water leaking,first floor window

tfixFebruary 8, 2009

Hi home owners,

Water has been dripping for a week now from a bathroom window. I suspect roof ice or condensation because the gutters are solid ice and we've had very little melting this year. I raked the snow off most of the roof last week. There is another bath over this one but it is dry. The window has a crack about a sixteenth inch wide that the water drips from. The attic has condensation but most of the loose insulation is dry. I'm interested in hearing any tales relating to this condition.

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Two issues come to mind. You have ice damming causing water to back up under the roof shingles and running down inside the outside wall. Even though there's a floor above doesn't mean that one would also leak. It depends on the path of the water.
Is there ice on the roof? Is water getting in behind the frozen gutters?
The second issue could be that the second floor bath is causing the leak. If the flow is intermittant, it could be the drain pipes. If it's constant, it could be a pin hole in the supply pipe.
A little detective work will determine which is the culprit.

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