks like cheerios because the sticks kind takes some effort and if you don't like cereal will taste like straw to you. The circles are full of good antioxidents and to me taste very vaguely like white grape juice.
Probably a Weight Watchers bagel or english muffin with ff cream cheese would make a good breakfast too but not if you are a carb counter.
I already have tonight's liver cooked and while I was at it made a roast chicken for tomorrow. I love my G Foreman roaster but it is too small for a big chicken and is a bugger to clean. No cable tv here (not offered out in the sticks) but I collect more kitchen gadgets than anyone I know. I use them though except have the bread machine because we all know that that odor would drive a dieter crazy.
Still rainy here so I am heading out to shop thrift stores.

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I'm a loser!! yayyy---lost 1 lb.----according to scale and I'm a little surprised because I have been cheating a little here and there, but trying to walk more and exercise more--------I exercise everywhere in the house----while I'm waiting in the kitchen on something----while I'm doing this, that, or the other----I do some leg kicks and other simple exercises!!

Diet drinks all day yesterday and today so far. This is my main problem and I'm going to KICK IT!! Take care, everybody, and have a great day!

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Glad to see everyone is having a good day.

I just bought the Kashi Good Friends Cinna-Raisin, and I'm really enjoying it! Take a cup of it (dry) in a baggie to work along with 6 oz of ff Dannon yogurt for breakfast at the office. I love the crunch of the cereal, as it's like snack chips to me. I usually eat the yogurt about 2 hours later when my stomach starts to rumble (10-11), and then have my lunch at 1pm. I eat a piece of fruit at about 4pm before i exercise, and so far, this WW thing is working.

Plan, plan, plan ahead if you possibly can; it's the saving grace for me. Trust me, NOTHING was working for over 4 years for me!

Gotta get back to work. Have a great evening!

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Well folks, I'm a having mood swings and my hunger is a struggle today....when my hormones go outta whack I lose weight really fast because I get angry at myself and don't want to eat. There is no logical explanation for this other than hormones out of balance. Medically depressed and hoping to have it pass. I managed a yogurt and feel like tossing my cookies and kicking something. This is the other side of my jolly self...
I wonder how many calories you burn when steaming?

LOL to all my pals, I hope to read your posts later. They have been extremely understanding at work and I have tried to let them know what is going on with my mental health.

I need to get home and clean something, lots of something this weekend until I drop. Then, a nice soak in the tub and bed, without medication, on my own. Going for a few strolls and weather permitting, going to check my tender winter seedlings and see if they need anything.

My challenge today is to eat. Drink lots of water and give myself an attitude adjustment right up the side of my head!

Cheers for now,

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I've been extra hungry this morning. Maybe my body realizes the weekend is near, and I always relax my eating restrictions on the weekends. *S*
I made my green tea before coffee break to put something in my stomach, then ate my apple during coffee break. Now I'm already thinking about lunch as several of us eat out together on Fridays. Then a lady that I work with brought in a homemade German Chocolate cake! Her cakes are delicious! So.....that's for my afternoon coffee break. Can't imagine how many points are in that cake! I guess I'll triple up on my exercising this evening!

Hope you are all having a great day. Hope you are feeling better McPeg!

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The sun is shining this Sat morning and I am going outside. I feel a world better. Thank you for your support.
As for my chinese food - I use those oxo cubes - beef or ham or chicken, add fresh garlic and ginger(if available). I experiment with the chinese 5 spice mix. Chicken Tonight in the UK has a chinese chicken mix which is Sweet'n'Sour - its not bad but I try to leave the sauce in the pan when I use it (I water it down on purpose).
I think I might have dropped half a pound but my tummy is shrinking this week.

Really happy to hear everyone is taking the bull by the horn this week. We all have our challenges and it's important to face them and not give up on ourselves.

I hope everyone enjoys their day today.

Lets make it count and do our best!


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Good morning, dieting pals! It's a little dreary here today, rained some already, but I've got so much to do that I'm not going to let this dreary gray sky bother me! We're getting ready to go to Wal-mart, I need snacks and diet pop, and some type of meats for this week. DH is a meat and potato guy----I try to make my portions small. I've got a chicken to bake for tonight. Haven't had baked chicken for a while----looking forward to it!

I'm working on getting another 5 lbs. off---lol----for some reason my mind works in 5-lb increments. I keep thinking that if I can just get the scale to that 5-lb mark---I can move on!

I am convinced that exercise and drinking lots of water moves the fat off. So, I'm trying to do more in these 2 areas.

Have a great weekend, ladies! Be good to yourself! My little treat today is a new tube of lipstick---I have pink, I need coral or brandy color. A girl's gotta have several!

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Good Morning! It's a beautiful sunny warm day here!
Yellowhair, I think you're right about the water and exercise. I don't do enough of either. I guess that's what I should be working on. I'm happy with my size right now, but still want to lose 3 or 4 more pounds and then work to stay there.

My treat today is going to the movies. I'm going to see Monster. So far I haven't found anyone to go with me, so I'm driving the 45 miles to the theater and going to buy some popcorn and a diet coke and enjoy the movie by myself! LOL

One thing that I always notice about myself when I lose posture is much better. Wonder why? Maybe it's because I'm so much more aware of my body? It feels great to not feel the need to hold in my stomach! And I just naturally stand up straighter. I don't know the reason, but it's something I have always noticed.

Have a great day everyone!!!

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This week just keeps getting better and better...I am exhausted today...have slept to the point of being sick of being in bed...went out...did groceries and just realised my wallet is missing. Just cancelled all cards. Just bought NEXT MONTH'S BUS PASS...have to travel this week across country with work (NO CREDIT CARDS - all cancelled including bank cards and to be replaced....) it must have fallen out of my pocket on the bus on the way home.
Right now I am sick of everything. I am going to bed as soon as this sedative kicks in. I have monday off work...whooopy. I am soooo pissed right now its not even funny. I am tired of everything. Bad enough my mood was just starting to lift a wee bit from being depressed. If I had a dime for every wallet and credit card I have lost I would be retired right now.
What next????
Can't even think about WW points right now. Don't care. Will sort out tomorrow and get back on track. Going to bed shortly.


Anything else going to happen???

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Well I am hoping someone is trying to contact you with your wallet or did contact you. Well I know it is no consolation but I know a man who drove from PA to FLA with his 2 kids for a vacation. While in FLA the first night at the hotel his truck was stolen along with his checkbook which he had in "what we call" the glove compartment. So there he was and I called him to tell him his dog had eaten cocoa mix that was in a gift bag in his house! I called the vet, the dog was fine and they rented a car and we won't mention the checkbook problems but it is all working out for them. It will for you too. Might not be a good time to take a flight or bet on the horses though! Big hugs to you McPeg and may the sun shine and good things happen to you tomorrow. Kathy_

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