More Barbies and Kens

LiddybuffJune 17, 2014

Hi all, I want to share with you some of my new outfits for Barbie and Kens. I have been making these for doll collectors who are making a Hippie Diorama. It's been great fun designing and making these.

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Here are some of my Kens outfits.

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Another Ken outfit

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One more Ken

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What a good job! Those are really nice.

I'm trying to dress some Barbie and Barbie type dolls for a church charity. I buy them used, fix the hair and clean the marks off them (acne cream really does remove marker!). The clothes are harder. I want them to be a little more modest, so I fix up the clothes I can with extra fabric and trims, that's a lot of fun. I added velvet like fabric to a crop top and its a great dress now. But clothes I can use are hard to find. And I'm really only wanting to put money into buying the dolls. I really came to the conclusion that I need to sew some clothes, as I have a lot of fabric already. I hate sewing tiny clothes.

Yours look really great! I guess I need to keep trying harder, ha.


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