Poor work from a contractor, now going to court

atocherFebruary 14, 2013

We've recently had a contractor build an extension. The finished extension has deviated from the architects drawings without us being consulted, a lot of shoddy workmanship has been done, including cracks in the wall, poorly fitted skirtings and the list goes on and on. The job took months longer than was quoted as well. In response to this we have decided not to pay the full amount due as very unhappy and disappointed with final outcome. The contractor is now going to take it to court for the full amount as well as charging us a further ã2,000 for extras he offered free of charge as "compensation", the total value of which do not even come close to half the ã2,000 figure. Has anything similar happened to anybody who could advise us please?

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You are not likely to find much applicable legal advice on a site that caters mostly to the USA (and some Canadian content).

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