How do you know when to fridge desserts?

bigshoes213January 5, 2009

How do you know when to refrigerate desserts? The ones you be in the grocery store are never cold even when they have cream cheese like brownies and cream cheese frosting, etc...

Does everyone refrigerate their red velvet cakes or cupcakes with cream cheese frosting???

I have always left out my regular cakes but they all have eggs in them. So why can they be left out and other desserts can not?

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Cooked eggs in cakes and breads do not have to be refrigerated....neither does cream cheese or butter cream frosting.
Eggs with a whipped cream frosting or a custard filling need to be refrigerated and unless your kitchen is cool, I refrigerate cream cheese frosting....because it runs if it gets warm....but in the winter when the kitchen 8is not 78 degrees, I leave them out.
Refrigerate custard pies and cake fillings, things with raw or nearly raw eggs need to be cold....but cooked eggs and cheeses in a dessert are fine. sugar acts in a small way as a spoilage retardant.
Linda c

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Thanks. I did not know you could leave out cream cheese frosting. But the sugar acting like a spoilage retardant makes sense. Thanks for responsing so quickly!

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Commercial products usually contain preservatives. There are some that are natural so even organic foods could have preservatives. Handling that is safe for store-bought foods may not be safe for homemade.

Nor is cooking alone a preservative. Bacteria are all around us, so even if a food could be completely sterilized by home cooking -- itself not likely -- unless it was also hermetically sealed, it could easily be reinfected just from being out in the air.

What matters is the amount of available water. Bacteria need not just warmth but water to grow. That's why dry foods, for example cold cereal, can last a very long time, while the same food in a moist form, even a well-cooked one like hot cereal, will go bad much more quickly. Jerky lasts much longer than a juicy steak, even a well-done one. Cookies last longer than cakes.

Sugar holds water, making it unavailable to bacteria, so foods with a lot of sugar last longer than less-sugary versions. Sugar is the reason "preserves" are preserved -- see what happens if you use only just enough sugar for flavor, or substitute artificial sweetener.

Put a lot of sugar in your cream cheese frosting and it will last a good deal longer than plain cream cheese. Make it with part butter (which has far less water in in than cream cheese) and it should last even longer. But don't count on it lasting as long as a store-bought version, especially one that didn't need refrigeration in the first place.

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In my experience any cake with cream cheese frosting doesn't stay around longer than about a day and a half!!

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LOL~ I agree on the Cream Cheese Frosting thing..I frost cookies with one and after they are set up..into the cookie jar they go...Sometimes 4 dozen will last 2 days..maybe 3..
I also leave carrot cake or banana cake with my cream cheese frosting out, unless it's hot in the house. (but then I'm not usually baking cakes!) LOL

But cheesecakes I do refrigerate.

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