Diet Pals - Happy Valentine's 14 - 21 Feb

quiltingbunnyFebruary 14, 2004

Happy Valentine's Day my Friends!

Yesterday I shared a small bag of cinnamon heart candy my mom sent over from Canada. Tradition ever since I can remember to have these. I left the bag at work and will continue to share them....I could eat the whole bag myself -I just love fiery cinnamon. Today I am sticking with my planned meals. Have gained back half pound from this erratic week but that's okay. Things will settle down again and so long as I keep with it I will be back on track in no time.

Going for a nice walk this morning to do a normal Saturday thing. Stock up on my yummy yogurts, get a nice fresh salad for later. It's mild today and the fresh air will be wonderful.

Hope everyone is enjoying this special day with their loved ones!


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Good morning and Happy Valentine's Day, McPeg, and everyone else! I've already given DH his valentine gift---a box of candy and a new baseball cap. I told him yesterday I would buy my own Valentine gift---is this terrible????----he just gives me some of the ugliest stuff---I know I sound awful, but this is true. And I didn't want candy.

So, I'm looking at a beautiful red rose and I purchased a new sweater with a fur collar (been eying these) that was marked down to half price. Woohooo!

We're having a get-together at church tonight---our monthly Sunday School class one which happened to fall on Valentine's Day----I'm taking lasagna and a fluff salad with the cottage cheese, whip cream, pineapple tidbits, just mix them up with a pkg (or half) of the dry strawberry jello. I tried to buy everything "lite." lol

So, I can't overeat tonight----according to my scale, I have lost another lb.---it must be the exercise because I've eaten too many no-nos, like the cashews.

Have a great day! Spring is on the way!

PS Hope I don't sound too bad about buying my own gifts---but we've been married a long time---I like it this way. I get what I want and he doesn't have to worry about it.

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Yellowhair, I did the same at xmas. DH got me a ton of self build books for houses (hahahahahahahahahahahah - he reads in them 'in the library' ahahahahahahahahahaha) and self reliant living....I got myself some quilting books, a mini iron for doing applique and quilt themed coffee coasters. I am reading the books I got HIM for xmas and he is reading the books he got ME for xmas.
It all works out in the end!


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Great! That makes me feel better. Well, I didn't overeat *that much* at the get-together at church, but had some leftover cheesecake, have nibbled a little too often at it. Also, my DH had some back problems last night, I more or less insisted that he go on to the emergency room today since he was up all night and couldn't even lay down without a lot of pain-----thought he might have a kidneystone--------anyways----the doctor says he thinks it's muscular, gave him a shot, advised him to use Icy Hot and Ibuprofren. He'll have to sleep sitting up.

This added stress has just made me grab food here and there today. Tomorrow I'll have to walk extra and hide that cheesecake. Funny, though, it's difficult to go back to diet yogurt when you've had cheesecake. LOL

Trying to hang in there. sue

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Yellowhair - (((((((DH))))))) ouch! Hope he feels better soon.
My weigh day today...with all the change in routine last week I have maintained my weight which I am very happy with ... all things considered. Very tired today. Could go to sleep in my keyboard. Brought all my food in today and making sure I eat properly so I don't fall asleep at my desk.

I am really a creature of habit and routine - without both I konk out quickly.

Got a lovely card for Valentines from DH, hugs and a nice cuppa coffee in bed...bless him. It's those little things I love most.

Cheers, will check in later,


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Good morning everyone. Hoping my pals check in today. I have stuck to my guns yesterday and ate according to plan. Writing my foods down, bringing my lunch and still had a wee slice of chocolate cake. Very, very tired today but still putting one foot in front of the other, determined to shed these extra pounds. Slow and sure.

How are you doing??? Good or bad, keep talking to us. We're here together to do this!

Have an all day meeting to take minutes at so I will check in later to see how you are doing.


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Alright...where is everyone??? I am having conversations with myself...
C'mon gang - check in! Can't be that bad!
Don't quit!

Will check in later....


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I'm here! We had a 3-day weekend here, and I was on the go most of the time. Didn't spend much time at the computer, but I'm back at work today, so here I am! I ate a few extras on Friday because of treats that were brought to our office. During the weekend Jammer was here and we were eating out, etc. Today I'm back on schedule and eating right. My weigh-in is in the morning, so I'm hoping I didn't do too much damage over the weekend!!!

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Hi there!!

I'm visiting from over at the SS thread, but I started WW on 4-Feb. Lost 5.5 the first week and my weigh-in is tomorrow.

This is not a bad system! I love the flexibility of it, but I've said that before with "diets". LOL! It's time for me to stick with something that I can live with, though. I have to lose about 85 lbs for my health to improve, and I hope this is the plan for me!

I've been lurking on your thread, and hope you don't mind if I pop in now and then with a question or comment.

Good luck to all of ya!

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Welcome D! Well, I can say that I have a new appreciation for caregivers now. Only a few days into my DH's back problems and I'm about ready to scream!! I've lost so much sleep with him tossing and turning, getting up and down. I know he can't help it. And on top of that, he either had a virus or sinus problems and was sick to his stomach!!! Poor thing. Poor me. lol hope I don't sound too bad here--------I did go out yesterday and get him some jello and some of his favorite foods.

Anyhow, when I stepped on the scale today, I'm back, with maybe a 1 pound gain now---I exercised yesterday. So, I have to do better, and I did revert back to my old ways and drink some Pepsi-------now it's gone---bought diet Dr. Pepper again. Actually, it's the Sam's/WAl-mart brand of Diet Dr. Thunder----half the price. I'm cheap!

Today, I have to house clean like crazy where my kitty cats have been-----we have 2 housecats that do go out, then another cat that scratches on the window at like 3 in the morning-----so---I've been bringing him in. So much cat hair around-----yes, cleaning and watching EVERY bite that I eat today. Had a small amount of cereal for breakfast.

Have a great day, you guys! Think "warm weather." I sowed a few seeds in containers yesterday, now have to find a warm place that has light to sit them. I will welcome Spring and maybe have a party! Maybe do a dance!

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Welcome Dee! Glad to see you joining our merry gang!
Hi MaryAnn and Yellowhair! Anyone see BigMama about?

My weight has settled again back to last weeks lower loss and I am happy. Challenging day today - family funeral and gathering afterwards. I have to get ready shortly but not before having breakfast.

It has been challenging for me the last couple of weeks with the disruption of routing but at work I have concentrated on eating according to my plan. Enjoying my fruit salads and trying to pay attention to eating right with all the family stress.

I noticed a new friend on the other thread, Jen, asking about WW. So I thought maybe we could pool our knowledge and do a general thread on what WW is all about and use this thread for supporting each other.

I have to go, will check in later tonight. Hope everyone has a great day. I am going to have a lot of family hugs today and I know today will be filled with a lot of love.

All my best to you and your family.
Look forward to hearing about your day later.


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I've not had a chance to check in for several days. I've pretty well stayed on my diet but haven't lost any more. The only time I get off is when we go out to eat and I can't resist some Ranch Dressing.

Today I have a virus and have only eaten 1/2 of a bagel and a small bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup. DH is going to bring hom a chicken chalupa supreme though and it's not good for the diet.

McPeg, I'm very sorry for your family's loss. I wish I were there to give you a real hug. ((((((McPeg)))))


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Good Thursday morning everyone!
All I can say about last night is TGFF!(thank God for flex)!
I decided to order out and ordered before looking up points. The points for that meal was equal to what I should have all day! At least I exercised more than usual yesterday! And I feel okay today.

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I went out last night to celebrate my birthday. I ordered the split pea soup (all the salads had cheese and dressing on them already....looked good, tho!), tilapia with mango salsa, and pineapple sorbet for dessert. I took a slice of Italian bread and threw away the inside, eating only the crust with less than a tsp of butter. I had 17 points put aside for that dinner, so I think I did OK...took away about 2 flex points to make sure.

According to weigh-in, I'm down another pound. That feels so good to say "down". Some of the group was disappointed that they stayed the same, but the leader told us that our bodies are so complex, that today, they may be down 3 lbs! I'm sticking with her story!

Have a good day.

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Hi all, today we went out for lunch for office birthdays. I'm so tired of going to restaurants when all I can have that they offer is a salad (leave off the dressing, cheese and bacon please) and a grilled chicken breast (leave of the peppercorn dressing please). Grrr-r-r-r-r. They had peanuts and I cheated and ate 6 or 7. I didn't eat the rolls. I only dipped my fork into the dressing with each bite. I want something good to eat so bad!

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Hello Everyone,
I have been off base this week and still plodding along with things. Glad to be at work today with a menu I can control myself. I am sick of going out with family right now...I just want to curl up in a bath, read a good book, go for a walk and have some R&R to myself...but I am needed to help comfort family with the loss of my Gran. Sorry if I sound grumpy and selfish...just tired.

I see new folk joining after following us through our ups and downs. I am so pleased to have more joining us. Sure helps to support each other.

Beverly, may I suggest that if you are having salads - ask for a vinegrette dressing, on the side for yourself. Or, if you want the creamy dressing, ask for it on the side with a small serving of skim milk and MILK DOWN the creamy dressing to thin it out before adding to your salad. Once you add your thinned dressing to the salad, most will fall through but you will still be able to enjoy the taste of it without having it blobbed all over your salad.

Don't deprive yourself, just invent new ways to enjoy things.

I also found wonderful fruit table syrups - in Canada - that are really blueberry, raspberry dessert sauces. Whenever I went out for breakfast, I brought my OWN pancake sauce, skipped the butter and enjoyed the fruit sauce on the pancakes.

Try something new. You can also make your own fruit sauce toppings by boiling them with water and and sweetener AFTER you remove the pan from the heat. You can thicken slightly with a little cornstarch.

Let's make this a good day, even if SOMEONE here wants to go kick a tire....


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McPeg, you go ahead and give that tire a big old KICK!!! Just don't let that feeling disturb your healthful eating!

Here's a [[[[[[[[ hug ]]]]]]]]] for you!

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Hi everybody,
McPeg, so sorry for your loss, good thoughts coming your way.

I've been under the weather with a virus, DH had it earlier. The only good thing about it----I've lost another pound. Yayy! So, diet sprite and a little boiled potato with a LITTLE butter is all I've had today. Everything tastes funny.

But, we've got some warmer weather and that's always good. I haven't even thought about food for the weekend. Toast and a little soup, maybe.

Hang in there, everybody. Think "spring." Think "thin."

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Sorry you are feeling bad, Yellowhair. I've always thought that if "they" could come up with a product that deadens (temporarily) our taste buds so that nothing has any taste, that we would all lose weight. I'm very seldom hungry, I just want to taste certain things.

Hugs for you too, (((McPeg))). I know you are going through a hard time. You have friends here!

D, that's a good idea....kick that tire 10 times with each foot. Great exercise. LOL

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Hi Ya!
I kicked that ol' tire right outta the yard into kingdom come (I actually had two beers - pointed them into my diary and still kept my day value) on Friday night and a strong sedative....boy...sleep I did and still somewhat groggy today got off my keister, did some light kitchen cleaning, ran some laundry, puttered with my darling baby plants (repotted some and gave my fern a massive heart attack by sawing the root ball down and repotted it) and just made some cinnamon rolls. Yep, cinnamon rolls. I cut them into small sizes and pointed them at 3.5 per roll (probably less). I used splenda and sugar with the cinnamon, drizzled honey to goo things up a little and low fat margarine in the mix. I also use LIGHT carnation evaporated milk - really gives it a lovely texture and taste.

I still have 6 points left today and later this evening I am going to have a nice cuppa tea and a cin. roll - finish up my points for the day, freeze some of them for another day and take some over tomorrow when out visiting folk (I love to bake, I still do a lot but I give it away ASAP and freeze a few bites for later).

Friday night the family has decided I will be going out for chinese dinner this week coming for my b'day...they never asked what I wanted (I don't really want this, especially on a Friday night - I am usually totally wiped by end week, but I will go with my best foot forward. Just means that Thurs/Friday I will PLAN AHEAD and save a few extra points for that meal. I appreciate their thought and Dave's parents are here for another week before going back home. I should not complain, it has been hard on them even more.

Probably be in bed early again tonight but first, gotta read my gardening mag. and my National Enquirer (weekly international edition). I know, I know the NE is pretty much fiction but I enjoy it. Small pleasures.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Tomorrow we start another week and we carry on!


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Thanks, McPeg, I can almost taste those cinnamon rolls! I imagine you're a great cook!

My yucky virus is hanging on, feeling some better, though. Today, I'm just taking it easy----gonna work a little on my dining room/office a while unless virus says otherwise.

This morning I've only had crackers to eat---along with some regular pepsi. I had to make a latenight run to Minute Mart to get some regular pepsi----the diet was making me sicker! I swear! There's something in it that did not agree with me at all. I NEEDED my pepsi!

Probably a little soup today. Cheer up, everybody, even when life deals us some setbacks------in a few days it all seems better. Life is full of changes-----and I find that if I don't bend and grow with the changes----I get run over!!! Adjustment... life's little way of saying "Sorry, but..." or "Oh, by the way..."

Adjusting to being overweight is one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do. I think it's because it's going to be such a long time to get my 40 lbs. off---BUT I WILL----one pound at a time.

And maybe it says another thing about me (pop psychologist in the house--lol)----maybe it says that I'm the type of person who lets things go too much---I've let my weight go, sometimes I let my house go, and I'm sure there's other areas that I let go, too much. Personal areas. Physical areas. Mental areas. Ya know? And even if there's been some legitimate reasons---------I shouldn't let these things interfere with taking care of ME, my HOUSE, my this, my that.

Confronting this weight problem is a good thing for me. Have a good day, all!

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Hi all! I'm feeling great today! I actually feel slim. My jeans are loose and I've even started buying jeans a size smaller and they fit just right!
I went to the supermarket yesterday and bought frozen strawberry yogurt and green tea. I ate ½ cup of the yogurt last night and it was delicious! The green tea is supposed to have so many health benefits, but the one time I tried the regular flavored green tea, it was awful!!! This time I bought the Orange, Passionfruit & Jasmine flavored. I plan to try a cup this afternoon. I sure hope I like it!

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