Need advice on doll hair/wigs

RuthlessJune 24, 2002

I just discovered this site, so if my question has already been answered to death, just let me know where to look! Here are my questions:

1. How do you know what size wig to buy for the doll you are making, i.e. Pouting angel doll . . . it looks to be about the size of a 1-2 year old child.

2. Does anyone know of a good source to find doll wigs or hair? I have checked every Super Walmart and craft store within 100 miles, but no one seems to carry anything but little wigs or else loose curls.

I would appreciate any help passed my way, I am hoping that by starting now I might be able to finish this project by Christmas (2002, hopefully, LOL!).



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Wendy Tobias is a member of the American Girl Doll group and she sells all kinds of could go to yahoo groups and sign up at the AGBuddies to see a list of her wigs or email her at ...she will also give you instructions on how to measure your doll for a wig....I have also seen lots of wigs on ebay..I have never bought aything from her so I can't vouch for quality, availability, etc etc....

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